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HA! O E cat title HA! O E title DATE word count HA! O E description HA! O E date posted
0 explanatory IMPROVISATION NOW Part 8 210228 2163 the eighth installment - goes to the roots of spirituality to clarify its meaning and looks at the ways spontaneous expression can give effect to this dimension, without becoming religious in itself (HM Feb 2021) 210303
0 explanatory IMPROVISATION NOW Part 7 210109 3730 the seventh installment - the healing power of improvisation. how improvisation as an act of expressive flow can help to restore the human being to a whole, especially regards deeper and more long term conditions of dis-ease. (HM Jan 2021) 210112
0 explanatory IMPROVISATION NOW Part 6 201023 2679 investigating how improvisation is political, the root meanings of politics and leadership, how this reflects on the way we practise democracy today and how improvisation can inform and inspire a more fully participatory form of it. (HM Oct 2020) 201025
0 explanatory IMPROVISATION NOW Part 5 200725 1296 the fifth installment - reflecting on the notion that improvisation is without structure, because it does not start out from an idea, because it is not con-structed. but this is a misrepresentation of what improvisation is, and should be (HM Jul 2020) 200726
0 explanatory IMPROVISATION NOW Part 4 200614 1494 the fourth installment - the power of paradox: how paradox enables the flow of expression; different examples of wanting one thing, but having to go through another: the mystery of how forgetting begets.. (HM Jun 2020) 200614
0 explanatory IMPROVISATION NOW Part 3 200524 2403 the third installment - on the issue of practising and its connotation with striving for perfection. what is perfection? can improvisation ever be perfect? (four short stories included..) (HM May 2020) 200524
0 explanatory IMPROVISATION NOW Part 2 200509 1306 the second installment - an imaginary conversation between me and those many voices that kept asking: so what do you think while you are playing? as if that would be the key for them to be able to do it themselves.. (HM May 2020) 200510
0 explanatory IMPROVISATION NOW Part 1 200423 827 first delivery on the practice of improvisation, how it is needed in a world dominated by machines, how it is needed for us to preserve our humanity (HM Apr 2020) 200426
0 explanatory THE NINE PARTS 170730 4956 explaining the nine parts of a HA! performance on the basis of the "3D analysis" to Joke (HM Jul 2017) 200809
0 explanatory Wisdom Search (2) wisdom and Truth 130307 791 The Three Part Conceptual Analysis (2) - comparing the quest for Truth and the nature of wisdom, how Truth can be sold but how wisdom is still hard to find and nourish in our age (HM Mar 2013) 210325
0 explanatory Wisdom Search (1) 121215 919 comparing information with knowledge with wisdom, and reflecting on the nature of wisdom and how we have become so far removed from it (HM Dec 2012) 210130
0 explanatory A music student's questions 050822 772 answers to two questions by a music student - how to incorporate improvisation into a practise session and, on the relationship between improvising successfully and knowing one's instrument (HM Aug 2005) 200823
0 explanatory Answers to Questions by Kids from Mafeking 050531 2489 A peep into interactions with a class of black youngsters in a dusty town of the North West Province, to whom I gave a workshop. (HM May 2005) 200921
0 explanatory Oor die wereld van spontane musiekmaak 040110 1441 transkripsie van 'n onderhoud tussen Rozanne Stoman en HA!Man - hoofsaaklik oor spontane musiekmaak - die rol daarvan asook die praktyk van 'n loopbaan te maak daarvan (HM Nov 2004) 200906
1-1 core, origins, instinct in the beginning was the Word not 201106 2283 on the biblical primacy of the Word, the wish for an empty mind and the lure of bread. and how Mira's birth brings it all together (HM Nov 2020) 201108
1-1 core, origins, instinct to you, Mira, after 15 months 190704 2796 addressing my first born child on her fifteenth month, even though she cannot understand me. thoughts about her entering our lives, where she's at now and how i wish to accompany her on her life's journey (HM Jul 2019) 190711
1-1 core, origins, instinct it flows even there 090701 816 a rather intimate discussion of an insight of how self-sex can be fulfilling and bring the ego into balance (HM Jul 2009) 210214
1-2 art, aesthetics SITRAP 200604 murder and madness in artists' lives 200604 2108 two movies moved me to reflect on the lure and dangers of taking the freedom to be an artist - how murder and madness lurk around many a corner. but there is a way through.. (HM Jun 2020) 200608
1-2 art, aesthetics Poison 041217 980 grappling with the dichotomy of praise and despair, of being genius and getting nowhere. then finding a view of things three-dimensionally, drawing down limits, the limits of a river flow. self-obsessed, but redeemed. (HM Dec 2004) 200504
1-2 art, aesthetics my poems 020530 327 grappling with the spontaneous way of writing a poem, its cultural implications (HM May 2002) 190711
1-2 art, aesthetics what can i say in an age 020001 A4 hand a free-flow reflection on the position of the individual within a sea of individualism - the artist as world-on-its-own as opposed to the words-on-their-owns of the branded individual (HM Jan 2002) 190816
1-2 art, aesthetics on a criticism i received 000918 656 reflections on a certain criticism that i did not go the full length while performing, that my expression did not properly surfaced, that i was still holding back.. (HM Sep 2000) 190711
1-3 spirituality, connection SITRAP 210307 where there is death there is life 210307 2422 finding myself in the tropics i ponder the supply and demand of life itself, the feng-shui of performance and the disembodied niceness of fruit juice (HM Mar 2021) 210318
1-3 spirituality, connection CULT 201010 6125 CULT - a biief treatment of the evolution of religion and cults, how Christianity started out as a cult to become a world religion, and how its cultic roots impacted on western societies - up to the crises of the present day (HM Oct 2020) 201011
1-3 spirituality, connection SITRAP 200706 chicken feathers 200705 3642 fear can be self-destructive. but the destruction does not come from that which is feared.. (about this, about QAnon, Bible reading and an imaginary man who is climbing a mountain) (HM Jul 2020) 200705
1-3 spirituality, connection this is the good friday 200410 1663 written amidst the Coronavirus-crisis, after having listened to a dominee (priest) giving an online sermon, remembering my church-going childhood - how can we work together in a society where spirituality still largely functions as a cult? (HM Apr 2020) 200411
1-3 spirituality, connection faith (2) 191229 2438 a further look into the nature of faith and what it says about the meaning of life, or deeper still, where did life come from and how can it be defined (HM Dec 2019) 200123
1-3 spirituality, connection faith 191227 1916 an exposition of a new understanding of faith as an integral component of all experience of reality as well as the implications of this for science and religion of our day (HM Dec 2019) 200101
1-3 spirituality, connection SITRAP #191019 and soon the steely wings 191019 932 sitting in Charles de Gaule Airport feeling trapped, finding a way to enact change (HM Oct 2019) 191020
1-3 spirituality, connection enough of the God-fearers 190909 1554 when an article appeared on the religious bent of a certain South African businessman, i felt i had to say something about a number of powerful people who caused destruction while seeking cover in their beliefs (HM Sept 2019) 190910
1-3 spirituality, connection We heard the wind 190131 519 how confronting love can be (JD Jan 2019) 190803
1-3 spirituality, connection we hoorden de wind 190131 476 hoe confronterend de liefde kan zijn (JD Jan 2019) 190803
1-3 spirituality, connection Questions of Spirituality 2 - Losing the faith 140425 1389 following on the story-character of positions of faith, i look at the possibility of losing grip on such a faith (HM Apr 2014) 210414
1-3 spirituality, connection Questions of Spirituality 1 - Stories of faith 140321 739 introducing a series of essays on my own story around faith and spirituality, as it relates to general issues of faith. (HM March 2014) 210221
1-3 spirituality, connection when the moment reaches eternity 090102 367 how the playing of a cello says something about the global healing of humanity (HM Jan 2009) 201108
1-3 spirituality, connection early xtians 070329 A4 hand on the remnants of early christian communities in present day Damascus (HM March 2007) 200816
1-3 spirituality, connection spirituality 060712 8 on the essence of spirituality (HM Jul 2006) 200726
1-3 spirituality, connection old christians 020704 A4 hand a new road to Damascus, for all of us (HM Jul 2002) 200113
1-3 spirituality, connection Healing and the World 010806 391 perhaps relevant to our times, I wrote this back in August 2001 as I reflected on the state of the world in terms of healing - is it an objective or rather a matter of process? does the healer need healing too? (HA!Man) 190711
2-1 philosophical, mind map full metal pocket 201128 1232 dialogue-eteering around an overlooked reason why the internet brought on more division than its promise of connectedness (HM Nov 2020) 201130
2-1 philosophical, mind map SITRAP 200926 of nothing and the open slate.. 200926 1233 of writing a book about nothing and what it means for life and death and the possible re-election of Donald Trump (HM Sep 2020) 200928
2-1 philosophical, mind map winter words 200719 599 it is as if the cold froze my brain, the words come forward only haltingly, and sparingly, the meaning of winter to clarify (HM Jul 2020) 200719
2-1 philosophical, mind map on educating a toddler at the piano 200627 1562 thoughts around music education on occasion of Mira's first musical expression on the piano (barely) (HM Jun 2020) 200628
2-1 philosophical, mind map SITRAP 200126 divine bubble 200126 1472 reporting from Sharjah in the UAE, introducing the Bubbleman and the rot behind the shine (HM Jan 2020) 200123
2-1 philosophical, mind map SITRAP 191110 seductive city 191110 A4 hand reflecting on the seductive power of a city after having driven through the heart of Toronto (HM Nov 2019) 191114
2-1 philosophical, mind map inner ecology 160907 190 the (damaged) ecology that is within each one's reach.. (HM Sept 2016) 200405
2-1 philosophical, mind map the final part 151029 313 in communication with Joke, who is writing the text for "Relentless Universe" i give my thoughts on the final of the nine parts.. the culmination of it all (HM Nov 2015) 190816
2-1 philosophical, mind map death and life 060717 218 brief thoughts on the downwardness of death and our obsession with staying alive (M Jul 2006) 200921
2-2 sciences, objectivity it is in Stellenbosch 210403 1799 a brief catalogue of events that had a formative influence on my life during the times i resided in Stellenbosch, spanning a decade from 1986 onwards. Stellenbosch is a visionary place and therefore rife with disillusionment (HM Apr 2021) 210405
2-2 sciences, objectivity The Afrikaner 210104 2404 who is the Afrikaner and what has this (my) nation to show for after a very short history that includes the dark shadows of Apartheid? anything to learn here? (HM Jan 2021) 210105
2-2 sciences, objectivity SITRAP 201204 we, the arsonists 201206 1720 on this day i made fires, fired up a Zoom meeting and saw how the Romanovs went up in flames. which lead to thoughts of how fire defines us and making a pot of vegetable soup (HM Dec 2020) 201208
2-2 sciences, objectivity SITRAP 201005 the earth is flat, or.. 201006 1241 another improvised roll that starts with the feeling of being in a swirl, then finds traction around the flatness of the earth and the anxiety brought about by scientific illumination. how poetry is born from the body.. (HM Oct 2020) 201006
2-2 sciences, objectivity SITRAP 200811 ocean's pain 200811 1153 memories of drowning (almost). the way the ocean changes the sky. and the party of black gold is now 200 years old. if i am a father.. (HM Aug 2020) 200823
2-2 sciences, objectivity a few of future facts and freaktures 191216 121 projections of our warming future can freak out. here are a few of those and what to do about it (source: "The Uninhabitable Planet" by David Wallace-Wells). (HM Dec 2019) 191222
2-2 sciences, objectivity on whether science brought us further .. 191120 1852 science reacted againts religion's denigration of the material realm. but did science bring true respect for the material? i always thought it did, until.. (HM Nov 2019) 191123
2-2 sciences, objectivity every revolution comes with a priceless price 190810 879 an open essay stringing thoughts about singing and sounding, babies and birds, what is called human advances and the umpteenth industrial revolution, ending with a story of the human conuncrum of a birth drowned by technology (HM Aug 2019) 190810
2-2 sciences, objectivity the chase 090707 241 the way i keep believing that i can reach the end-point of all the work i myself keep setting up to do. is it worth it? (HM Jul 2007) 210214
2-2 sciences, objectivity Angry Reflection 060514 1214 letting rip on the state of humanity regards runaway climate change. but then, arriving at some sort of un-final note.. (HM May 2006) 200621
2-2 sciences, objectivity OOS-KAAP: Baarmoeder van Suid-Afrika 050424 1025 'n Opstel oor my belewing van die Oos-Kaap, geskryf op aanvraag van die De Kat tydskrif wat dit destyds gepubliseer het (HM Apr 2005) 200510
2-3 technology, mechanism those army days (3) the leader factory 210503 2733 in the third delivery of reminiscences of my 2 years in the South African army, i look back at the 6 months of officer's training and the questions underlying such a quick transformation from being a nothing to a being a leader (HM May 2021) 210505
2-3 technology, mechanism SITRAP 200517 of clocks, garden scissors and ... 200517 1758 on the SITRAP as a throwback to army days, but actually about working the environment on the property of Eagle's Ridge, finding a balance between gardening and going wild: recreating a bit of holiness, a timeless physical space.. (HM May 2020) 200517
2-3 technology, mechanism SITRAP 191208 many and much will die 191208 1192 of the handicapped, miracles, Jacques Brel, roadside scams and the terrible decades to come (HM Dec 2019) 191211
2-3 technology, mechanism SITRAP 191201 oh my beeeep! 191201 1455 going off on the way unnecessary technology makes us all the weaker (HM Dec 2019) 191203
2-3 technology, mechanism smart and positively dead 191009 1047 writing for the sake of witing leads to something to say, especially about the so-called smartness being sold to us these days and the lifelessness of technology (HM Oct 2019) 191013
2-3 walsend virus-krisis-piessus 200326 470 Mira verjaar en die aarde staan uiteindelik stil met die hulp van 'n piepklein organismetjie. Selfs die heiliges bly nie onaangeraak nie. (HM March 2020) 200329
3-1 ethics, justice crying 210114 A4 hand thoughts on crying, how it can be much more than the tears of pain and sorrow (HM Jan 2021) 210117
3-1 ethics, justice bleeding heart 201210 A4 hand when innocent civilians are killed when men pull triggers, it is those with bleeding hearts that rush forward to save, to mend. but a heart being a heart, is each heart then not a bleeding one? (HM Dec 2020) 201214
3-1 ethics, justice I am used to 200912 456 what one can get used to about persisting poverty, and what not (JD Sept 2020) 200915
3-1 ethics, justice race, racial, racist 200621 2833 during times of protests against racism all around the world, my thoughts work around the meaning of race, what it is to be racist when everybody seems to confess colour blindness and how to go about race relations in a more mature way (HM Jun 2020) 200621
3-1 ethics, justice ochtend 200519 386 the trouble with keeping feelings in check. especially deep longings that one regards as being wrong to have (JD May 2020) 200830
3-1 ethics, justice mondmaskers en zelfrugelerende emoties 200502 1241 Mijn zelfgemaakte mondmasker en de woede die dat bij Mira oproept, doen mij verlangen naar een wildere, meer ongerepte uiting van mijn emoties. (JD May 2020) 200504
3-1 ethics, justice mouth masks and self regulating emotions 200502 1344 My homemade mouth mask and the anger this evokes in Mira, make me long for a more wild, untamed expression of my emotions. (JD May 2020) 200504
3-1 ethics, justice dirty soils and secrets 200305 1556 about things that hit emotionally over the last months - a sort of flood just to say it all, get it out of my inner maelstrom - from Brett Kavanaugh's lies to sights of wretchedness around Cape Town's streets.. (HM Mar 2020) 200308
3-1 ethics, justice SITRAP 200212 Pretoria and the magic milk of land 200212 860 writing at night while Mira is breastfeeding and we sit on top of Pretoria, feeling the magic of the city, reflecting on its Apartheid past and my childhood memories of it (HM Feb 2020) 200214
