HA!Man Compositions

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Choir SATB, Orchestral Backtrack Beautiful Land

An anthemic piece celebrating the natural beauty of South Africa. It begins with a dialogue between the piano and cello. Strings soon join in, adding to the mellifluousness of the phrases. The piece soon evolves into an emotional outpouring from all the instruments involved - big orchestra and cello.

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Choir SATB, Orchestral Backtrack HER TIME HAS COME

A stirring (and the HA!Man's most popular) piece written for Africa - her time has indeed arrived. It emphasizes humanity's collective origins and the power pf Africa to bring us back to a concrete sense of unity. The chorus lines are easy sing-alongs and remain in the hearts of the many that have heard it perfomed the world over.

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Choir SATB, Orchestral Backtrack Afrikaner Is My Naam

A new song (Aug 2008) for Afrikaners to sing as a collective. It traces our 300 year history through the delusional years of Apartheid to the problems of identity and fears for the future of South Africa today. It celebrates, in fact, that we have lost our iron grip on the country by hearing the heart beat of those around us. Afrikaners may well be better off as a creative minority applying their unique "two-world" identity to building human bridges between the "1st" and "3rd" worlds.

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Choir UNISON, Orchestral Backtrack It's Up to Us

looking at the world of today, the financial mess, the environmental distaster the global economy is driving, the realization is that too much power and wealth lie in too few hands and it is up to the smaller local communities to reclaim their productivity through the realization of their gifts. a song to call for a groundswell of local responsibility

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Choir SA, solo voice young, solo soprano, Orchestral Backtrack Child of the World

a song that intends to move and haunt you. the "child of the world" is asking all of us to revive the inner child, as a measure against a dying world. for a solo child's voice, solo soprano and choir

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Ensemble of 6 cellos Down to D

Piece for 6 cellos in 6 parts composed for the 6-cello ensamble of Cape Town. They recorded it and released on their latest CD.

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Ensemble strings, solo cello improvisation Strings Passion for Quartet

A romantic cello piece with symphonic orchestra accompaniment - molto appassionato. Falls in the same category as the cello-concerti of Dvorak, Elgar and Saint-Saens. Long lyrical lines so idiomatic to the melancholic capacity of the cello.

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Solo cello with piano accompaniment Go South

piece for young cellist and piano accompaniment in a groovy african style. starts simple and builds up to a vibrant end.

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Violin, Orchestral Backtrack sarie marais vir viool en orkes

a thoroughly composed orchestral work that moulds the melody of the favourite folk song "Sarie Marais" into many forms before it belches the whole of it triumphantly. pure South African joy!

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