f e a t u r e ...j u n...' 1 8

playing along with the soundtrack "Skepping 7" i created in 2004, here used as inspiration for 7 action paintings in Hoogeveen,
the Netherlands - an event brought together by local painter and friend, Geert Oldenbeuving.

(Skepping means "Creation" and the work is based on the 7-day creation story of Genesis 1)

AUDIO: ectract from DAY 3

q u o t e..o f..t h e..m o n t h

HA!Man Francois le Roux is truly one of the finest jewels of South African music. Rarely do we encounter such embodiment of spirit and skill, soul and technique, talent and humility in a single body-soul!

(Joel Karabo Elliott, Johburg)

H A !..i s . . .

.... because it's a feeling
(Heinrich Hurter, Fisanthoek)