3-1 ethics, justice the tires are burning 190804 708 thoughts and fears and questions in the midst of a typical service delivery protest in South Africa (JD Aug 1908) 190810
3-1 ethics, justice Grand Canyon 061105 629 "I looked into the abyss. For the first time, since my yearly visits to the States started in 2001, I felt as if I could truly love America." (HM Nov 2006) 200809
3-1 ethics, justice Burden 060821 319 when the reality of climate change (global warming) hits home (the heart), despair knocks loudly on the door (HM Aug 2006) 200614
3-1 ethics, justice Mozart and Mugabe 060713 132 a harsh look at the harsh reality of Europe's glory days (HM Jul 2006) 200802
3-1 ethics, justice Are you negative about South Africa? 050402 1997 During the presidency of Mbeki, the constant negative talk about the country got to me. The negative talk had always been there, and still is. It does not seem to recognize and appreciate anything positive, however obvious it may be. (HM Apr 2005) 200705
3-1 ethics, justice dark-speaking Africa 031202 204 quite a hard expression of frustration with those who "dark-speak" africa (HM Dec 2003) 200329
3-1 ethics, justice On Violence 010604 538 thinking about the nature of volence after seeing a drug war movie (HM Jun 2001) 190928
3-2 economy, consume arguments on Christmas eve 201221 1510 two friends get stuck on a hiking trail. on Christmas eve. two friends who like to argue. and only one of them misses the traditional celebrations.. (HM Dec 2020) 201221
3-2 economy, consume BUY 071022 1175 a torrent of thoughts and feelings around our consumer culture, written from a mega church building in Kansas City (HM Oct 2007) 200830
3-2 economy, consume lalaland 031115 258 thoughts on my first visit to Hollywood, how i have fallen a bit in love with a place that was not what i thought it was (HM Nov 2003) 200329
3-2 economy, consume on the diving Rand 020111 548 a litle tirade against speculators who at the day made huge profits betting the South African Rand down (HM Jan 2002) 190826
3-2 economy, consume on the spur of the moment 000912 862 on how our behaviour gets hijacked by external stimuli, placing us under the control of someone or something else. comsumerism as the loss of control (HM Sep 2000) 190711
3-3 politics, human condition The Meaning of the Pandemic 210205 4291 There is a lot of noise in a world with an array of approaches to the COVID-19 reality. Who is right and who is wrong? Besides the effort to get past this, is there any shared meaning that we can derive from this historical disruption? (HM Feb 2021)  
3-3 politics, human condition SITRAP 210121 Trump, car crashes and boredom 210122 3477 after both Biden and Trump's speeches i was reminded of running after car crashes as a child. why do i still watch car crashes on YouTube? why am i a bit sad that Trump is leaving? and yet i cried as i welcomed boredom (HM Jan 2021) 210125
3-3 politics, human condition the tribe of red and blue 201019 1757 in conversation with a nation extremely polarized and incapacitated by that. is healing the rift possible at all? (HM Oct 2020) 201025
3-3 politics, human condition Dear Mr President 201004 485 Joke has been unable to visit her family and home country since the lockdown. The associated longings is a sacrifice wilingly made. But business people, those with the money, they can fly around freely. How come, mr President? (JD Oct 2020) 201006
3-3 politics, human condition competition 200902 3285 competition is the hallmark of capitalism. but is it the best way to achieve material results? also in politics - is party-political competition delivering the best for society? is competition what it is cracked up to be? (HM Sep 2020) 200906
3-3 politics, human condition the false split between The Left and The Right 200830 3245 How to find common ground between Conservatives and Liberals who treat each other like aliens. and yes, why, with the rise of extremism and the retreat of religion, this is a necessary thing to do. (HM Aug 2020) 200831
3-3 politics, human condition weltshmerzerig 200521 326 Uiteindelijk kwam alles, in zijn falen, een soort van heel erg goed. Maar dat soort kleffe eindes lazen wij - weltshmerzerig - toen nooit. (JD May 2020) 200524
3-3 politics, human condition SITRAP 200424 How the West Got Lost 200425 1887 from being in lockdown to the fall of the Roman Empire and its modern day mirror, the US of A; the flawed genius of the West, and how i am a part of it; the poverty of American individualism and the need for world government.. (HM Apr 2020) 200426
3-3 politics, human condition SITRAP 200319 brace for change 200320 1440 sitting at home during the first days of the coronavirus my toughts run from a dying tree and horse to what this little organism is doing to humanity, how the past is called in to shape the future.. (HM March 2020) 200320
3-3 politics, human condition all these men! 190824 2409 a serious complaint against men in leadership positions today who hark back to a time when the masculine principle still dominated (HM Aug 2019) 190826
3-3 politics, human condition airport hub 170314 1621 reflections on the state of humanity, seen from the perspective of an airport hub (HM March 2017) 190830
3-3 politics, human condition global agenda for humanity's maturity 080926 536 from the premise that as a still growing species, we find ourselves in the adolescent phase of our story on planet earth. maturity still lies ahead of us. how would an agenda look like to advance purposefully towards this? (HM Sep 2008) 201025
3-3 politics, human condition human maturity 070524 472 .. or the lack of it. the reality of the limitations of our existence on earth - and the way she knows us, and her power to draw us back down (HM May 2007) 200823
3-3 politics, human condition Maturity 060921 789 Looking at three cases - a musician friend's breakdown, humankind's development and South Africa's political transformation - through the lens of childhood, adolescence and maturity (HM Sept 2006) 200628
3-3 politics, human condition the river flow 060714 235 of static understandings versus the reality of flow, or the flowing reality (HM Jul 2006) 200921
3-3 politics, human condition War and Sickness 020418 1047 on the human condition during the time of George Bush, and more lovers of war and sicknesses (HM Apr 2002) 190711
3-3 politics, human condition woe the world 020410 290 morose thoughts on the state of humanity: "the battle for holistic living on a large scale is lost, the body of the human species has set the tone irrevocabl" (HM Apr 2002) 191114
3-3 politics, human condition state of the day 020129 475 ruminating on the state of the human world some months after 9/11 (HM Jan 2002) 191020
3-3 politics, human condition Sorry spots 010530 639 lamenting how bad leadership infects the whole body politic and more (HM May 2001) 190711




HA! O E cat title HA! O E title DATE word count HA! O E description HA! O E date posted
1-1 primal i have COVID 210414 255 o realizing that i have been infected by the Corona virus, that i am part of the pandemic, that i am part of a human family that could have been much stronger against this (HM Apr 2021) 210414
1-1 primal maddened by music 210321 253 upon meeting a man who fell between the cracks of Western classical music and the intensity of his own feelings (HM Mar 2021) 210325
1-1 primal sex 201223 176 it is there. it is everywhere. easily forgotten (HM Dec 2020) 210112
1-1 primal the story of the mountain 200619 144 when asked about sensitive things, on tends to talk in parables. sex is one such a thing (HM Jun 2020) 200621
1-1 primal the dolphin's way home 190319 1056 an ode to our babygirl and how she knows how to grow without any rational concept (yet) (JD Mar 2019) 190830
1-1 primal evening walk 140201 30 written on a melancholic evening walk (JD Feb 2014) 190803
1-1 primal female orgasm 140101 179 experimental description of female orgasm (JD Jan 2014) 190910
1-1 primal the beginnings of a world 140101 68 experimental description of love (JD Jan 2014) 190910
1-1 primal breasts 070815 119 the touch the mother earth the breasts the stilness of that moment (HM Aug 2007) 200906
1-1 primal the sum 041130 152 the eternity of anonymous love-making (HM Nov 2004) 200621
1-1 primal everywhere 031129 76 an ode to your physical beauty (HM Nov 2003) 190711
1-1 primal murderess 031129 157 the descent into death through the drunken charms of a rapacious woman (HM Nov 2003) 200329
1-1 primal in the dark 030811 210 thoughts on the Dark as our beginnings and ultimate destination (HM Aug 2003) 190711
1-1 primal babies 010529 4 something about babies (HM May 2001) 190928
1-1 primal first words 000920 63 the feeling i had when "born" as "the HA!Man" (HM late 1990's) 190711
1-2 expressive yet another quest (2 of 3) 190710 235 "whistling the day away" - finding one's expressive voice against the pressure of past precedent (JD, Jul 2019) 190711
1-2 expressive in praise of dance 160831 320 once i read a poem - the poet was asked to write something about dancing. and the poet went into praising dance. what would i have written in response to such a request? (HM Aug 2016) 200830
1-2 expressive the girl and the tree 160101 391 a fairy-tale's quest for meaning, in the form of a short dialogue (JD Jan 2016) 190711
1-2 expressive on art 050619 A4 hand slogans from an artist, intoxicated with art (HM Jun 2005) 200628
1-2 expressive amen then 030820 A4 hand of life's frustrations, especially you being so far away (HM Aug 2003) 200411
1-2 expressive cuteness 030516 A4 hand a cry against the cutification of reality (in response to watching a film recommended to me) (HM May 2003) 200405
1-2 expressive rehearsal 020320 A4 hand on how the invitation to perform is an altar of seduction (HM March 2002) 191114
1-2 expressive supposed i'm not supposed to 020001 A4 hand the fine line between the sensual intimacy and that of performance (HM Jan 2002) 191030
1-2 expressive then it is 020001 A4 hand abstract sketch of a lazy afternoon, and then.. (HM Jan 2002) 190711
1-2 expressive who are the sweet artists 020001 A4 hand slogans about art and artists (HM Jan 2002) 190810
1-2 expressive you would not 020001 A4 hand a free flow of words resulting in a conversation with one who defends art being for art's sake (HM Jan 2002) 190810
1-2 expressive kenilworth 010317 298 about a head full of words and the futility of the individual (HM March 2001) 190711
1-3 relational fatherly absence 210512 154 a letter to Mira, hypothetically from the future, when she can read and i can apologize to her for my absence during these months (HM May 2021) 210512
1-3 relational Joke (pronounced yoo-kuh) 210223 236 Joke is no joke is the life of my love is this moment of remembrance (HM Feb 2021) 210303
1-3 relational three women in yellow dresses 210119 141 where to find the hope in these strange times? sometimes, it's right in front of you (JD Jan 2021) 210130
1-3 relational I dreamed of you 200510 714 Description of a dream about a man I was once in love with. I found it in an old notebook and tweaked the text a bit. I reminds me of the bittersweet taste of unfulfilled desires. (JD May 2020) 200517
1-3 relational stitches 200401 80 A love poem. The hopeful side of things. (JD Apr 2020) 200601
1-3 relational the flowers know 200320 286 how the flowers keep knowing the time, even during the coronavirus crisis (JD March 2020) 200320
1-3 relational stay small while growing up 191204 A4 hand mother to daughter before the world of rationality opens up (JD Dec 2019) 191203
1-3 relational diminish 191011 134 perhaps it is not humans who alone go forward while all the rest are suffering. perhaps we all are slowly going down (HM Oct 2019) 191013
1-3 relational Lake Michelle 190816 478 trying to capture an oh so ever fugitive moment of happiness at a South African lakeside (JD Aug 2019) 191123
1-3 relational bieber 170523 82 superstars and the impossibility of transferring responsibility (HM May 2017) 200628
1-3 relational in all of these 170406 120 how i could only love you for those things that are more difficult and beyond my control (HM Apr 2017) 190803
1-3 relational a home I can not name 161010 326 on meeting Francois for the first time, as improvised in Kansas City, 2016 (JD Oct 2016) 190917
1-3 relational little love poem 160101 43 very short and playful love poem (JD Jan 2016) 190917
1-3 relational wonder 151028 113 in wonder of the way this relationship sails past all the old endings, the seemingly eternal barriers of my being (HM Oct 2015) 200226
1-3 relational trust is built 150927 213 written after a relational fall-out, facing the end, the edge, and yet do not come crushing down (HM Sep 2015) 200906
1-3 relational what makes you sexy 150316 102 physical attraction is never just physical (HM March 2015) 200411
1-3 relational so lunch it is 141011 152 written in a coffee shop after a tense conversation (HM Oct 2011) 210214
1-3 relational ragged edges 140101 207 love poem, inspired by the ragged edges in the clothes of loved one (JD Jan 2014) 190910
1-3 relational rustling 140101 124 comparing language to the rustling of leaves (JD Jan 2014) 190826
1-3 relational the road less travelled 140101 55 short poem on a sexual encounter (JD Jan 2014) 190816
1-3 relational limit 121001 94 A poem on the paradoxal beauty of divorces, written for the Flemish humanistic magazine Antenne. (JD, Jan 2012)
1-3 relational be 120101 217 A love poem with a strong longing at the core, addressing the loved one. (JD Jan 2012) 190711
1-3 relational I miss you 120101 178 A love poem on missing someone, with unfinished sentences to portray thoughts that get blocked by sadness. (JD, Jan 2012) 190711
1-3 relational my longing 100101 61 a short and mysterious poem on the nature of longing (JD Nov 2010) 190711
1-3 relational the puppeteer 100101 187 description of a destructive relationship (JD Jan 2010) 191030
1-3 relational one humungous HA! 080625 136 a poetic description of the moment that gave me insight as to the meaning and/or non-meaning of life (HM Jun 2008) 201102
1-3 relational if then yellow lines stop 071113 A4 hand when, if then, souls are born (HM Nov 2007) 201006
1-3 relational angels 070119 108 a cry against living like angels: by looking too much to the (fatherly) sky, we grew blind to the (motherly) earth, eating away at her, to our own peril and destruction (HM Nov 2007) 200816
1-3 relational may all the sweethearts here unite 050119 246 love - the same old story, over and over again, yet always so very unique (JD Jan 2005) 190810
1-3 relational close 040827 104 a plea against neediness (HM Aug 2004) 200504
1-3 relational matches 040322 87 how things only happen in the end, despite all heavenly plans (HM March 2004) 200420
1-3 relational christ they the all rugby ice-creams 030712 A4 hand word-play on the liteness of the light of faith (HM Jul 2003) 200510
1-3 relational all the women i ever had 030420 81 finding oneself in the mirror of love(s) (HM Apr 2003) 200405
1-3 relational dear mountain 030409 A4 hand an ode to the Hogsback mountainand its spiritual power (HM Apr 2003) 200329
1-3 relational is it not incredible that 021021 A4 hand on the outrageousness of both fiath and the human condition (HM Oct 2002) 200226
1-3 relational love is what we try to 020928 A4 hand love is what we try to understand to our detriment (HM Sept 2002) 200214
1-3 relational talk 020510 127 on the difficulty of talking straight in a relationship (HM May 2002) 191203
1-3 relational compost 020416 127 the meaning if meaning in the light (darkness) of compost (HM Apr 2002) 191114
1-3 relational i love you 020304 257 how the manifestation of a real woman can arrest the man and his dream images. love enters where the ideal steps aside (HM March 2002) 191114
1-3 relational on love 020212 300 an expression of the not-readiness to settle into a maturing relationship, the choice to remain in the throes of love (HM Feb 2002) 191114
1-3 relational so jesus never really existed 020210 A4 hand does Jesus need to have ever existed, in order to be real? (HM Feb 2002) 200712
1-3 relational still 020001 A4 hand lamenting the loss of body and how everything spiritual is of the flesh (HM Jan 2002) 190928
1-3 relational they travelled 020001 A4 hand the long story of how they (which is us) became something so very different (HM Jan 2002) 190711
1-3 relational wing flap feather 020001 A4 hand whether there is still beauty to behold while the earth is in danger (HM Jan 2002) 190810
1-3 relational love's comeback 011230 68 it can leave you shattered, you resolve it will never be again, but love so often makes a comeback (HM Dec 2001) 190810
1-3 relational little gods 010606 52 on the top-heaviness of the brain (HM Jun 2001) 190711
1-3 relational darkspot 000920 207 the light only comes when going into the dark (HM Sep 2000) 190711
1-3 relational reality 000920 190 the struggle to return to the present (HM Sep 2000) 190711
1-3 relational drops 000000 A4 hand the rain drops, the you next to me in bed, and how this feels with silences interspersed (HM during the 90's) 190727
2-1 philosophical, mind map warming hands 171212 146 of cold and the warmth of words and everything that's wrong with the computer (HM Dec 2017) 200320
2-1 reflective not for nothing the 210427 193 we live in spite of half sentences and fade-off meanings (HM Apr 2021) 210505
