On the meaning of HA!

HA! came about through a personal quest for a life orientation
that at once find its meaning in more original states of being human
as well as providing a sound perspective on the challenges facing humanity in the 21st century

it is a move towards a more FEELING way of being
it seeks a better relationship between left and right brain,
between instinct and intellect

in music and art, it stresses spontaneity as a realm of truer creativity,
spiritually it emphasizes that which is common to all of humanity
- especially our African roots -
and it cannot but love to be healthy, recognizing the implications of us being organic creatures

HA! is living with a full breath and dying with the very last one.
it strives to contribute to an alleviation of the cancerous situation we have arrived at,
threatening to shortchange the life of our species - and many, many others - on planet earth.

it is nothing new, yet fresh
not a bestseller, yet addresses a universal need

there is no creed, yet direction. HA! is open-ended, yet meaningful.
you find and be your own HA! and see how we arrive at similar ends.

HA!Man 3 July 2005