in short:

I am a Belgian artist, currently living in the South African countryside with my husband Francois le Roux (also known as the HA!Man) and our daughter Mira. In 2001 I graduated as an actress in the Netherlands. I have since mainly written texts. Both performance poetry as well as short stories. From 2010 up to March 2020 (as the Lockdown started) Francois and I have been touring in Europe, North America and South Africa. Drawing is a relatively new passion. I never took art classes.

For those who are curious to read more, see below.


After experiencing a very strict lockdown for a couple of weeks in the South African countryside, I had a strong desire for something that went beyond language. The past ten years I have mainly been performing my poetry, but the desire to express something in language was silenced by all the confusion, the drama and the insecurities that were unfolding on a worldwide scale.

I remember the day, somewhere in April, when I sat on a tree trunk in the wild part of our garden, with my favorite fountainhead pen and a notebook in hand. I drew a line. Just one. To ease my mind. Not knowing what would come from it. Then another one. And one more. A sketch of leaves in black and white was beginning to take shape.

Those first few lines evoked something in me that since then hasn't left me. A desire to express something that gives life. Something that gives courage. Without wanting to ignore the reality. I am not looking for escapism. Nor lies. But I do search for an intuitive answer to all the drama in and around us.

I colored my first series of line drawings on my laptop, using a very elementary program. I had a strong desire for bold and intense colors . Currently I am working on a more sober series of black and white drawings, in which color is hardly used. I let the lines do all the talking.

My work is available as printed cards and downloadable JPEGs. Some framed drawings are for sale in local South African shops.

With these drawings I sincerely hope that I pass on something of the courage to go on. To go on despite everything.