2-1 reflective this moment of soul 201212 352 the question. what soul is. the question is soul. this searching moment. skyscrapers? when is music soulless? (HM Dec 2020) 201214
2-1 reflective what comes first 201106 178 everything is in play, but certain things are more foundational than others. how do i know which is which? (HM Nov 2020) 201108
2-1 reflective psychopath 200907 153 written after seeing the movie "Nightcrawler", portraying the extremes that the media can get into, all for The Story. the old story of money and power. and how it deforms individuals. and their societies. (HM Sep 2020) 200921
2-1 reflective my longing 200728 38 Text with graphic. The power and mysteries of a deep longing hiding in a flower. (JD Jul 2020) 200802
2-1 reflective allowance 190920 518 narrative poem on the nature of allowance (JD Sept 2019) 191013
2-1 reflective afternoon nap 190716 189 on the joy of closing your eyes and seeing your thoughts pass by (JD Jul 2019) 190928
2-1 reflective the quest 190122 139 how a deep quest in life is never really over (JD Jan 2019 190810
2-1 reflective some questions 190121 217 poetic reflection on the nature of questions (JD Jan 2019) 191013
2-1 reflective in this way 161208 121 loose and disjunct ideas creating a somber mood - written while waiting to board in some airport (HM Dec 2008) 200628
2-1 reflective no gain without forgetting 160826 81 on going through the wall of fear.. (HM Aug 2016) 190719
2-1 reflective words of listnessness 160810 A4 hand a lot of essnessness (HM Aug 2016) 200426
2-1 reflective the secret of the universe 150115 214 written while reading a book on the overlap between religion and science, realizing how both are sidestepping subjectivity, and are compensating for that by turning symbols into realities (HM Jan 2015) 190711
2-1 reflective happy poet in de the garden 140101 399 image of the poet as a sculptor, searching for what happiness is by examining its opposite (JD Jan 2014) 190810
2-1 reflective to time 140101 180 on relating to time with contradictory feelings (JD Jan 2014) 190826
2-1 reflective worlds like lines 140101 425 experimental poem on the meaning behind words (JD Jan 2014) 190910
2-1 reflective the hole in my cookie 100101 204 childhood thoughts on nothingness (JD Jan 2010) 191030
2-1 reflective jealousy 090709 12 what is it, really? (HM Jul 2009) 210214
2-1 reflective airport 090410 95 disjuncted thoughts while waiting the disjuncted landscape of an airport, somewhere on this disjuncted planet (HM Apr 2009) 210130
2-1 reflective naked 070913 A4 hand on the meaning of nakedness (HM Sep 2007) 200915
2-1 reflective perhaps the deepest mark 070722 A4 hand having the civilizational blues after attending the National Arts Festival: "on a day like this.. who cares?" (HM Jul 2007) 200823
2-1 reflective come to me without the asking 070623 A4 hand in the process of finding oneself, you still call out your neediness (HM Jun 2007) 200906
2-1 reflective for now it is this 070221 A4 hand what is the point of winning an argument? why do we argue? how do we change? or don't we? (HM Feb 2007) 200809
2-1 reflective now of course it is 060705 A4 hand reflecting on humanity's relationship with Time and Death (HM Jul 2006) 200726
2-1 reflective god is the past person 060115 A4 hand a few insights in an overcrowded city (HM Nov 2006) 200705
2-1 reflective i wish 041220 A4 hand somewhere from a deep downer: a wish-list (HM Dec 2004) 200517
2-1 reflective ness 041216 116 fumbling over words after a near-breakdown (HM Dec 2004) 200524
2-1 reflective underlying 040912 31 this underlying thing.. (HM Sept 2004) 200608
2-1 reflective breathing 031129 35 on the nature and need of breathing (HM Nov 2003) 200304
2-1 reflective the argument 020001 A4 hand an argument about making an argument - is it to win or to share? (HM Jan 2002) 190917
2-1 reflective the poet is 020001 A4 hand on the the hate-love reltionship with the poet (HM Jan 2002) 190910
2-1 reflective this i have only now realized 020001 A4 hand expressing an insight as to the meaning of laziness (HM Jan 2002) 190826
2-1 reflective kna 000911 165 word flow with a lot of "a!"s (including kna) (HM Sep 2000) 190711
2-1 reflective a search on 000000 A4 hand some sugestions for life, especially the lesson of searching (HM late 1990's) 190711
2-2 descriptive the zombie state 210518 271 a poetic effort to give expression to a state of being in a non-state, as it lacks a beginning and an end (HM May 2021) 210517
2-2 descriptive Stellenbosch stands for an idea 210402 188 my parents met as the ideal couple in an ideal town with images of the ideal years in Afrikaner history, which was all just an idea (HM Apr 2021) 210405
2-2 descriptive drying times 201101 126 the unprecedented scale of the California wild fires comes amidst unprecedented dry conditions. but there are also other fires resulting from dry conditions that are not so obvious (HM Nov 2020) 201102
2-2 descriptive mafia man 200727 248 based on the character of Frank Sheeran, as played by Robert de Niro in the film The Irishman (dir Martin Scorcese, 2019) (HM Jul 2020) 200802
2-2 descriptive woven and whipped 200724 97 words to express something of the enchanting view of one of humanity's most menacing environmental disasters: plastic left to whip around by the wind (dumping grounds, Stutterheim) (HM Jul 2020) 200726
2-2 descriptive scream 200428 414 how it is when the little Mira tests her anger limits - terrible two's, as they say (HM Apr 2020) 200504
2-2 descriptive your mama, your papa, are fighting their share 200331 651 while you just turned two years old, so much is happening, that one day will be a story (JD March 2020) 200405
2-2 descriptive a carpet of rain 200101 239 standing in our South African garden, watching the mountains, trying to capture that feeling of being in awe of nature (JD Jan 2020) 200101
2-2 descriptive yet another quest (1 of 3) 190629 349 three poems reflecting on the long path of finding one's own voice, against the pull of the past but helped forward by nature itself (JD Jul 2019) "you were a queen" - the long journey of finding one's artistic voice (JD, Jun 2019) 190711
2-2 descriptive recycle 160412 120 a plea for knowledge as a living entity, worthy of decomposition (HM Apr 2016) 200705
2-2 descriptive forgetting, forget 140110 235 meeting with a man suffering from dementia (JD Jan 2014) 190803
2-2 descriptive being tired was no option 140101 157 portrait of a difficult woman (JD Jan 2014) 190803
2-2 descriptive sensual song of mother nature 130101 250 mother nature speaks to reveal aspects of her her character (JD, Jan 2013) 190711
2-2 descriptive change 120101 170 An associative poem on how our impressions of what reality is, constantly change. (DB, Jan 2012) 190711
2-2 descriptive bends 100101 134 I compare the way life goes with the shape of the lines of a leaf. (JD, Jan 2010) 190711
2-2 descriptive you have come here lately 040902 A4 hand what are these little things eating away at my skin? (i cannot remember - ants? fleas?) (HM Sept 2004) 200420
2-2 descriptive in new york 1 031206 75 thoughts as i lie awake at night, in the niddle of Manhattan 200320
2-2 descriptive in new york 2 031206 31 thoughts as i lie awake at night, in the niddle of Manhattan 200320
2-2 descriptive in new york 3 031206 19 thoughts as i lie awake at night, in the niddle of Manhattan 200320
2-2 descriptive to be a man 031129 76 manhood in its pure form (HM Nov 2003) 200320
2-2 descriptive freedom o 030225 A4 hand drowning in data! singing about breaking free from d-d-d-d-d-d-d-data! (HM Feb 2003) 200226
2-2 descriptive incensed 010808 126 reaction to losing precious data because of computer failure (HM Aug 2001) 190719
2-2 descriptive science and maths 010515 137 loose impressions around a world infused by the scientific perspective (HM May 2001) 190711
2-2 descriptive arr 000000 A4 hand the world is arr....ogant. disillusioned, sheepish (HM late 1990's) 190711
2-3 swinging nothing in particular 201117 173 a poem about.. nothing in particular! (HM Nov 2020) 201123
2-3 swinging sports without winners 201018 626 a dialogue around the argument for practising sports not on the basis of winners and losers. excuse me. what..? (HM Oct 2020) 201018
2-3 swinging forever more, we believe we are too slow 200411 A4 hand while writing again by hand, my thoughts wander towards out deep-seated faith in technology and how badly we compare to our "primitive" forebears (HM Apr 2020) 200510
2-3 swinging i went cold 191104 169 pictures of ice and snow adn the story they tell about me, white-skinned by the cold (HM Oct 2019) 191114
2-3 swinging yet another quest (3 of 3) 190629 156 "it's the artful inspiration" - how nature inspires inspiration to flow freely (JD, Jun 2019) 190711
2-3 swinging a ballerina's bow 120101 188 A contemplative love poem with the narrative of how a ballerina dares to show her emotions on stage. (DB, Jan 2012) 190711
2-3 swinging Illuminati 090605 107 a playful and joking take on the issue (or notion?) of the Illuminati (HM Jun 2009) 210214
2-3 swinging busy 061001 94 poetic self-motivation. or self down-putting (result is the same) (HM Oct 2006) 200802
2-3 swinging considering 060524 A4 hand considering, notwithstanding - left, centre and right in the middle.. (it will all be clearer some day in advance) (HM Jun 2006) 200719
2-3 swinging nothing complete 020824 A4 hand freely-associated words leading to a date (HM Aug 2002) 200214
2-3 swinging upside down 020122 148 being bothered by a fly, lying down (HM Jan 02) 190826
2-3 swinging bushveld sequence 020113 510 wrting while alone in a bushveld home during holiday times (HM Jan 2002) 191030
2-3 swinging thatthing 010529 62 what is that thing again? (HM May 2001) 190803
2-3 swinging it 001228 171 this poem got stuck on "it" and "whatever it says, i don't know" (HM Dec 2000)
2-3 swinging keyboard 000920 166 a moment dedicated to the thing i am now typing with (HM Sep 2000) 190711
2-3 swinging scream 000803 166 is it about screaming or kappenarre? (HM Aug 2000) 190711
2-3 swinging do you believe that 000000 A4 hand of belief and food and what not (HM late 1990's) 190711
3-1 emotive to be far 210419 121 my daughter, Mira is on the other side of the earth. i am the missing father. for now. (HM Apr 2021) 210419
3-1 emotive a new year's eve 201231 116 a feeling of fatigue as the year turns during the COVID-19 pandemic (HM Dec 2020) 210105
3-1 emotive corona 201205 121 the pandemic is taking its toll, in harsh terms, but also in subtle ones (HM Dec 2020) 201208
3-1 emotive friendless 201129 155 can friendship survive the drift of fact-free islands? (HM Nov 2020) 201130
3-1 emotive the dying seed 201010 97 the moment when the ultimate limit of existence is shared (HM Oct 2020) 201011
3-1 emotive NO 200926 A4 hand the deliberate pain of setting a limit. and listening to her, screaming (HM Sep 2020) 200928
3-1 emotive countryside blues 200725 24 the countryside can get you down, slow you down, never in a straight line (JD Jul 2020) 200726
3-1 emotive tunnel vision 200401 366 a very hard look at the reigning business culture, and the attitude of the (mostly) men towards life (HM Apr 2020) 200405
3-1 emotive strength 200301 330 a recently written love poem in two parts, on how real love changes you for the better (JD Jan 2003) 200304
3-1 emotive poor poor men 191203 392 the destructive leaders who should hava been artists and teachers in stead (HM Dec 2019) 191203
3-1 emotive SITRAP 191030 a room 191030 191 writing from where we now stay in Regina, Canada (HM Oct 2019) 191030
3-1 emotive weeping willows 190904 1084 quite a personal text, written in a luxurious hotel by the Vaal river in South Africa, trying to come to terms with me fears, evoked by riots nearby (JD Sept 2019) 191123
3-1 emotive the speed of my wandering feet 190826 334 thoughts on an early morning walk (JD Aug 2019) 191123
3-1 emotive that wind still lake 190821 253 a longing for a place where deeper thoughts can flow and breathe (JD Aug 2019) 200320
3-1 emotive burn 170225 136 impressions after visiting a commune of fundamentalist faith in the searing heat of a warming globe (HM Feb 2017) 200304
3-1 emotive I arrive in Africa 160101 326 poetic interpretation of what gives me hope that Africa will survive the rather dark challenges, as improvised during a house concert (JD Jan 2016) 190917
3-1 emotive the madness makes me homesick 160101 544 inspired by seeing images of dead refugee bodies washin up at the European shores, political, protest (JD, Jan 2016) 190711
3-1 emotive me and my sadness 140101 288 how to put limits around sadness and allow it a the same time (JD Jan 2014) 190816
3-1 emotive nostalgia, or the right to cry 140101 332 what is the origin of tears? (JD Jan 2014) 190826
3-1 emotive the girl and the waves 140101 91 reflective metaphor on the nature of sadness (JD Jan 2014) 190816
3-1 emotive like a balloon 130901 213 As improvised in Los Angeles, US. On wanting to fly away due to love problems and sadness (DB, Sept 2014) 190711
3-1 emotive fireworks 130420 581 imaginary conversation with my soul on what my sadness looks like (JD Apr 2013) 190810
3-1 emotive on my own 090616 160 how intensity and complexity in life - in relationships! - breed a longing to be on my own (HM Jun 2009) 210214
3-1 emotive come to me 080627 A4 hand a yearning that does not want to yearn, a search for contentment that yet is not (HM Jun 2008) 210105
3-1 emotive my white feet 071012 106 my white feet landing in Africa and what that means (HM Oct 2007) 201006
3-1 emotive rot 040912 186 when love is lost and i cannot give any more (HM Sept 2004) 200608
3-1 emotive north west eyes 030401 204 after a school performance, these are some thoughts towards the teacher who had been present (HM Apr 2003) 200304
3-1 emotive home is africa 020625 23 home is Africa.. (HM Jun 2002) 191211
3-1 emotive only so much 020601 A4 hand one can only handle so much.. (HM Jun 2002) 191211
3-1 emotive peace, peace, peace 020518 A4 hand a critical look at America's work ethic (HM May 2002) 191203
3-1 emotive really 020410 A4 hand expressing the mismatch i had between my desire to maintain a healthy diet and the social pressures to eat whatever while on tour - which was always (HM Apr 2002) 191114
3-1 emotive the letter 020131 105 i opened a letter addressed to me, no, it was opened already! no! (HM Jan 2002) 191114
3-1 emotive softly, kindly 020001 A4 hand of being vulnerable in this fast moving world (HM Jan 2002) 191020
3-1 emotive appreciatenot 000920 420 speaking from a within deep depression (HM Sep 2000) 190711
3-1 emotive you 000920 720 killing the ideal form that's hanging out here, the watching eye (HM Sep 2000) 190711
3-1 emotive youyou 000920 148 to a phantasmagorical other (HM Sep 2000) 190711
3-1 ethics, justice to the man in the mall 191228 405 addressing a man in the mall, who shouted at me 'not all blacks are dangerous!', trying to explain to him what had just happened to me (JD Dec 2019) 200105
3-2 festive The You 210218 870 look around. listen. watch. a thousand messages about and for You. every hour, every day. all lies. and yet we keep believing the God of our times. (HM Feb 2021) 210221
3-2 festive she's small, still 200715 143 a brief reflection on how the living little one fills the days of our lives *HM Jul 2020) 200719
3-2 festive conspiracy theory 200520 177 inside the consumer machine, and how a virus came to throw a spanner in the works (HM May 2020) 200524
3-2 festive suddenly 191231 214 a brief expression of a sudden joyful sense of freedom, to be performed with strong lyrical music (JD Dec 2019) 200105
3-2 festive Mira is watching the world 190123 270 inspired by one of the many moving moments, observing our daughter Mira (JD Jan 2019) 190923
3-2 festive failure 080520 263 pleased by failure (HM May 2008) 201018
3-2 festive kick the dust 071015 147 keep on kicking the earth,as we must defy death (HM Oct 2007) 201018
3-2 festive eatinglate 060303 A4 hand the drama of the late night snack (HM March 2006) 200712
3-2 festive now i must write, now 040811 A4 hand an ode to spring time beauty in Grahamstown (HM Aug 2004) 200504
3-2 festive abundance 040412 175 making peace with a daily flow, the joy of taking each single step. the ocean of abundance will arrive with a whimper (HM Apr 2004) 200517
3-2 festive commotion 020320 118 a short poem in Afrikaans and English (line ofr line non-strickt translations) about the way a good night's sleep can turn mountainous problems into dust (HM MArch 2002) 191114
3-2 festive they say 020001 A4 hand they say all goes down if the economy tanks. i say let's rejoice with the universe (HM Jan 2002) 190711
3-2 festive hallohallo 000921 48 the knowing of not knowing (HM Sep 2000) 190711
3-3 all-embracing more than a feeling 210121 86 after a walk with Joke and Mira, a poem about happiness (HM Jan 2021) 210125
3-3 all-embracing Hitler 200711 344 it's rather easy to distance oneself from Hitler, the monster. but he could be very kind. and what we still do, can be pretty monstrous (HM 200712
3-3 all-embracing world-wearily 200521 354 of the days of our youth when ideals were high and achievements low (JD May 2020) 200608
