b a s i c s


short intro, notes on site layout
READ, 3 paragraphs
what is HA!
the meaning and story behind the term
READ, 3 paragraphs
H A ! M A N ..B I O
overview of my background and career as an independent artist
READ, 4 paragraphs
Joke Debaere
information on my Belgian life- and creative partner
READ, 2 paragraphs
.I N T R O ..V I D E O
the current "official" HA! promo video
VIDEO, 8 mins
picture peeps
glimpses of my personal and professional life
SLIDE SHOW, 39 photos
artistic statement
about how i came to think and do what i do in a bit more depth
READ, 15 paragraphs

audience definitions of HA!

a collection of answers by audience members of what HA! is
TABLE, long list of quotes

more photos

a broader razzmatazz of HA!life images
PICTURE PAGE, 60+ photos