a (growing) selection of significant audience responses

Rob Knowles, Talk of the Town (newspaper), Port Alfred

"(...) Together with Debaere the performance was exceptional in terms of quality and originality. It is seldom that artists give so much of themselves in a performance as this pair did. The Ha!Man is a musical revolution and le Roux and Debaere's performances are as memorable as they are emotive"

Debbie Waters, May 2016

Tears from my heart. I was flying over the fields of Africa. Angels singing. Your poems touched me. Your music touched me. Boty you are beautiful souls.

Escourt newspaper, March 2016

"(...)The talented duo graced the community with their performance, which left the crowd in awe, asking for more. The memorable performance took the attendees on an emotive journey.
Walking into a room with this couple performing will leave hairs on your arms standing on end in a good way."

Barbara Drake, Fountainhille, Nov 2015

I read all the poems in your book last night and this morning. Your insights are beautiful and give me hope that all is not ugly for the young people of the world.

Donna, Somerset West, Feb 2015

Moving indeed, from start to finish of entire performance. Being from over-seas I was moved - teary - eyed of understanding when Joke spoke of her view of Africa - the brightness besides the violence. I get it totally! First came here Nov 1994. All I can say is thank you!

Suzanne Suoco, Portland, Oct 2014

gorgeous dreamscape music and vocals/poetry - B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!

Gayla (2014)

Joke, you are amazing. I wasn't quite sure at first what I was in for then suddenly I "went" with you and tears streamed down my face. Fabulous - touching - so grateful.

Elizabeth Curata

Absolutely unique & brilliant performance tonight at Unity Church! You guys ROCK! COME BACK SOON!

Greg DiVilbiss (2014)

Really LOVED the poetry to music. I was shocked that it was improvised. Beautiful!

Jacques Smeets, Stein, Netherlands, June 2014

It was a great honour and pleasure to see and hear you at the Expo Kunzfetti in Sittard. Your music and performance (including the poems from Joke) touched me deeply, right into the heart. Thank you very much for this very exciting and beautiful moments in my life. I really was moved by this act.

Sabrina Channel (2014)

Thank you so much for the fantastic performance at Unity Church!!! Francois and Joke are an amazing performance team adding variety and brilliance with spoken word as well as interpretive dance. I have never heard someone whistle with such musicality. Your performance will live in my soul forever, I am also amazed as I have never seen my 20 month old son sit for so long so still, each time you began a song his body would melt into stillness. Thank you many blessings on you and I will be sharing your music with others!

anonymous (2015)

Thank you for inviting us to the extraordinary performance of Francois le Roux and Joke. Their creative genius was inspirational.