3-3 all-embracing a form of us 200424 160 a dreamy ode to ephemeral happiness (JD Apr 2020) 200426
3-3 all-embracing cellular 200404 510 what a tiny little virus managed to achieve, and to say to us (HM Apr 2020) 200405
3-3 all-embracing the butterflies continue 200404 309 during the times of the coronavirus, there should be crying, and hope, as the butterflies continue (JD Apr 2020) 200405
3-3 all-embracing I am. That is a fact 190716 1785 Inspired by an Ubuntu saying of connectedness mixed with my own sense of confusion. Written with jazz music in mind. (JD Jul 2019) 190727
3-3 all-embracing as long as 160901 418 a poetic interpretation of what hope means to me (JD, Sept 2016) 190711
3-3 all-embracing lullaby for someone who worries too much 160901 107 A playful and short lullaby, rich of images. (JD, Sept 2016) 190711
3-3 all-embracing dictator 090401 A4 hand i visited Syria in 2009, before the brutal civil war started. i took a photo of Assad's face on one of the posters and images of him, all over the country. and then, reflecting back, i wrote a poem (HM Apr 2009) 210130
3-3 all-embracing perhaps not the 080509 A4 hand how memory fails us, but we still walk until the end, even within the space of a short poem (HM May 2008) 201025
3-3 all-embracing late afternoon 080328 91 poem written while stuck in traffic near a construction site (HM Mar 2008) 201108
3-3 all-embracing township feet 071014 173 wondering whether there is something to township life that is more desirable than the moneyed life that so many aspire to (HM Oct 2007) 201011
3-3 all-embracing dangling feet 071005 151 a poem written for the production "Foot Fantasia", on the way humanity started drifting, disconnected from the earth (HM Oct 2007) 200928
3-3 all-embracing drunk 070517 67 the human condition (HM May 2007) 200830
3-3 all-embracing maybe 020807 50 maybe we should just accept we humans have failed (HM Aug 2002) 200113




HA! O E cat title HA! O E title DATE word count HA! O E description HA! O E date posted
0 oor die kategoriee eentweedrie 010529 22 hoekom drie so baie drie is (HM Mei 2001) 190727
1-1 primordiaal gattelik 210217 A4 hand sak af na die stilte waar die windgattiglike wind praat sonder twyfel (HM Feb 2021) 210221
1-1 primordiaal gras verdor 090507 A4 hand oor die HoŽveldse gras en die stof waaruit dit gebore word, en waarnatoe dit weer sterf. soos ek. soos die mensestof. (HM Mei 2009) 210206
1-1 primordiaal wortel 070609 120 'n poging om woorde te gee aan die opbou van seksuele ekstase as 'n bewustelike eksistensiele daad (HM Jun 2007) 201108
1-1 primordiaal armoede 070212 145 hoe 'n droom die enkellopende se seksuele honger probeer voed (HM Feb 2007) 201006
1-1 primordiaal geel wol trui 040711 A4 hand die glyende vreugdes van vrye liefde en die onbekostigbaarheid darvan (HM Jul 2004) 200614
1-1 primordiaal grot 031129 122 oor die verborge glories van die lus (HM Nov 2003) 200329
1-1 primordiaal en skielik skud dit weer 020909 A4 hand die drang om lewe, lewe as 'n seksdaad (HM Sept 2002) 200226
1-1 primordiaal le lekker laag op jou se maag 020503 A4 hand ver verlate enkeling masturbeer in die son (HM Mei 2002) 191203
1-1 primordiaal lÍ lekker laag 000000 A4 hand saadplanting, Írens in die grond, Írens in die natuur, Írens alleen (HM late 1990's) 190711
1-2 uitdrukkingsvol vandag 060606 228 genialiteit is 'n spel vir aandag.. jou honger vir die hoogtes formeer jou gang.. blaas dit op met onaantasbare vergesigte (HM Jun 2006) 200928
1-2 uitdrukkingsvol dit dryf dan 060315 A4 hand 'n pleidooi vir die poŽsie as ongekunstelde weerbarsting (HM Maart 2006) 200719
1-2 uitdrukkingsvol laat die riviere vloei 020229 98 omtrent die belang van die wat broos en klein is, vir almal (HM Feb 2002) 200823
1-3 verhoudings 10 jaar 200521 109 terugblik op 'n verhouding en hoe 'n mens op mekaar inwerk (HM Jun 2020) 200614
1-3 verhoudings as jy so daar lÍ 200202 88 liefde vir iemand wat deur donker dale gaan (HM Feb 2020) 200601
1-3 verhoudings en al een 090410 86 hoe jy erens bly hang ooral waar ek ook mag gaan (HM Apr 2009) 210206
1-3 verhoudings nag 090201 85 'n oomblik in nog 'n vreemde bed, langs jou, op reis (HM Feb 2009) 210130
1-3 verhoudings ek glo hart 061217 A4 hand die herontdekking van liefde in 'n tyd van psigologiese droogte (HM Des 2006) 200830
1-3 verhoudings aan jou 060606 190 jy waai my selfversugtinge deurmekaar - 'n dalkies eerlike kyk na myself (HM Jun 2006) 200802
1-3 verhoudings sommige dae 060411 148 die kurwes en skommelinge binne 'n liefdesverhouding (HM Apr 2006) 200719
1-3 verhoudings deur my gryn 050521 A4 hand die verwording en noodsaaklike uitwassing van 'n diepgaande verhouding (HM May 2005) 201011
1-3 verhoudings die liefde 031129 15 waar die liefde lÍ (HM Nov 2003) 200320
1-3 verhoudings jy het gehuil 020606 A4 hand op die punt waar 'n verhouding of volwasse word, of pad maak vir die vryheid van alleenheid (HM Jun 2002) 191211
1-3 verhoudings skuld 010606 70 oor skuld en vryheid (HM Jun 2001) 190711
1-3 verhoudings alleen 001017 191 oor 'n verlore liefde (HM Okt 2000) 190711
2-1 nadenkend bollesnol 200909 698 oor perde en woordbolletjies, dae van inperkings en die omwalminge van die natuur (HM Sep 2020) 200915
2-1 nadenkend Vicks is nie nodig nie 200728 185 frustrasies ten tyde van 'n pandemie (HM Jul 2020) 200816
2-1 nadenkend reis ek rerig 061101 242 oor die aard van reis, as jy elke jaar 80 000km om die aarde wandel.. (HM Nov 2006) 200816
2-1 nadenkend maar dit maak nie sin nie, man! 060416 A4 hand hoekom ek nie dink dat die lewe vir altyd aangaan nie (HM Apr 2006) 200726
2-1 nadenkend laat spat 050306 68 ek wil jou, wil jou nie, verwarde gevoelens.. (HM Maart 2005) 200628
2-1 nadenkend deurmekaar se garammel 040417 A4 hand vrylopende gedagtes oor die doodloop van liniŽriteit (HM Apr 2004) 200921
2-1 nadenkend en dis net hier waar 020919 A4 hand iets oor die woordomdompelende konkreetheid van die hier en die nou (HM Sept 2002) 200226
2-1 nadenkend kompioeter 000920 238 wanneer moegheid grense verskuif (of die ontstaan van kuns) (HM Sep 2000) 190711
2-1 nadenkend vreeslik 000823 A4 hand ietwat anngejaagd, deurdrukkend, ietwat ontploffend (HM Aug 2000) 190928
2-2 beskrywend Orania 201221 131 Orania is 'n privaat eiendom-nedersetting wat kultuursuiwerheid en algemene netheid najaag waarmee niemand fout behoort te vind nie. (HM Des 2020) 201221
2-2 beskrywend tannie Anna 191221 164 sy en haar generasie was onkreukbaar, so op die oppervlak langs (HM Des 2019) 191222
2-2 beskrywend FACEBOOK GEDIG 160123 155 'n spotgedig met myself wat so lank huiwer of ek op Facebook moet bly of moet afstap. 'n spotgedig met Facebook. (HM Jan 2016) 210318
2-2 beskrywend die k*k van kanker 151031 404 'n sel-snyende (en kragwoord-belaaide) uitvaar teen die siekte wat naastes gesteel het. 'n verklaring van 'n anti-kanker lewensingesteldheid (HM Okt 2015) 201011
2-2 beskrywend jy, klein grassie 090519 A4 hand in gesprek met 'n grassie, wat ons in gemeen het, en wat nie (HM Mei 2009) 210214
2-2 beskrywend ek leef 40 081115 A4 hand 'n malle hubris by die aanbreek van my 40e lewensjaar (HM Nov 2008) 210105
2-2 beskrywend ek onder kan jy wil nie 051103 A4 hand probleem om my woede te beteuel (HM Nov 2005) 201018
2-2 beskrywend sloop 041212 129 woede sluip na die oppervalk telkens as die taal verval - en dan roep ek 'n regterhand in om die vuilwerk vir my te doen (HM Dec 2004) 200524
2-2 beskrywend new york 041109 96 new york is erg, veral as dit erg gaan met jou (HM Nov 2004) 200614
2-2 beskrywend stellemkos 040912 54 alles is nie kuispluis op Stellenbosch (HM Sep 2004) 200504
2-2 beskrywend londen 031011 85 'n kort beskrwying van een van my vroee ervarings van die stad Londen (HM Okt 2003) 200411
2-2 beskrywend Rita 030821 454 ek dink terug aan my ervarings saam met literere kenner Rita Gerrits, wat my in die jare negentig dikwels in Stellenbosch gehuisves het (HM Aug 2003) 200304
2-2 beskrywend draaikolk die wetenskaplike 030108 A4 hand 'n woordranker in Dornach, Switserland, tydens winter (HM Jan 2003) 201102
2-2 beskrywend warm wind 011226 139 hoe tegnologie ons op 'n afstand hou van dinge wat werklik werklik is (HM Des 2001) 190719
2-2 beskrywend tralies 010809 46 'n gedagte oor witmense wat Suid-Afrika verlaat (HM Aug 2001) 190803
2-3 walsend priek prak 190928 180 'n ge-priekprak oor alles en nog wat (HM Sept 2019) 190928
2-3 walsend gediggie vir 190915 449 'n soort van rammelende gediggie vir Mira soos wat ek haar kyk en voel en wonder (HM Spet 2019) 190917
2-3 walsend maaimaaimaai 151202 118 sommer net oor ek en die wereld, en toe kom jy hier ingewaai (HM Des 2015) 191020
2-3 walsend funny-ie 090725 A4 hand "wanneer dit rol en lÍ / en nonsens sÍ / niks meer as 'n rymelary / 'n deurmekaar gevry.." (HM Jul 2009) 210214
2-3 walsend vinks 070121 A4 hand die gedig eindig so: daar is sewe hoepelkadetvreters / in die / zings (HM Jan 2007) 200915
2-3 walsend lensiesop 050306 196 sagkens met die verganklikheid, met herinnering aan bybelse figure (HM Maart 2005) 200621
2-3 walsend boksombende 041212 55 'n dronk gedig ver weg van 'n spell check (HM Des 2004) 200517
2-3 walsend ek probeer die keer 041017 A4 hand 'n spinnerak van vigs, vryheid, chaos en troetelhondjies (HM Okt 2004) 200705
2-3 walsend so het dit gekom 040310 A4 hand 'n warreboel van gedagtes wat oorbombel soos dit kom. en tog draai dit om en om 'n paar dinge: skryf, Kaapstad, karre en jy (HM Maart 2004) 200420
2-3 walsend ek staan in die bank en wag vir haar 030429 128 oor 'n netelige klein oomblik in die bank (HM Apr 2003) 200320
2-3 walsend klitterklatter 020829 146 golf van vrye assosiase, woordevloei, deurmekaar wantrouedenatte.. (HM Aug 2002) 200214
2-3 walsend Bill 020603 72 woeker met die kompioeter (HM Jun 2002) 191211
2-3 walsend op en af 010808 100 dinge gaan mos maar altyd.. op en af (HM Aug 2001) 190711
2-3 walsend dit is 001017 109 bogpraat TEENoor jou (HM Okt 2000) 190711
2-3 walsend kieleman 000801 A4 hand dis plaas, kos en verlotte (HM Aug 2000) 190711
3-1 emosioneel onder 'n oorhangende rots 201020 79 uiteindelik die land, die stof, wat 'n Europese identiteit verskuif tot 'n nuwe self-benaming (HM Okt 2020) 201025
3-1 emosioneel uitgelewerde Afrikaner 191123 A4 hand 'n beklaging van anders te wees as somminge vriende en familie - 'n volksvreemde in hulle oe.. (HM Nov 2019) 191123
3-1 emosioneel vorentoe bly hyg 190810 343 die gejeuk om vooruit te kom - dit is nou vooruit al jou idees en beplanninge! (HM Aug 2019) 190810
3-1 emosioneel Selfkritiek 090514 22 die voortvarendheid van HA!Man te wees (HM May 2009) 210206
3-1 emosioneel ek is eintlik so bang 081202 A4 hand die onsekerheid oor self-versekerdhede (HM Des 2008) 210105
3-1 emosioneel ingeboorte 071004 94 die innerlikheid van kaalgestroop wees (HM Oct 2007) 200915
3-1 emosioneel verstoot 061231 104 dat alles uiteindelik goed moet wees, of sal wees, dit sal ons omkry (HM Des 2006) 200906
3-1 emosioneel 11 September 060124 110 beskrywing van 'n depresserende moment (HM Jan 2006) 200712
3-1 emosioneel blik 050427 88 'n platgetrapte blikkie het my jou trane laat voel (HM Apr 2005) 200809
3-1 emosioneel die berg 031129 138 oor die volharding om daar bo te kom.. (HM Nov 2003) 200304
3-1 emosioneel punt 031129 79 die punt wat bly ontwyk, behalwe in 'n oomblik van pyn (HM Nov 2003) 200510
3-1 emosioneel ja, ou ha!man 030324 149 op soek na hoop na 'n angsaanval - gedurende die vroee dae van HA!Man te wees.. (HM Maart 2003) 200405
3-1 emosioneel ek's dom 020922 54 geskryf in 'n tyd van klein en onbenullig voel met net 'n sweempie van hoop (HM Sept 2002) 200608
3-1 emosioneel grond 020625 8 wat grond aan jou doen (HM Jun 2002) 200113
3-1 emosioneel my gevrete binnekant 020416 A4 hand teks gebore uit 'n moment van depressie, die sluimerende angs - is my lewe op sand gebou, of nie? (HM Apr 2002) 191203
3-2 feestelik dit is dan nou so dat 090553 A4 hand lawwig bly dat daar nou een is wat saam met my ry (HM Mei 2009) 210214
3-2 feestelik vervlorenheid 070404 161 tussen dag en nag lÍ die onvatbaarheid van die lewe, die vind in verlorenheid (HM Apr 2007) 201102
3-2 feestelik 41 jaar oud 070318 64 geskryf op my 41e verjaardag - 'n kort waardering van die aanstap van jare (HM March 2007) 201025
3-2 feestelik my lewe 031215 236 'n hoopvolle oorsig van my lewe op 'n stadium waar dit nog moeilik gegaan het (HM Dec 2003) 200426
3-2 feestelik is daar enigiets wat ek vi jou 030409 60 my binnekant vreet my op maar ek kan nie sonder die ander (HM Apr 2003) 200320
3-2 feestelik selfverdediging 020123 242 ek het my foute, maar is vergewebaar! (HM Jan 2002) 191020
3-2 feestelik kieliemandjaro 010515 222 kom saam met my, kom ons jaag die verstand die dryfsand in (HM May 2001) 190711
3-2 feestelik jy weet mos 000920 660 'n veeldelige gedig wat swig onder die kookpot van 'n vloeiende woordgerommel ('n geskommel) - oor 'n woestyn, tierlantyntjies en kolwyntjies en die onnidge ophaal van die army. en nog. (HM Sep 2000) 190711
3-2 feestelik balsaal 000823 A4 hand die balsaal waar die rykes pryk is ook die bron van die groot bom wat bo die aarde uitblom (HM Aug 2000) 190711
3-3 omarmend mensereis 061123 195 die mensheidsverhaal as reis - waarheen? (HM Nov 2006) 200823




HA! O E cat title HA! O E title DATE word count HA! O E description HA! O E date posted
    z ---    
1-1 primair alleen als ze slaapt 201018 26 when Mira is sleeping.. (JD Oct 2020) 201018
1-1 primair al dat 200224 176 on ways a small child can bring healing to a big human (JD Feb 2020) 200809
1-1 primair avondwandeling 140201 29 geschreven tijdens een melancholische avondwandeling (JD Feb 2014) 190803
1-3 relaties het minst begane pad 140101 51 kort gedicht over seks met een man (JD Jan 2014) 190816
1-3 relaties blauw 100101 662 Een impressionistisch, associatief en muzikaal liefdesgedicht waarin ik met het thema eb en vloed speel. (JD, Jan 2010) 190711
1-3 relaties eindes 100101 83 Een gedicht over de paradoxale schoonheid van echtscheidingen, geschreven voor het humanistisch tijdschrift Antenne. (JD, Jan 2010) 190711
1-3 spirituality, connection ruisen 140101 129 vergelijking van taal met het ruisen van bladeren (JD Jan 2014) 190826
2-1 beschouwend gelukkige dichter in de tuin 140101 410 beeld van de dichter als een beeldhouwer, op zoek naar wat geluk is door het tegendeel ervan te onderzoeken (JD Jan 2014) 190810
2-1 beschouwend voor de tijd 140101 166 een verhouding tot tijd met tegenstrijdige gevoelens (JD Jan 2014) 190826
2-1 beschouwend het gaatje in mijn zandkoek 100101 187 De poŽtische inleiding van mijn eerste dichtbundel 'verandering'. (JD, Jan 2010) 190711
2-1 beschouwend later 060502 83 of the journey of losing in order to find again (JD May 2006) 200524
2-2 beschrijvend moe zijn was geen optie 140101 148 portret van een moeilijke vrouw (JD Jan 2014) 190803
2-2 beschrijvend Diminuendo 130307 670 the way nature writes history in South Africa (JD Mar 2013) 190719
2-2 beskrywend vergeten, vergeet 140110 231 ontmoeting met dementerende man (JD Jan 2014) 190803
3-1 gevoelvol weemoed 190130 print the plain fact of being sad (JD Jan 2019) 200420
3-1 gevoelvol de waanzin geeft mij heimwee 170101 566 Een aanklacht tegen de politieke en economische waanzin waardoor mensen dood aanspoelen op de Europese stranden. (JD, Jan 2017)
3-1 gevoelvol het meisje en de golven 140101 82 beschouwende metafoor over verdriet (JD Jan 2014) 190816
3-1 gevoelvol ik en mijn verdriet 140101 277 hoe grenzen stellen aan verdriet en het tegelijk toe te laten? (JD Jan 2014) 190816
3-1 gevoelvol nostalgie, of het recht om te huilen 140101 335 wat is de oorsprong van tranen? (JD Jan 2014) 190826
3-1 gevoelvol vuurwerk 130420 264 ingebeeld gesprek met mijn ziel over wat verdriet is (JD Apr 2013) 190810
3-1 gevoelvol verlangen 100101 60 een kort en mystiek gedicht over de aard van verlangen (JD, Oct 2010) 190711
3-2 feestelijk in het shopping centrum 200322 122 the little shopping mall adventures of a two year old (JD March 2020) 200329
3-3 alles-omhelzend een vorm van ons 200424 145 een dromerig ode aan vluchtig geluk (JD Apr 2020) 200426
3-3 alles-omhelzend Ik ben. Dat is een feit. 190716 1505 GeÔnspireerd door een Ubuntu gezegde over verbondenheid, gemengd met mijn eigen gevoel van verwarring. Geschreven met jazz muziek in gedachten. (JD Jul 2019) 190727
3-3 alles-omhelzend zolang 170101 402 Een poŽtische en beeldrijke opsomming van wat hoop in deze tijden voor mij betekent. ((JD, Jan 2017) 190711




HA! O E cat title HA! O E title DATE word count HA! O E description HA! O E date posted
    z ---    
1-1 youth the story of Mira's birth 180420 7292 Joke's rendition of the dramatic and profound event that turned her into a mother (JD Apr 2018) 200426
1-3 romance Ismael 110710 1140 the story of my relationship with an Arab man in Antwerp, an illegal immigrant (JD Jul 2011) 190727
1-3 romance een kathedraal van waarheid 040101 4498 Kortverhaal geÔnspireerd op het leven van Lev Tolstoj en zijn vrouw Sonja. De gebeurtenissen spelen zich af begin vorige eeuw op hun landgoed Jasnaja Poljana. Werd in 2004 gepubliceerd in het Vlaamse literaire tijdschrift "Deus Ex Machina" (JD, Jan 2004) 190711
1-3 romance geskryf 000920 3391 'n geskryf wat uitloop op 'n eksistensiele insig: 'n soort self-tuiskoms, 'n neutralisering van die ideale vrou daarbuite, deur die vrou in my as deelnemer te verwelkom. (HM Sept 2000) 190727
