Why do you call yourself the "HA!"-man?

"when i was at varsity in Stellenbosch in the late '80's, i went through an intensive inner transformation,
mainly taking a more relative view of language to make space for more feeling..

that is when i landed on the expression "HA!" as an answer to the question:
"what is the meaning of life (for you)?"

so wHA!t now?

HA! is not an explanation, nor a definition
it is an expression, an affirmation of being alive
it is open to interpretations of many kinds
yet never without meaning

to me as an artist, HA! means that i am not out to master anything in the first place,
but to express my inside creatively.
i am therefore not a specialist, but a generator, a breather, of the now and the new

..and HA! "Man?"

because I am a.. man
because i felt myself singular in embarking on this way
and because it's a fun identity, a handy characterization

but i also feel it's a tad presumptuous to call yourself any kind of "man" ..ha!
also, I think there's more time needed for the meaning of the HA!Man to find shape

however i question it and find it unclear, the name stuck nevertheless.
so there.

HA!Man 15 January 2007