2-1 philosophical dialogue between a madman and a madman 210211 1102 madness as the result of emotional deprivation. one taking refuge in the right brain, the other in the left (HM Feb 2021) 210214
2-1 philosophical the road to reality 100101 572 On meeting a special older man in a bookshop in Antwerp. He found some profound wisdom in a physical law and shared that with me. (JD, Jan 2010) 190711
2-2 descriptive a European man 210427 2747 this is an effort to write a story. the character that presents itself is a European man taking a walk. this is where the story begins and might end too. what is so particular about a European man taking a walk? (HM Apr 2021) 210505
2-2 descriptive Bibliotheek Stutterheim 210222 671 anecdotes around our town library that seems to have stood still since priorities in South Africa shifted from advanced public services to building proper houses for millions of shack dwellers (JD Feb 2021) 210325
2-2 descriptive Hitch-Hiking Years (4) - On the people 210206 4031 the fourth recollection of incidents during my hitch-hiking years (1991-1999), I was given lifts by a wide array of people. This chapter opens the lid on some of these benefactors and the anecdotes that stayed with me. (HM Feb 2021) 210206
2-2 descriptive Hitch-Hiking Years (3) - Sypaadjie, or pavement.. 201018 1806 the third recollection of incidents during my hitch-hiking years (1991-1999), which is not really an incident, but a particular aspect of being on your feet in between lifts: how a pavement can turn into a spiritual anchor (HM Oct 2020) 201018
2-2 descriptive the art of the loser 200712 1886 inside the mind of the man who wrote The Art of the Deal, drawing from the book's index, as dotted down once while browsing through an airport bookshop (HM Jul 2020) 200712
2-2 descriptive Nyebho's theatre group 180525 2577 On meeting Nyebho and the friends of his new theatre group in Grahamstown. How the vast differences in our economical situation moves me so deeply. (JD, May 2018) 190711
2-3 explanatory those army days (1) "brown" 200815 1664 in the first delivery of reminiscences of conscripted military service, i recount how i romanticized war-making, was ready for war-making and how, within the first days of being a military rookie, my world was turned upside down. (HM Aug 2020) 200816
2-3 explanatory de deur 200301 1771 Mira wordt om onbegrijpelijke redenen kwaad op een deur in Kaapstad. Het zet mij aan tot licht ironische gedachten over borstvoeding, schrijven, alcohol drinken. (JD March 2011) 200420
2-3 explanatory the door 200301 1845 Mira gets mad at a door in Cape Town, for incomprehensible reasons. It evokes ironic thoughts about breastfeeding, writing, drinking alcohol. (JD March 2011) 200420
2-3 explanatory de cursus in Spa 160101 9219 tragikomisch relaas van een mislukte cursus in Spa, Belgie (JD Jan 2016) 190923
2-3 explanatory the day of which I thought it would never happen 160101 1169 On the first beheading by ISIS in Europe, the killing of a priest in the Norht of France. (JD, Jan 2016) 190711
3-1 dramatic Blue-eyed Boy 201122 3548 a narrative based on my father's fight with cancer, the tension between faith and nature and the pain of a man dying in the flower of his youth (HM Nov 2020) 201123
3-1 dramatic Hitch-Hiking Years (2) - Gang of Five 200919 4005 the second recollection of incidents during my hitch-hiking years (1991-1999), on landing on a spot that i have been warned to be dangerous. and lo and behold, me and my whole life were targeted by a group of five men (HM Sep 2020) 200921
3-1 dramatic Hitch-Hiking Years (1) - Six-pack Conservationists 200510 2468 the first recollection of incidents during my hitch-hiking years (1991-1999). the story of two conservation officials and their bakkie. and a blood-lust i did not see coming (HM May 2020) 200510
3-1 dramatic Huil, sweetie, huil. 200215 9526 Bram onderdrukt al jarenlang zijn verdriet na het afscheid van zijn bipolaire vrouw Ellen. Zijn gender fluÔde vriend Maxim(e) triggert in al zijn flamboyance de dingen die hij nooit onder ogen heeft gezien.. (JD Feb 2020) 200214
3-1 dramatic cry baby cry! 200113 10335 a single father raising an only son needs to deal with past trauma, having been deserted by his bi-polar wife (JD Jan 2020) 200113
3-1 dramatic sworn to silence 200107 5831 Marianne, who works in a South African public hospital. Her whole take on life is confronted when a patient she tends to turns out to be a man who robbed her house a few days before (JD Jan 2020) 200614
3-1 dramatic SITRAP 191101 Performance in Edmonton 191101 1237 the inner story of taking a leap to perform for the first time in a foreign city where no one knows.. (HM Oct 2019) 191104
3-1 dramatic toyi-toyi 190804 892 on the transition from being a traveler in SA to living there (JD Aug 2019) 190816
3-1 dramatic my angels 160701 12159 A school teacher in rural Lesotho, a South African musician and a seamstress from Belgium weave a tapestry of relational drama, bringing together complicated contrasts and the tenacity of hope (JD Jul 2016) 201221
3-1 dramatic eerlijkheid loont 060218 12811 Hoe eerlijk is het om jezelf te verschuilen achter een personage en je eigen gevoelens niet te laten zien op het podium? Een succesvolle acteur in Amsterdam worstelt op midlife achtige wijze met deze vragen. (JD Feb 2006) 190711
3-1 dramatic Mr Kim 060111 1185 the bizarre real life story of a South Korean driver losing it on a highway (HM Jan 2006) 200420
3-1 dramatic De Verzorger 040801 5536 een intense dialoog tussen twee boezemvrienden, geÔnspireerd op de roman "Misdaad en Straf" van Dostojewski. Geschreven in 2004 voor mijn toenmalige theatergroep "Het Zesde Bedrijf". (JD, Aug 2004) 190711
3-1 dramatic The Caretaker 040801 5536 An intense dialogue between two best friends, inspired on the novel "Crime and Punishment" by Dostoyewski. Written in 2004 for my former theatre group "The Sixth Act" (JD, Aug 2004) 190711
3-2 fun Beter voor de weerstand 180120 6672 the Dutch version of the short story "winnie the pooh", in which cynicism and spiritual naivete both find a human connection with the shadows of Sedona's haunting red-rock mountains as backdrop (JD Jan 2018) 201130
3-2 fun winnie the pooh 180120 6724 cynicism and spirptual naivete both find a human connection in the shadows of Sedona's haunting red-rock mountains (JD Jan 2018) 201115
3-2 fun Starbuck Tears 141101 1278 my first encounter with the American consumer culture, offering more choices for the foam of my cappuccino than I ever could have imagined (JD Oct 2014) 190928
3-2 fun dreamworks 060725 446 i had this dream last night which was totally creative. usually one finds clues as to where the artistic subconscious gets its colours and paint brushes from, but this one...! (HM Jul 2006) 200928




HA! O E cat title HA! O E title date Duration HA! O E description HA! O E date posted
0 instructive Ha!Man talks about spontaneity 030510 25:00 sitting down at a stream in the Tsitsikamma, i start to talk about spontaneity as i observe the workings of a spider web (HM May 2003) 200712
10 full journey Study in Harmony 201018 13:06 improvisations with an eye to harmonic play. first the piano, a basic baroque tonality. then strings stretching into atonality. then both finding romantic swing. overlaid with cello (HM Oct 2020) 201018
10 full journey prelude to a hopeful unknown 201005 08:43 3 layers of improvised cello start with open strings and harmonics as a long introduction, followed by col legno rhythmical taps, then bursting into a D major marching groove, tapering off into simplicity again. (HM Oct 2020) 201006
10 full journey a paper piece 090609 13:11 a typically expanded serious-to-sensitive HAMan piano improv with strings attached (HM June 2009) 200427
1-1 mystical die spook van donkergat 180720 04:21 improvised on request from the audience: the them "die spook van donkergat" (the ghost from Dark Hole) - a title of some Afrikaans radio series long ago (HM Jul 2020) 200420
1-1 mystical two hours after midnight 170223 06:09 reflective, strange, yet open mood, strings suspending second inversion chord. bender gives a twist to single piano notes drifting along. cello and nose flute added (HA!Man Sept 2020) 200906
1-1 mystical cello opening in Durbanville 150830 03:38 brooding and probing cello enters dark space, suspended on a bed of D minor - from a live performance in a suburban house near Cape Town (HM Aug 2015) 190923
1-1 mystical early stirrings 100206 13:01 a searching and spacious introduction to an improvisation concert in the Grahamstown cathedral. (Saxophone: Rick van Heerden; voices: the Greame College choir. Organ: HA!Man. Feb 2010) 210221
1-1 mystical we have hung up our feet 071013 02:26 mesmerizing, slightly bending and subtle sounds takes the eye to the far horizon (HM Oct 2007) 210130
1-1 mystical day has not broken yet 070514 05:27 introduction to an hour of a creative piano journey. lingering, anticipating, yet somehow quiet. (HM Aug 2007) 201011
1-1 mystical prologue (Jackson Pollock) 050925 02:03 Soundtrack created for a physical theatre piece on action painter Jackson Pollock. This is the introduction, as inner turmoil builds towards the inevitable flood of expression (HM Sep 2005) 200830
1-1 mystical alien call 041011 08:31 #4 of 5 improvised recordings done with experimental sound artist Eric Leonardson in Chicago. I play the cello which was channeled through a sound-bending gadget. Another layer of conventional sound was subsequently added (HM Oct 2004) 200816
1-1 mystical Life on another planet 030326 04:29 The imaginings of a child will interpret all the weird and funky mouth-sounds as an intricate language of E.T. and his compatriots. (HM March 2003, descr Lara Kirsten) 200712
1-1 mystical Soft Smooth 010620 4:03 The cello and paddes sounds create an iridescent cloud of sound. The padded sounds are comparable to underwater, wettish, birdlike sounds.. (HM Jun 2001 - description Lara Kirsten) 190816
1-1 mystical soft starry mystery 010620 3:39 gentle strangeness with soft padding and cello (HM Jun 2001) 191030
1-1 mystical drops in wind 000701 3:23 Like drops falling above and under water.. From a soundtrack for a stage production set in a Chinese context (HM Jul 2001) 190711
1-1 mystical Creation, Creation, Creation! Part 1 "Seed" 000320 18:44 Epic organ improvisation recorded in St George's Cathedral Cape Town, 2000. This is the first of three parts, themed as the seeding dimension of the creative process. With directed audience participation. (HM) 190711
1-2 classical gaudeamus 210403 10:11 a pianistic and not so sentimental interpretation of the well-known academic commercium song, Gaudeamus Igitur ("So Let Us Rejoice"), recorded on a Steinway grand in Stellenbosch (HM Apr 2021) 210405
1-2 classical piano recordings on a beautiful day 201112 16:12 sitting down behind our Otto Bach upright while nature is singing out loud outside. four pieces culminated, somewhat impressionistic. ending on a lyrical note. (HM Nov 2020) 201115
1-2 classical prelude to the fire 200919 05:30 inspired by Bach, by the fires running crazily wild in California and the cinematic possibilities of apocalypse. harpsichord, strings, choir, boomer and slicks and clunks raise fists together in a relentless forward flow (HM Sep 2020) 200921
1-2 classical pieces mostly in A on a windblown day 200710 26:48 the wind blew hard. Mira was playing, counting one-two-three. every time she says dad-da, it means she wanted me to keep playing the piano. 6 pieces. and checking in on the porridge in between. cello was laid in afterwards. (HM Jul 2020) 200712
1-2 classical miramidrama 200608 07:04 with digital mic on the piano I let loose with romantic bravura style playing, interrupted by Mira here and there. then i took her to a mic, so she can let loose. i put the two tracks together and added some orchestral flair. a miramidrama! (HM Jun 2020) 200614
1-2 classical ditty for john 180923 02:01 live layered recording during a performance at the Record Centre in Ottawa, Canada. This jitty was dedicated top its legendary owner, John Thompson (HM Sept 2018) 191013
1-2 classical sonority of strings 180817 04:56 in a live improv performance with violinist Anton Cawthorn-Blazeby, i first record an adagio of strings, with the violin playing. then replay the recording while adding the cello. (HM Aug 2018) 200816
1-2 classical somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond 110713 02:45 a wistful atmosphere created by plucked guitar sounds and strings, originally as the accompaniment to an ee cummings poem, "somewhere i have never traveled" (HM Jul 2011) 200809
1-2 classical walking in a grand dream 110602 05:42 one of the numerous recordings made of improvisations with Norwegian born violinist Veronika Soreide in Dornach, Switzerland. (HM Jun 2011) 191203
1-2 classical forest floor march 100524 03:42 keyboard strings and violin improvisation recorded in the heat of the night with Veronika Soreide in Dornach, Switzerland (with HM May 2010) 210318
1-2 classical memory of a flower bed 100524 03:28 another memorable recording on the first meeting with violinist Veronika Soreide in Dornach, Swiss - here with lyrical piano accompaniment (with HM May 2010) 210318
1-2 classical never let a forest die 100524 03:25 a special keyboard string sound is used to accompany the improvising violin of Veronika Soreide, on the first meeting in Dornach, Swiss (with HM May 2010) 210318
1-2 classical bars los (break free) 070514 04:10 starts in the mood of the introduction then gradually acquires a clearer beat, as bass octaves introduce new harmonic directions. ends in a late romantic burst of energy (HM May 2007) 201018
1-2 classical soundtrack to the owl house 050811 09:00 Music from the videotrack created for Marlene Zwieger's one-woman stage production based on the life and work of Helen Martens, the enigmantic "Owl Woman" of Nieu Bethesda (HM Aug 2005) 201130
1-2 classical when i saw you for the first time 4 041203 01:20 Piano and cello slightly restless and searching walk, off balance, ending in a note of doubt (HM Dec 2004) 200816
1-2 classical when i saw you for the first time 5 041203 01:28 off beat walk with darker undertone, yet within the atmosphere of being struck by presence (HM Dec 2004) 200823
1-2 classical Handel Largo 040314 06:36 on special request by a friend, an arrangement of the popular and moving "Largo" by Handel (HM Mar 2004) 200726
1-2 classical Sarie Marais Jumbo 031211 08:36 a bravura improvisation on the folk song "Sarie Marais", using the interactive symphonic sound of the Roland XP80 Workstation during a live performance (HM Dec 2003) 201102
1-2 classical Jacqui 030401 12:25 Soundtrack created for a theatre piece on the life of famed cellist Jaqueline du Prez. The music builds on the main theme of Elgar's cello concerto and dramatizes the tragedy of her worsening multiple sclerosis. (HM Apr 2003) 200802
1-2 classical Bach Air 021200 03:05 Bach's "Air on a G-string" played on the guitar by Johan Rautenbach. The cello sings along, spontaneously, however carefully treading around notes already eternalized long, long ago. (with HM, Dec 2002) 200628
1-2 classical piano classic series 2 slow 020613 04:06 Adagio Piano improvisation with added cello. Lyrical with a yearning tone. (HM Jun 2002) 200601
1-2 classical dressing up 010501 4:54 It's so much easier to follow the gentle inflections of the piano. You can dream, be silent and just listen. (HM May 2001 - description Lara Kirsten) 190816
1-2 classical Solo Cello Improvisation 001002 02:58 An introspective piece folding open in long, declamatory lines for solo cello. Cello "speaks" more than sings. (HM Oct 2000) 190803
1-2 classical Orchestra! 000901 01:56 A classic orchestral impromptu full of bursting energy. (HM Sept 2000) 190803
1-2 classical Piano Classic Opening 000708 05:14 In style of a Theme and Variations. Theme A sad, dirge-like piece. Variation 1: Evolves the theme into an elaborate expression. Variation 2: Retains the expression of the theme, but with added light-hearted rhythms. (Descrption Lara Kirsten HM Jul 2000) 190727
1-2 classical the great wall 000701 4:32 Oriental instrumentation. The lightheartedness and dance-character gives it a carefree feel. From soundtrack for Acty Tang's solo debut (HM Jul 2000) 190928
1-2 classical pizzicato 000507 2:55 a string pizzicatto pstinato with added cello. origignally part of the classically styled album "FRESH" (HM May 2000) 190711
1-2 classical pianosoft 000507 3:35 A piano and cello piece reaching heights of great emotion. The intensity comparable to a Mozart/Beethoven concerto. (Description by Lara Kirsten - HM May 2000) 190727
1-2 classical playground variations 000000 03:22 From the first ever recording (pre-HA!Man, 1998) at the M1A recording studio, SABC, Johannesburg. A simple child-like theme is introduced by piano and voice which then evolves into variations of growing intensity, tapering down into a melancholic rest. 190928
1-3 spiritual nnghai-nnghai 210525 06:04 arpeggiated "space" sounds with voice create a cathedral-like chant in an improvised language (HM May 2021) 210526
1-3 spiritual windless 200509 05:28 during the Coronavirus lockdown, Joke finds inner stillness in nature, surrounded by its sounds and open spaces, and the crisis seems far, far away (May 2020) 200510
1-3 spiritual be 200116 05:21 "You act to die. You become repetition inside of me What more do you want me to say?" (JD text, music HM "slow waltz" Jan 2020) 200123
1-3 spiritual carpet of rain 200116 02:43 "all in all it's maybe just the feeling inside / when standing in front of this mountain / this natural awe / so hard to capture / yet there for real" (JD, HM Jan 2020) 200123
1-3 spiritual give me you 191206 04:07 two love poems to Joke ("re-creation", 2015 and "give me". 2017) , read on a bed of stringed waves (HM Dec 2019) 191222
1-3 spiritual on a bed of voice 190825 05:48 cello and violin interweave serenely on a sustained choir voices fifth (HA!Man and Rayelle Goodman, Aug 2019) 190928
1-3 spiritual natuurlik kerft de tijd 190512   live performance in the Netherlands of a love poem in Dutch, with strings accompaniment (JD & HM May 2019) 191211
1-3 spiritual cello and violin adagio 180817 04:38 an open exploration morphs into a gentle arpeggio accompaniment by the cello for a wandering violin melody (HM & Anton Cawthorn-Blazeby Aug 2018) 200405
1-3 spiritual you look in me 180120 02:27 how true love can make inner resistances melt. with harp accompaniment (JD, HM Jan 2018) 190830
1-3 spiritual Slow Waltz 180108 05:22 heavenly harp excruciatingly sensitively flowed with by cello and boys' choir voices in a gentle but deeply felt waltz thythm (HM Jan 2018) 190711
1-3 spiritual opening drone and a piece called thank you 170531 07:33 strong atmospheric opening, linked through whistling to a recording called "thank you" (strings) with piano added in Mozart (or Rachmaninov?) adagio fashion. live event, Johannesburg (HM May 2017) 200601
1-3 spiritual violin and cello adagio 170310 05:49 beautiful long and sustained unfolding dialogue between the two instruments (HM and Anton Cawthorn-Blazeby on violin Aug 2017) 190917
1-3 spiritual I arrive in Africa 150624 05:01 one of my favorite tracks. performed as an encore during our last show in the summer 2015 South African tour. I express why I keep coming back to Africa, despite the dark danger I have experienced there (JD Jun 2015) 190719
1-3 spiritual solemn cello and voice 140830 03:57 cello legato lines shapes cathedral spaces as the voice joins in hymnal openness (HM Aug 2014) 210125
1-3 spiritual a new wind is blowing 140215 04:32 improvised string sound, midday, in a flat on Natal south coast, tropical air.. while a friend has broken through to a truer self. harmonies like waves of the sea.. (HM Dec 2014) 210117
1-3 spiritual hier sta ik 120801 04:18 contemplative improvisation in the Dutch language with HA!Man on the keys (padding sound) and Joe van der Linden on guitar (Port Elizabeth, 16 Aug 2012) 120801
1-3 spiritual psalm 146 091103 02:36 an electronic-symphonic arrangement of psalm 146, in its "Voortrekker" incarnation. created to form part of the Voortrekker Monument anniversary concert (HM Nov 2009) 210221
1-3 spiritual Chartres Labyrinth 090107 07:01 chant based on the numerical system for the Chartres Labyrinth, using strange new sounds from the "Omnisphere" synthesizer (HM Jan 2009) 210130
1-3 spiritual Chicago Rail 050925 3:09 A solemn piece to a poem about a Chicago railway worker who died on his first day back to work, after surviving the battle fields of the second world war (HM Sept 2005) 200304
1-3 spiritual Prayer 050520 01:57 A short improvisation with Ronja Feurbass in Berlin. At the time she did music only as a hobby. The "words" she uses are made up. (HM May 2005) 200830
1-3 spiritual cosmic wave 040329 04:37 one of a series of improvisations with soprano Marina Coetzee, in her lounge, Johannesburg (HM March 2004) 200726
1-3 spiritual Lila 030304 01:09 Beautiful simplistic lyricism. From a soundtrack for a children's play, depicting the main character, Lila. (HM March 2003) 200705
1-3 spiritual weskus 030110 04:31 music evoking the simple tranquility of South Africa's West Coast, known for its dry earth and freezingly cold ocean currents (HM Jan 2003) 200628
1-3 spiritual morning prayer 030101 04:25 Synthesized music with mesmerizing sounds. Its meditative quality is created by the sustained padded sounds and limited rhythmic movement. (HM Jan 2003, descr Lara Kirsten) 200614
1-3 spiritual evening song 021225 01:34 A gentle expression of peace and beauty at the fall of night and the settling down of worked-up heart-beats. (HM Dec 2002, descr Lara Kirsten) 200608
1-3 spiritual soft morning prayer 020702 01:29 like an opening up towards something new.. soft pad sounds lifting the spirit gently (HM Jul 2002) 200601
1-3 spiritual Aurora 020301 05:19 From the album entitled "Lisa Moods". The bass of the first bar repeats over the entirety of the piece and gives the music its minimalistic simplicity. (HM March 2002 - descr Lara Kirsten) 200504
1-3 spiritual peace 020301 02:23 like a dusty wind sweeping over a velvety landscape, taking thoughts, messages and dreams along.. (HM March 2002) 200510
1-3 spiritual holy beauty 020101 02:10 A "soft pad" (Roland XP10) improvisation during a live performance, along with with voice (HM Jan 2002) 200426
1-3 spiritual helderbergmagic 011201 01:30 A magic incantation of night sounds in the shadow of the Helderberg in the Western Cape, recorded live during an outdoor performance, 2001 (HM Dec 2001) 200411
1-3 spiritual Awake 011030 03:00 hymnal layered recording with voice, cello and synthetic string sounds, making use of its sonorous bass. broad chords with moments of silence (HM Oct 2001) 200405
1-3 spiritual Leigh O'Lita 010828 01:51 personal favourite from the series of songs by the late "John" of which he wrote the lyrics and then crafted a rough melody with Lorna Els, who in turn brought it to me to refine and arrange (HM Aug 2001) 200411
1-3 spiritual soft beauty hymn 010827 02:28 a holy but softly sweet sort of hymn for the stillness of the night (soft pad alone) (HM Aug 2001) 200320
1-3 spiritual Velvet 010710 2:29 drifting harmonies, creating a sublte, soft sense of coming to rest and be at peace (HM Jul 2001) 200113
1-3 spiritual silent corner 010501 03:16 The sustained accompaniment gives this piece a sense of restfulness. A delicate melody doubled by itself in thirds is of an ethereal kind.. (HM May 2001, description Lara Kirsten) 191211
1-3 spiritual Softguitar 010319 4:32 using a favourite Roland XP10 sound called "soft" to improvise a base layer, adding a guitar sound and life cello (HM March 2001) 190711
1-3 spiritual love remembrance 010110 6:16 from a soundtrack for a physical theatre piece - about a sailor lost at sea, here remembering a far-off love (HM Jan 2001) 190711
1-3 spiritual soft sweep 010106 5:42 an open landscape as the sun rises through blanket of mist (HM Jan 2001) 190711
1-3 spiritual simplicity 000701 2:42 A slow, gracious dance for an ascete. From a soundtrack for a stage production set in a Chinese context (HM Jul 2001) 190711
1-3 spiritual Soft 000601 07:11 Piece begins with a breathy, hesitating melody in the cello line. Soon develops into more certain romantic declarations. Soaring above the clouds. (Description by Lara Kirsten. HM Jun 2001) 190727
1-3 spiritual Blessed are the Plains 000110 8:52 Music reflecting the open plains of Africa - the roaming-ground of the world's ancestors. Towards the end the melody of the National anthem of S.A "Nkosi s'kilele" is hummed (from collaborative album "Ex Afrika" HM Jan 2000) 190711
1-3 spiritual Hymn 000012 4:09 the overall sense.. passionate longing.. wailing cello and ringing bells.. (HM Jan 2000) 190711
2-1 experimental on arriving at an empty home 210414 07:14 where there was harmony and rhythm there is now only drifting sludge. with piano, cello and strange padding (HM Apr 2021) 210419
2-1 experimental kein feste burg 210414 18:32 a lengthy piano improvisation on the beloved Reformation hymn "Ein feste Burg.." that retains its core, yet prevents its hubristic use as a cry for battle (HM Apr 2021) 210512
2-1 experimental souls afloat the waters of the Atlantic 200806 05:16 soundtrack created for the opening scene of the Jacques Batisda production "As If The Rain Watched Over Us". layered cellos with percussion. the Atlantic serves as a metaphor for purgatory that offers souls no resting place (HM Aug 2020) 200809
2-1 experimental future scream 191222 04:46 an X-rated sound impression of the worst to come from global warming - or the alien feelings associated with it (HM Dec 2019) 191222
2-1 experimental boy from the audience 180817 03:26 when an audience member was invited to come and play with Anton Cawthorn-Blazeby and myself, a young boy appeared. together we searched, felt, jived, shared a moment.. (Aug 2018) 200517
2-1 experimental illusion 151009 07:32 what came out between myself and Christopher Pressing in Chicago, with an array of sound making objects and a text by Ludwig Wittgenstein. In this first of five pieces, the word illusion features in sometimes humorous ways (Oct 2015) 210221
2-1 experimental inspiration perspiration 150901 07:10 a philosophical song improvised on request from an audience member. the theme: that inspiration only (and always) follows perspiration (HM Sep 2015) 201108
2-1 experimental kcheewck 120801 12:24 sustained african drum beat drives all sorts of whirling and cheeky sound bits, thickening, relaxing, thickening again as the female voice starts playing along (HM, Joe vd Linden, JD Aug 2012) 200705
2-1 experimental kalimba in echo 091029 03:18 mouth sounds, a mbira (kalimba) and voice are being bounced around by a strong echoing effect during a live performance (HM Oct 2009) 210303
2-1 experimental street walk 070325 09:05 one of three recordings for a dance production, on the theme of walking. the throughgoing tick-tock sound is surrounded by playful and sometimes drifting elements, replete with energizing syncopations (HM Mar 2007) 201011
2-1 experimental survival 061229 05:21 recorded for a stage production around the theme of people starving as they march through a desert. enough said. (HM Feb 2006) 201006
2-1 experimental metallic bubble 041011 08:31 #4 of 5 improvised recordings done with Eric Leonardson in Chicago. The cello which was channeled through a sound-bending gadget, sometimes quite unrecognizable. Subsequently I added another layer of conventional sound. (HM Oct 2004) 200921
2-1 experimental explosive waltz dance 030725 02:41 Percussion, synthesized sounds and finger-clicking stomp along a whompy waltz (HM Jul 2003) 200712
2-1 experimental softdrops 021015 03:23 forward-moving sounds that falls like shiny drops into a pond, somewhere in a forest, with mist drawing through (HM, Oct 2002, descr Lara Kirsten) 200601
2-1 experimental Heartbeat 021010 02:33 sound effects with a heartbeat-like sound at the centre. recorded during times of my initial explorations with having technology at hand (HM Oct 2002) 200601
2-1 experimental lost it again 011230 3:13 moto perpetuo harpsichord with orchestral accompaniment - a hard and fast expression of messy frustration (HM Dec 2001) 190711
2-1 experimental guitar distortions 011201 09:41 experimenting with a Roland XP10 electric guitar sound - swinging the joy stick as well as two other paramater controls. had a djol! (HM Dec 2001) 200405
2-1 experimental cello & voice experiment 010815 3:33 An experiment in resonances. Music that returns all sounds to their roots. Music for the rites of a cannibalistic tribe.. (HM Aug 2001) 200226
2-1 experimental water 010701 02:04 An eerie feeling is created by the synth sound of flageolette tones - it creates the sound of a windy, rusty playpark. Above these rippling water can be heard (HM Jul 2001, description Lara Kirsten) 190917
2-1 experimental fall 010701 1:58 Psychotic electronic sounds "falling" from the sky, while the cello plays in glissandi (HM Jul 2001) 191203
2-1 experimental maddance 010701 2:07 Fast moving mad dance - drunken dancing, circles, falling over your feet. crashing in the wall. Frantic anxiety that does not know when to stop. (HM Jul 2001) 191203
2-1 experimental busybees 010701 2:07 Literally buzzing of bees. Incessant irritation! (HM Jul 2001) 191203
2-1 experimental drops 010701 1:49 Synth drops with added sound effects made by the cello and xylophone (HM Jul 2002) 191211
2-1 experimental goggos 010701 1:52 The synthesized sounds are like insects ("goggos") buzzing and mating in the night-air. Disturbing to the human ear (HM Jul 2001, description Lara Kirsten) 190826
2-1 experimental newmove 010701 2:53 testing the limits of free layering of sound, searching for balance with no firm structuring of any kind (HM Jul 2001) 200214
2-1 experimental sirens 010701 1:29 The synth sounds are formed to create incessant "siren"-like sounds. The cello plays some form of melody over the noise. (HM Jul 2001) 200226
2-1 experimental watery moods 010701 1:30 The cello becomes a voice that sings through the dense volume of water. No sense of direction. One is surprised when the music stops. (HM Jul 2001) 200320
2-1 experimental car crash 010621 2:48 creating a sound scape around the Roland XP10 sound "car crash" (HM Jun 2001) 190711
2-1 experimental Makana Battle 010509 7:19 a dramatic soundscape depicting the historic 19th century battle between the British and the famous Xhosa warrior, Makana (recorded for a Grahamstown festival play, HM, May 2001) 190719
2-1 experimental Clatter 001112 4:57 An experimental improvisation for unconvensional piano (HM Nov 2000) 190711
2-1 experimental atonal improvisation #three 000513 4:06 Belligerent sounds and hammerings of both the piano and the cello (HM May 2000) 190711
2-1 experimental Atonal six 000513 2:12 an angry dialogue between two simple motives come and go in this driving, disharmonious bravura piece (from a series of atonal improvisations, HM May 2000) 190719
2-1 experimental Plaashek 000110 6:22 An improvised interpretation of a poem by South African poet Uys Krige. "Plaashek" is a gate, which is a metaphor of the gate of the heart. (from album "Ex Afrika" HM Jan 2000) 190711
2-1 experimental Splatter 000000 03:26 extract from my first ever cello recording - the hour-long improvisation "CelloHello," recorded SABC M1A studio, 1999) (HM) 190923
2-2 high energy afriwiggle 210525 04:17 sampled african instruments such as the small bafalon, the horn goat flute and Tongolese drum combine with cello in a playful rhythmic run (HM May 2021) 210526
2-2 high energy destructionator 201203 05:53 that destruction is an extreme deed does not mean it needs to be shied away from. when needed. when absolutely needed. (HM Dec 2020) 201208
2-2 high energy turnaround 201030 04:14 in jazz, the term "turnaround" refers to a harmonic sequence that turns on itself over and over. here i took the sequence of I-vi-ii-V and have an ensemble of four play with it. having fun with it. (HM Nov 2020) 201102
2-2 high energy plasticcimo 200725 05:34 symphonic ensemble moves through a varied landscape of gentleness, rhythmic exuberance and celebration, playing with impure harmonies to depict the sad beauty of abandoned plastics left to play and decorate nature in the wind (HM Jul 2020) 200726
2-2 high energy slap-slap trio 200628 05:28 on a whim to beat some boxes, i took a guitar, slapped it well, then a cajon, and then the cello. and just because.. i added my voice. fast forward drive. a multi-rhythmic blast. (HM Jun 2020) 200628
2-2 high energy the last hill down 180817 05:52 final improvisation with violinist Anton Cawthorn-Blazeby during a performance in Durban, 17 August 2018. with guitar sound on keyboard. a forward moving piece revolving around the tone of A 200719
2-2 high energy pots and drums 180107 04:58 african drum loops undergrif two cello layers playing around with the main motive in a minor key. fullstrings spicatto gives the G minor imprvisation a spunky edge (HM Jan 2018) 190910
2-2 high energy HA!Man drum solo 090901 04:21 using the keyboard as a percussive ensemble - a typical item during a HA!Man live performance (Sept 2009) 210221
2-2 high energy space arise 090408 04:45 space-type electronic sounds at first paints vastness then progresses into a fast moving rhythmical odyssey (HM Apr 2009) 210206
2-2 high energy round chase 061006 02:15 A frenetic dance for a mad interplay of surrealistic action and character explosions! (HM Oct 2006, descr Lara Kirsten) 201025
2-2 high energy a game of chance 061006 05:02 from the soundtrack for the theatre-by-the-deaf play Gumbo - two characters engage in a high stakes card came (HM Oct 2006) 201102
2-2 high energy musiektrein 051201 03:01 A mad rolling of wheels and excitement on a train journey. Ominous overtones creating suspense - created for a physical theatre play (HM Dec 2005) 200915
2-2 high energy Breast Breathe 050410 07:14 a friend once suffered from breast cancer and i then recorded this piece for her to sing along with - so her breasts could breathe! she had a fantastic voice.. she eventually passed on after a struggle of eight years (HM Apr 2005) 200304
2-2 high energy fix it up 050326 03:56 a fast moving improvisation during a Cape Town live performance - with guitarist Derek Gripper (HM March 2005) 200906
2-2 high energy The death of God 050301 04:16 piano improvisation as the second part of a trilogy for improvised dance ("The day I got my body back"). the rebellion, the angry initiation, killing off childhood (HM Mar 2005) 200906
2-2 high energy lala dance 040918 03:16 a forward moving piece from the album "Klaas Voogd Cello" - a series of solo cello improvisations recorded on a Cape Farm. (HM Sept 2004) 200726
2-2 high energy Virrie Hartbeespoortdam 040205 03:21 This strong beat will bring anyone to their feet! Hartbeespoortdam is situated in the North-Western Province of S.A. Place of holiday, watersports and party. (HM Feb 2004), descr Lara Kirsten) 200719
2-2 high energy Jitty Jatty 031218 01:56 A show-off piece.. cello moves frantically up and down the strings in a cool, slick, slidy fashion. Funky beats and sounds. (HM Dec 2003) 190711
2-2 high energy dance mess 020207 06:36 an early layered recording, when i still refused to touch up anything afterwards. not quite steady on its feet, this "dance" stumbles towards quite a frenzy (HM Fen 2002) 200621
2-2 high energy this is the way 011103 02:31 Part of The Busker series - a folkish dance in the Enlish/Highlands/Irish vein. Cello and voice with an energetic accelerando towards the end (HM Nov 2001) 200504
2-2 high energy Taiko Drums 000701 3:41 from a soundtrack for a Chinese-context stage play, using the "Taiko" drum sound on the Roland XP10 (HM Jul 2000) 190711
2-2 high energy Incessant 000415 4:58 incessant chords on the piano with the cello traversing over all kinds of tonalities (HM Apr 2000) 190711
2-2 high energy English by the Grace of God 000115 2:10 A cynical song sung by a South african (HA!Man) who feels that the English just have life to easy! (From the collaborative album "Ex Afrika" HM Jan 2000) 190711
2-2 high energy Hard Drive 000000 04:23 An arousing extract from a fully improvised organ performance with audience sound-participation, titled "A moment of Mouth-Watering Sounds" (HM Aug 1999) 190711
2-3 rhythmic swing jazzo 210130 04:21 steady, clunky beats roll forward along shifting harmonies. electronic, african and symphonic sparks in a jazzo cello dance! (HM Jan 2021) 210130
2-3 rhythmic swing cest pas trop tard 200116 02:25 I don't know the answers to the big questions, but it's not too late to repeat that I love you! (JD & HM Jan 2020) 200214
2-3 rhythmic swing new years eve 200116 04:07 sitting on the toilet, reflecting on a relational tussle, right on the turn of the decade! With cello accompaniment (JD, HM Jan 2020) 200202
2-3 rhythmic swing you were a queen 190727 03:12 I recently imagined personal growth as many different characters within one self, all fighting to be heard. Searching for that highly valued sense of inner peace (JD & HM Jul 2019) 190826
2-3 rhythmic swing night watch 150822 05:52 ongoing african drum loops with mouth and voice sounds, some marimba and cello percussion, evoking an african night full of silent alertness (HM Aug 2018) 190830
2-3 rhythmic swing melancholy meander 150822 05:38 a cello improvisation leads up to a gently melancholy piece from the Gumbo soundtrack, during a house concert in Three Anchor Bay near Cape Town (HM Aug 2015) 200928
2-3 rhythmic swing Grand Africa 080225 05:44 with the voice of the late Nolufefe Mtshabe, a xhosa song with two distinctive parts is combined in this at once jolly, quirky and massively "grand" piece of orchestral African (with HM Feb 2008) 210325
2-3 rhythmic swing me and my feet 071013 03:49 A spaced-out dance of funky feet and robotic movements - with spike-y synthetic sounds to boot! (HM Oct 2007) 210130
2-3 rhythmic swing working at it 070710 06:32 Paul Hanmer on piano and HA!Man on cello joining forces at the Grahamstown Arts Festival in 2007. An easy flowing rhythm flowing over moments of pentatonicism. The end builds up to full dramatic resonance coming from both instruments. (Jul 2007) 201018
2-3 rhythmic swing walk exhausted 070325 09:04 third variation on the theme of walking - recorded for a dance production. the walker being somewhat exhausted by now.. (HM Mar 2007) 201025
2-3 rhythmic swing indian flute call 061120 05:44 traditional American Indian flutes played by Jan Seiden, with cello and a layer of harp sounds. the improvisation starts in a kind of "calling" - an open throated call into wild spaces, which then evolves into a trance-like dance (with HM Nov 2006) 201006
2-3 rhythmic swing shifting sands 061006 02:02 a an easy, jazzy, yet slightly mysterious track from the "Gumbo" stage play soundtrack (HM Oct 2006) 201006
2-3 rhythmic swing we like jozi 060213 10:00 part of a series of duo improvisations with Paul Hanmer. Paul comes in with a sensitive south african-type groove.. oil on my fire!!(Feb 2006) 200928
2-3 rhythmic swing Moving Chicago theme 050925 03:24 A gentle melody setting the mood for the poetry/visual feast of the multi-media production "Moving Chicago" (HM Sep 2005) 200906
2-3 rhythmic swing tango rush 050921 04:31 A lively tango with bursts of raucous madness amidst passionate swinging and turning, with the cello crazy-ing in flurries of sound above it.. Wonderful sustained climax towards the end. (HM Sept 2005, descr Lara Kirsten) 200823
2-3 rhythmic swing Dancing for Rain 030920 03:38 one of the Stutterheim engine museum tracks. layered voice, cello and a stuttering Lister. (HM Sep 2003) 200719
2-3 rhythmic swing To a Star Key 030920 05:31 one of the recordings for the Stutterheim Engine Museum project - an running engine with a steady "beat" coloured with a forward flowing, slightly nostalgic musical jab (HM Sept 2003) 200809
2-3 rhythmic swing piano simple walk 030725 03:06 A gentle waltzy walk between cello and piano. At times sweet and sentimental and then again full of dancing life. (HM Jul 2003, descr Lara Kirsten) 200719
2-3 rhythmic swing piano spanish waltz 030316 02:51 spanish-style piano improvisation with cello added - rushing towards a climactic ending (HM March 2003) 200705
2-3 rhythmic swing the cough 030228 04:54 improvising a song during a live performance while having a sore throat, expecting a cough at any moment.. (HM Feb 2003) 200614
2-3 rhythmic swing Sarie Marais Cello 021004 04:06 Improvisation on the theme of the popular Afrikaans folk song - in a more jazzified garb. (HM Oct 2002) 200809
2-3 rhythmic swing stomping groove 020707 04:07 another collaboration with the late Makhanda street performer Andrew Peters. he had a flair for catchy grooves! (Jul 2002) 200601
2-3 rhythmic swing i want you baby 020700 06:49 in collaboration with the late guitarist and notorious beggar Andrew Peters - including bits of conversation. the song is his, i added cello and a stringy sound later on (Jul 2002) 200601
2-3 rhythmic swing nylon 020301 04:43 even though the padding sounds can hardly render "all of a swing," it does provide an easy-goin bed for a swinging and sliding nose flute.. (HM March 2002) 200524
2-3 rhythmic swing indonesian popular 020220 03:34 recorded by request for an evening of Indonesian cuisine. motive inspired by listening to some traditional Indonesian music (HM Feb 2002) 200426
2-3 rhythmic swing fires can still be made 011103 03:04 The cello supplies a steady repeated bass over which the voice can abandon in spontaneity, and added mouth and tongue sounds - from "The Busker" collection (HM Nov 2001) 200621
2-3 rhythmic swing Blind Date 010828 02:27 one of a series of songs by the late "John" of which he write the lyrics and took a rough melody idea to Lorna Els, who in turn brought it to me to refine and arrange (HM and John Aug 2001) 200320
2-3 rhythmic swing Leavin' Beulah Behind 010828 01:59 one of a series of songs by the late "John" of which he write the lyrics and took a rough melody idea to Lorna Els, who in turn brought it to me to refine and arrange (HM, John and Lorna Aug 2001) 200329
2-3 rhythmic swing My Dearest Jayson 010828 01:37 another arrangement of a song conceived by one John from Grahamstown, who later died, never to see his dream of fame come true (HM, John, Lorna Els Aug 2001) 200420
2-3 rhythmic swing tango 010800 03:24 A jazzified tango that will surely get you in the dancing spirit. From: Soundrack done for stage play. University of Rhodes Drama Dept. Dir by Roux Engelbrecht. On the life of Noel Coward. (HM Aug 2001) 200226
2-3 rhythmic swing God save the King 010800 6:00 Arrangement in variations of the English anthem for a soundrack done for a stage play based on the life of Noel Coward. (HM Aug 2001) 200113
2-3 rhythmic swing rap the HA!man easy 010701 var from 5 "rap" tracks recorded for high school kids (they did not like it) (HM Jul 2001) 191020
2-3 rhythmic swing rap the HA!man real slow 010701 var from 5 "rap" tracks recorded for high school kids. (they did not like it) (HM Jul 2001) 200320
2-3 rhythmic swing arcadina 010606 19:00 soundtrack commissioned by the late Afrikaans playwright Reza de Wet, for her play "LAKE" which was debuted in London during the early 2000's 200123
2-3 rhythmic swing showing up 010501 3:31 A gentle Viennese waltz with all the prescribed grace and refinement (HM May 2001, description Lara Kirsten) 190910
2-3 rhythmic swing dream along 010501 4:41 A slow lilting piece. It can be a backdrop to a romantic French film. The ambience is that of a Blues song filled with charming nostalgia - searching for forgotten times. (HM May 2001, description Lara Kirsten) 191020
2-3 rhythmic swing tangle 010501 4:01 A la 20's Charleston.. (From album "Piano Lite" HM May 2001) 190711
2-3 rhythmic swing hop hop 010501 02:49 The repetitive accompaniment has a msichievous lilt to it - gives a playful circus-feel to the music. (HM May 2001, description Lara Kirsten) 190917
2-3 rhythmic swing little whistle march 010324 03:03 a little sad man walks and hops his head like a bird. the air is clean, the universe is simple. and sad. (HM Mar 2001) 190711
2-3 rhythmic swing Alledieberge 010101 3:16 An elaborated instrumental version of a popular Afrikaans folk song, "Al le die berge nog so blou" (HM Jan 2001) 190810
2-3 rhythmic swing Celtic march 001205 2:05 A march for a troupe of Highland bagpipers. Festive yet restrained pride. (HM Dec 2000) 190711
2-3 rhythmic swing Waltz 1 001112 3:52 A delicate waltz played by the cello "molto grazioso". Whistling and singing adds melodiousness to the dance. (HM Nov 2000) 190810
2-3 rhythmic swing Tango 2 001112 3:07 A jazzy up-beat tango reaching heights of passion true to the character of this dance (HM Nov 2000) 191030
2-3 rhythmic swing Hier is daar 'n gat 000115 4:13 A simple Afrikaans song ("Here there is a hole") of passing of time and seperation. Against the background of withe emigration from the New South Africa (From the collaborative album "Ex Afrika" HM Jan 2000) 190711
3-1 flowing feeling the long echo 201210 07:37 allowing a "large hall" reverb to inspire a cello improvisation, or an expressive meditation, that leads into a pizzicato andante. soft padding and a deep bass embrace harmonically (HM Dec 2020) 210105
3-1 flowing feeling dark planet dance 201123 06:40 recorded on request for a dance piece. minimalist meets romantic. quietude meets a flooding. a dance for darker times. (HM Nov 2020) 201123
3-1 flowing feeling setting sail 200822 05:04 second piece of the soundtrack created for the Jacques Batisda production "As If The Rain Watched Over Us". The souls are sent back across the Atlantic, lost and homeless.. (HM Aug 2020) 200823
3-1 flowing feeling lockdown 200424 08:51 the cello takes the lead in expressing the overhanging mood of stillness, depression and anxiety during the Coronavirus lockdown - aided by piano and strings and a domestic object with much clang (HM Apr 2020) 200426
3-1 flowing feeling we just don't know 200328 07:38 recorded during early stages of lock down due to the coronavirus pandemic. expresses a feeling of melancholy, as well as an overwhelming and agonizing insecurity, seeking refuge in a spiritual simplicity (HM March 2020) 200329
3-1 flowing feeling morning fog 200116 03:02 "I see this as my task for the day: not giving in to the despair it offers.." - poem reading with cello accompaniment (JD & HM Jan 2020) 200226
3-1 flowing feeling to the man in the mall 200116 03:39 after the shock of being in an armed robbery, a passing black man reaching for his pocket can cause irrational fear. how to make amends? with piano accompaniment (JD & HM Jan 2020) 200304
3-1 flowing feeling us on their hands 180120 02:22 wondering out loud what will remain of our existence after so many years. with melancholy cello and vibraphone (JD & HM Jan 2018) 191013
3-1 flowing feeling the lament 180107 05:33 melancholic cello improvisation enriched by strings and some minimal percussive moments (HM, created for a school play, Jan 2018) 200915
3-1 flowing feeling vir mariana 160105 06:02 piece recorded for my mother, Mariana le Roux, as a reflection on her life, during the last weeks of her life, played to her three weeks before she passed away (HM Jan 2016 191020
3-1 flowing feeling should not have left you 060213 03:48 broad, deeply sad, but heaven-like improvisation (#11 of 12) with soprano Marina Coetzee, recorded in one morning in a grand old Pretoria mansion (Feb 2006) 200928
3-1 flowing feeling lament 051230 02:30 Cello improvisation. The falling phrases permeating the music symbolise humility and reservedness. (HM Dec 2005, decr Lara Kirsten) 200915
3-1 flowing feeling entreat 051230 02:23 The (improvised cello) is suffused with beautiful long singing lines. An entreatment that is filled with restrained emotion. From the album Cello Prayers (HM Dec 2005) 200928
3-1 flowing feeling die dreuning 050713 05:56 a symphonic expression (using folk song motives) of what it feels like to be an Afrikaner today: confusion, stulted pride, sadness, rumbled by africa and yet timely brought to peace by the magnetic plains of this continent of origins (HM Jul 2005) 200823
3-1 flowing feeling Hamlet Soundtrack Select 050228 49:00 a listening selection from the movie-style soundtrack created for a student production of the famous Shakespeare play, directed by the late Peter Krummeck (HM Feb 2005) 201115
3-1 flowing feeling flute phantasy 030324 03:06 A piece with a stately antiquated feel to it. Drenched in medieval mysticism due to the sweeping flute-melody and the dramatic sustained chords. (HM March 2003, descr Lara Kristen) 200712
3-1 flowing feeling Bye Bye Blue Sky 030200 15:29 Created for a Physical Theatre production at Rhodes University, Makhanda. The work is based on letters from prison, written by the anti-apartheid activist, Ruth First (HM Feb 2003) 200517
3-1 flowing feeling Spanish play 021200 09:23 Improvisation in Spanish-style with guitarist Johan Rautenbach - filled with visions of betrayal, death, bull-fighting, castanets, and passionate dancing in flaring red dresses.. (with HM Dec 2002) 200608
3-1 flowing feeling Bold and open 021004 04:31 The cello plays in a declamatory fashion, full of passion and bold colourful strokes. Full and resonant sounds. With voice at times. (HM Oct 2002, descr Lara Kirsten) 200802
3-1 flowing feeling God and his gladness (Dostoyevski) 020606 03:50 monologue excerpt from the Brothers Karamazov(Dostoyevski) with added music (HM Jun 2002) 200524
3-1 flowing feeling America 010914 6:07 spontaneous recording, three days after 9/11.. From crying to screaming to the hope of a reborn America (HM Sep 2001) 190711
3-1 flowing feeling sad peace 010620 2:26 A gentle-moving piece to eradicate any uneaisness in the soul. Does not hurry into any emotional climaxes. (HM Jun 2001, description Lara Kirsten) 190826
3-1 flowing feeling Makana Lament 010509 1:08 after the battle, a sad silence reigns.. (from soundtrack for the play "Makana" HM May 2001) 190711
3-1 flowing feeling strings passion 000401 5:52 a deeply emotional improvisation with a certain string sound (Roland XP10), with cello added later. One of my first show favourites (HM Apr 2000) 190711
3-1 flowing feeling Gibraltar 000110 05:27 Improvisation with text written by Johan van den Berg on deep feelings when viewing the landmass of Africa across the Mediterranean from Gibraltar. 200621
3-1 flowing feeling Gulf 000000 4:28 A piano piece that engulfs a whole range of emotions. (from first ever fully improvised recording "Ek Praat Klavier" HM Feb 1998) 190711
3-2 festive african spirit 170310 07:52 playful and light african dance between various sources of sound (HM and Anton Cawthorn-Blazeby March 2017) 191123
3-2 festive short one 170310 02:16 humorous play on a well known musical phrase (HM and Anton Cawthorn-Blazeby March 2017) 191030
3-2 festive mais quand on chante 120801 04:01 boisterous improvisation in the French language with HA!Man on the keys (accordion sound) and Joe van der Linden on guitar (Port Elizabeth, 16 Aug 2012) 190727
3-2 festive afrikamiddag (an african afternoon) 070514 05:09 from the solo piano epic improvisation "Jy het my laat sing" a sweet african motive is embroidered on. harmonies become open, cyclical and the rhythms playful, inventive, with a seductive loseness to them. (HM May 2007) 210303
3-2 festive bluegrass 070131 03:48 i called this "bluegrass" not for any accurate reasons. using those preset percussions again..
(HM Jan 2007)
3-2 festive foot path 060213 02:39 improvisation #5 (out of 12) with soprano Marina Coetzee. African style groove. with marimba sound (HM Feb 2006) 201025
3-2 festive Beethoven Room piano 5 050401 04:52 a groovy part of a one hour National Arts Festival concert improvisation in the Beethoven Room, Rhodes university music department, Grahamstown (HM Apr 2005) 200830
3-2 festive tra-la-cello-la 040918 04:47 Full-blooded spontaneity. A vigorous dance played with brilliant resonances in the cello, borders on the mad halfway through. From the Klaas Voogd series. (HM Sep 2004, descr Lara Kirsten) 200921
3-2 festive joy time 040918 02:46 An extroverted African style song above active cello accompaniment. From the album "Klaas Voogd Cello"(HM Sep 2004) 201018
3-2 festive the empress 040329 02:51 another improvisation with soprano Marina Coetzee, inspired the particular sounds of an oriental instrument (HM March 2004) 201102
3-2 festive tataaa 030903 01:35 a short interview with my brother's two young kids accompanied by original music, ending with a good bye ("tataaa!") (HM Sept 2003) 200628
3-2 festive Come play with me 030517 04:16 A typical item during a school performance (Bloemfontein): A willing child plays the piano with the HA!Man on cello. Then a second child has a more extroverted attempt at the piano. No mature music making. But the beginnings of it. (HM May 2003) 200830
3-2 festive jan pierewiet 030310 03:54 a set of variations on the Afrikaans folk song, "Jan Pierewiet". Played on a Roland XP80 synthesizer (touch-dynamic symphonic orchestral sound) (HM March 2003) 200608
3-2 festive The Twelve Princesses 030304 49:00 Some of the music created for a children's play on the fable of the Twelve Princesses. From dark dungeons to dancing balls and royal processions, to the beautiful one called Lila. (HM Mar 2003) 200921
3-2 festive Hello 030208 04:44 A comedic look at the contradictory remarks made in a relationship between a man and woman. With Jennifer Ferguson - a live improvised duo. (HM Feb 2003) 200705
3-2 festive rockband 020928 03:48 funky rhythmic easy feel recording on .. those percussion tracks again!(HM Sept 2002) 200601
3-2 festive banjo open africa 020927 03:37 This recording started with using preset percussion motives. With cut and paste plus layering a few instruments (improvising, of course), i got myself tired (from the whiggles!) (HM Sept 2002) 200601
3-2 festive Fanfare 020824 05:37 A full of life piece. Upbeat, dancy. Cello sings life into each beat of music. Foot-stamping, (HM Aug 2002 - descr Lara Kirsten) 200510
3-2 festive township happy 020817 04:36 feet-lifting jive-y piece on an african township style groove (HM Aug 2002) 200524
3-2 festive Overture 020809 03:38 draft opening soundtrack for the Woman of the Year Gala in Cape Town, 2002. It carries motives that would have been played with by key instrumentalists throughout the programme of selected commercial hits (it was not accepted in the end) (HM, Aug 2002) 200601
3-2 festive Afrihappy 020323 4:44 percussive riffs with theatre organ, crazy flute, cello and more.. plus the chance emergence of an african groove (HM Mar 2002) 190711
3-2 festive eenkant 011201 02:41 three layers of cello added to an existing recording of long ago, which at the time was recorded during a live performance as background music (HM May 2021) 210526
3-2 festive feet i can see 011103 2:53 from the album "The Busker" - solo cello improvisations in a stufio AS IF i was still playing on the streets. this is one of the few tracks i actually can listen to - jumpy.. (HM Nov 2001) 200405
3-2 festive am i happy 011103 02:20 a clear and open gently happy cello - another recording as "The Busker" (HM Nov 2001) 200420
3-2 festive you do not have to listen 011103 02:16 Cello forms a constant bass for the beautiful melody carried by the voice. The cello can plays the role of the bagpipes or fiddle typical of the Celts (HM Nov 2001, descr Lara Kirsten) 200524
3-2 festive lekkesequence 010929 04:13 using a preset percussion groove (cutting and pasting a bit), i goggled some other instruments on top of it, and adding the cello of course. play play play! (HM Sept 2001) 200329
3-2 festive Afrikaners 010801 2:54 Exhuberant arrangement of the Afrikaans folk song, "Afrikaners is plesierig" (Afrikaners are jolly.. not always, but they can be!) (HM Aug 2001) 190711
3-2 festive Circus 000605 0:48 Yeah, circus! (HM Jun 2000) 190711
3-3 all-embracing big 201208 05:11 the big sounds, the big chords, the big moments. simply big. (HM Dec 2020) 201221
3-3 all-embracing sounds and voices of elim 190731 03:41 a medley of extracts taken from a live recording of a day workshop in Spontaneous Creativity near the small town of Elim, the Netherlands, May 2019 (HM) 190803
3-3 all-embracing finale 180109 04:04 childlike theme thrown into persistent build to consume multiple layers of orchestral, elemental and primal sounds - fitting for a brilliant finale (HM Jan 2018) 191104
3-3 all-embracing violin and piano finale 170310 08:19 final improv duo between HA!Man and Anton Cawthorn-Blazeby during a concert in Durban: romantic classical style flow into african joy! (March 2017) 200101
3-3 all-embracing soft arrival of a glimmering hope 140830 10:40 extract from a live event in Hermanus. opens with atmospheric whistling and echoing bells. this sets the tone for a sensitive roll on strings, which is recorded and replayed, to be joined by the cello. all improvised, of course. (HM Aug 2014) 200621
3-3 all-embracing my oog jou snaar 100911 45:56 epic soundtrack veering towards minimalistic styles to accompany visuals of the landscape installation art works by Strijdom van der Merwe (HM Sept 2010) 200214
3-3 all-embracing cello improv 080725 080725 06:29 i received a neat applause for this one. some bravura elements during a rather energetic dis-play. no idea where this was! (HM Jul 2008) 210206
3-3 all-embracing Stroll 080331 06:37 One of the Xhosa song motives given to me by the late soprano Nolufefe Mtshabe to rework in symphonic terms. This one strolls along gently, builds climactically and eases back again. (with HM March 2008) 210214
3-3 all-embracing township feet 071013 03:12 from the soundtrack for "foot fantasia" - a lullaby-ish, contemplative take on an African groove (HM Oct 2007) 201108
3-3 all-embracing song before sleep 051104 03:05 simple chords with an african ring drift along the piano. almost a-rhythmical. cello added (HM Nov 2005) 200915
3-3 all-embracing Klaas Voogd 07 040918 05:26 sometimes a simple motive hits a nerve. a nerve that displaces you to another realm. this was such a moment during an improvisational journey on solo cello (HM Sept 2004) 200816
3-3 all-embracing three part cello solo 031211 06:22 solo cello improvisation from a live concert. from melodious opening, to groove with voice, whistling, to bravura coda (HM Dec 2003) 201108
3-3 all-embracing Mountain Top 030326 05:06 from the album "Whistle Away" - one of my all-time favourite recordings. recorded live and layered in the backyard of two friends, Somerset Strand, night time (HM Mar 2003) 200802
3-3 all-embracing hier is ons werklik vry 030301 02:15 a live event improvisation (it is here that we are truly free) - a song about being free in the land of your birth (HM Mar 2003) 200614
3-3 all-embracing cello encore 030210 06:26 Cello improvisation given as an encore at a house concert (Lara Kirsten: virtuoso string crossings.Yearning passages reminiscent of the romantic cello concerto repertoire). (HM Feb 2003) 200608
3-3 all-embracing Arise! 021004 02:58 Solo cello playing in long speaking and sighing lines. Cello-sounds with abundant breathing space. An evocation of memories, dreams. (HM Oct 2002, descr Lara Kirsten) 200601
3-3 all-embracing Beautiful Land 020809 03:28 An anthemic piece celebrating the natural beauty of South Africa. Written for choir, with lyrics, it's been a HA!Man flagship piece for many years (HM Aug 2002) 190711
3-3 all-embracing did not know that i would grow up without parents 020707 04:47 Collaborating track with Andrew Peters, the notorious beggar and great musician (and friend) of Grahamstown. This is my personal favourite. The story of his life as an orphan, leaving him with deep and life-long scars. He died of HIV Aids. (Jul 2002) 200510
3-3 all-embracing a grand farewell 011001 03:16 a rework of a 2001 recording: a cello duo on top of sweeping synthesized strings, along a wave of resolute melancholy (HM May 2021) 210505
3-3 all-embracing You are the One 010809 4:47 The piece was written for the 2001 Woman of the Year. This is only the backing for the theme-song. Symphonic orchestra combined with popular band. (HM Aug 2001) 190711
3-3 all-embracing Makana Postshow 010501 3:37 A full-scale orchestral work summarising the gamut of emotions and activity of the stage play "Makana" (the story of the enigmatic 19th century Xhosa warrior) (HM May 2001) 190711
nine part epic life goes on 010115 66:00 in the early days of recording with electronic sounds, i created this series in honour of my "three dimensional analysis of reality," falling out in nine parts (HM Jan 2000) 191104




HA! O E cat title HA! O E title date Duration HA! O E description HA! O E date posted
1-2 classical soundtrack to the owl house 050811 09:00 Music from the videotrack created for Marlene Zwieger's one-woman stage production based on the life and work of Helen Martens, the enigmantic "Owl Woman" of Nieu Bethesda (HM Aug 2005) 201130
1-2 classical Jacqui 030401 12:25 Soundtrack created for a theatre piece on the life of famed cellist Jaqueline du Prez. The music builds on the main theme of Elgar's cello concerto and dramatizes the tragedy of her worsening multiple sclerosis. (HM Apr 2003) 200802
2-3 rhythmic swing arcadina 010606 19:00 soundtrack commissioned by the late Afrikaans playwright Reza de Wet, for her play "LAKE" which was debuted in London during the early 2000's 200123
3-1 flowing feeling Hamlet Soundtrack Select 050228 49:00 a listening selection from the movie-style soundtrack created for a student production of the famous Shakespeare play, directed by the late Peter Krummeck (HM Feb 2005) 201115
3-1 flowing feeling Bye Bye Blue Sky 030200 15:29 Created for a Physical Theatre production at Rhodes University, Makhanda. The work is based on letters from prison, written by the anti-apartheid activist, Ruth First (HM Feb 2003) 200517
3-2 festive The Twelve Princesses 030304 49:00 Some of the music created for a children's play on the fable of the Twelve Princesses. From dark dungeons to dancing balls and royal processions, to the beautiful one called Lila. (HM Mar 2003) 200921
3-3 all-embracing my oog jou snaar 100911 45:56 epic soundtrack veering towards minimalistic styles to accompany visuals of the landscape installation art works by Strijdom van der Merwe (HM Sept 2010) 200214
nine part epic life goes on 010115 66:00 in the early days of recording with electronic sounds, i created this series in honour of my "three dimensional analysis of reality," falling out in nine parts (HM Jan 2000) 191104




HA! O E cat title HA! O E title DATE slide show NR HA! O E description HA! O E date posted
1-1 minimal hanging hook 210522   man and boat in air suspended with(out) hanging hook (JD May 2021) 210526
1-1 minimal flowing fall 210405   painting in gouache. a woman falling. clouds of red. and some more red (JD Apr 21) 210414
1-1 minimal inner world 201129   a complexity contained in a bubble that drifts against a dark background. hand drawing with graphic elements added (HM Nov 2020) 201130
1-1 minimal bird becoming 190525   minimal spontaneous hand suggestive of bird beginnings (HM May 2019) 210206
1-1 minimal annemoon 160810   spontaneous drawing with black ink on white, that grew into an anemone (or virus?) -type structure (HM Aug 2016 200320
1-1 minimal the eye 130717   minimal drawing that might suggest the outlines of a face with a penetrating eye.. (HM Jul 2013) 200608
1-1 minimal city witch 100824   not intended, but she really looks like she's got the city in her vice-grip.. (HM Aug 2010) 200329
1-1 minimal feminine camouflage 080914   treated picture of a woman walking the forest, as if she wants to disappear into it. as if she is the forest (HM Sept 2008) 210318
1-1 minimal nest 031129   free hand graphic in red, green and black, with black being the "nest" (HM Nov 2003) 200705
1-1 minimal vliegie 030727   minimal graphic on turquoise background. suggestive of a fly (HM Jul 2003) 200614
1-1 minimal standing 030626   line drawing suggesting a standing figure (HM Jun 2003) 190917
1-1 minimal the world is my embrio 030626   windows paint intuitive graphic (HM Jun 2003) 190711
1-1 minimal seaside 011116   (HM Nov 2001) 190711
1-2 aesthetic blue eyed man 210521   facial gouache of a piercing look (JD May 2021) 210603
1-2 aesthetic toy-toy 210410   a poetic imagination of playing with toys (JD Apr 2021) 210419
1-2 aesthetic woman and the beast II 210410   another juxtaposition of the female figure and that of a cow, in playful, yet deeply felt drift (JD Apr 2021) 210512
1-2 aesthetic farmer world 210310   a cloud of thought drifts from a farmer's head as he is flanked by two heads of cattle.. a hanging cigarette further betrays the stress that is the fate of many of his profession (JD Mar 2021) 210325
1-2 aesthetic woman and the beast 210307   the curved beauty and gentleness of female fecundity suggested by juxtaposing the figure of a woman with that of a cow (JD Mar 2021) 210325
1-2 aesthetic brooding man 210303   man with Beethoven-esque features with the coloured suggestion of clouded thoughts (JD March 2021) 210318
1-2 aesthetic crescendo 201015   man with guitar amidst botanical elements (JD Oct 2020) 201018
1-2 aesthetic drinking hope, one bottle at a time 200719 3 three more visual messages of hope, and of love, during times of crisis ("drinking hope", "man carrying tulips" and "growing some hope" (JD Jul 2020) 200719
1-2 aesthetic night time boy 200524   line drawing with dark painted background, evoking a drift into the dream-like pleasures of the night (JD May 2020) 201102
1-2 aesthetic i'll catch you! 151030   two circles and three straight lines. and two more bent lines. a chase (HM Oct 2015) 201011
1-2 aesthetic the girl and the tree 140407   mystical female figure interlaced with flowers (JD Apr 2014) 201108
1-2 aesthetic light steps 130717   rapid minimal lines suggesting a tip-toeing man (HM Jul 2013) 200621
1-2 aesthetic at this point 100115   bright red background with minimal geometric motives sparsed around (HM Jan 2010) 201006
1-2 aesthetic skuiling 090721   curly yellow lines against black surface, suggesting a hiding-away (HM Jul 2009) 200915
1-2 aesthetic bird in flight 060714   soft colours gentle lines perhaps a bird (HM Jul 2006) 200214
1-2 aesthetic drop 041226   geometrical forms intertwining, focus by an ellipse (HM Dec 2004) 191211
1-2 aesthetic my face 041226   a graphic that thought it could be my face (HM Dec 2004) 200726
1-2 aesthetic forward & backward 031129   free hand graphic - black lines with bright colour fillings, something of a mirror image (HM Nov 2003) 200712
1-2 aesthetic old age 031120   geometric version of an aged woman's face (or that is how it transpired to be) (HM Nov 2003) 190923
1-2 aesthetic cellar 030626   simple construction in green, blue, yellow and red (HM Jun 2003) 190917
1-2 aesthetic swan 020827   (or something else) (HM Aug 2002) 190711
1-2 aesthetic birdseeingred 020409   abstracted flowing soft coloured.. and ja, a bird seeing red! (HM Apr 2004) 191020
1-2 aesthetic flowing form 020115   graphic with curving lines and colour variety (HM Jan 2002) 190910
1-2 aesthetic centre 001223   graphic play with lines and curves and fil-in colours (HM Dec 2000) 190719
1-3 serene embrace in dark 210109   how a deep embrace flowers, seeds, emerges from the dark. mixed media drawing (JD Jan 2021) 210112
1-3 serene embrace 200926   an intimate embrace embraced by flowing patterns and leaves (JD Sep 2020) 200928
1-3 serene woman on bed of flowers 200811   from the "Flowers of Love and Hope" series - a woman in love, suspended by layers of nature (JD Aug 2020) 200915
1-3 serene zonsondergang 200628   a flower against the backdrop of a sunset. line drawing with graphic layers in colour (JD Jun 2020) 200628
1-3 serene under a tree 200411   coloured drawing of tree and patterns with text "to find myself under a tree, any given tree" (JD Apr 2020) 200411
1-3 serene where are you going to 200220   drawing of a women's face that says something like - even though i do not know where to, i flow.. (JD Feb 2020) 200226
1-3 serene Sharjah man at lake 200128   Arab man in traditional garb in Sharjah, UAE (black ink on white) (JD Jan 2020) 200202
1-3 serene Sharjah Woman 200127   facial image of Arab woman (black ink on white) (JD Jan 2020) 200202
1-3 serene Sharjah woman and birds 200127   Arab woman in traditional garb feeding birds (black ink on wihte) (JD Jan 2020) 200202
1-3 serene things that move me in Canada 191104   Black and White drawings of things that move me in Canada, October - November 2019 (JD) 191114
1-3 serene african woman 140321   pencil drawing of an African woman bustin traditional garb (JD March 2014) 190719
1-3 serene unbreakable 130217   passionate drawing for the shortest love poem I ever wrote (JD Feb 2013) 191013
1-3 serene snuggle 091224   are those figures snuggling up in a cozy togetherness? (HM Dec 2009) 200517
1-3 serene reclining 070127   soft-stroke colour lines intertwining (HM Jan 2007) 200226
1-3 serene moving on 041226   a figure lurking in a bright coloured graphic patchwork (HM Dec 2004) 191203
1-3 serene eiers 040314   friendship between two eggs (graphic) (HM March 2004) 200719
1-3 serene lines 031122   thick hand-drawn black lines crawl mosaically over purple-pink (HM Nov 2003) 200809
1-3 serene system of sun 030626   graphic with a stellar sun close-up effect (HM Jun 2003) 190826
1-3 serene together 020217   soft curvy lines and soft colours suggest an intertwined togetherness (HM Feb 2002) 200628
1-3 serene mountains 010203   abstract of a typical north american mountain landscape (HM Feb 2001) 190810
1-3 serene gardenrelax 000829   free-flow figure, looks like soeon'es relaxing in a garden.. (HM Aug 2000) 190803
1-3 serene adameve 000823   drawn for a small exhibition on the theme of eating (this is Adam and Eve, obviously) (HM Aug 2000) 190711
1-3 serene couple 000823   momentary drawing inspired by a brief but intense relationship (HM Aug 2000) 190727
1-3 serene wonderland 000823   a garden-like medley of digital visual effects (HM Aug 2000) 190803
2-1 explorative man alone in bed 210416   colours by crayon fell from under the blankets (ML Apr 2021) 210419
2-1 explorative iMANgination 210410   an impressionistic sketch suggesting the flights of fancy of an older man (JD Apr 2021) 210512
2-1 explorative laptop dream 210310   drawing in black and red. a bed. a screen. a woman in a dream (JD March 2021) 210318
2-1 explorative circle of domestication 210303   our interdependence with the domesticated animal depicted as a swirl of figures connecting an arm chair with the slope of bare land (JD Mar 2021) 210325
2-1 explorative life in times of the coronavirus 200317   expressed within the shocking first days of being restricted by the coronavirus crisis. any literal references are coincidental (HM March 2020) 200320
2-1 explorative aquagenesis 161223   this spontaneous graphic play morphed into something that reminded me, or rather, appeared to me as a sort of view on the beginnings of life deep down in the primal seas (HM Dec 2016) 190727
2-1 explorative language 151215   a playful layering out of black lines - free, geometric, thick and thin - over white, with gray sprays drifting in between - perhaps this is what thinking "looks" like? (HM Dec 2015) 200809
2-1 explorative masked 131011   intense swishing-swirling of the pen on paper gradually turning out to resemble an ominous facial figure, a WWI gas mask? (HM Oct 2013) 201108
2-1 explorative intercorrection 130717   spontaneous circles intercircling and then creating dots.. (HM Jul 2017) 200809
2-1 explorative airship 130204   a multi-balloon-ish unfinish-y night sky drifter (HM Feb 2013) 210206
2-1 explorative looking through my head 120511   it started with a face and ended somewhat removed from that, yet the head remained somehow - with all its inner complexities (HM May 2012) 201102
2-1 explorative notaboom 091224   mostly afrikaans words scribbled in and around a mental tree that struggles to find shape. or is just silly. (HM Dec 2009) 200823
2-1 explorative reflecting 091224   the traditional philosopher in his quest for a composite understanding of everything (HM Dec 2009) 200915
2-1 explorative granade 091210   dark colours of lines and dots suggesting a grenade fruit, or explosion? (HM Dec 2009) 200411
2-1 explorative black and so 070406   black and red and blue and white shaping around each other (HM Apr 2007) 200304
2-1 explorative fish 060829   organic lines, coloured in patches, perhaps a fish (HM Aug 2006) 200214
2-1 explorative search 030626   loose, from a circle-expanding elements against a dark background (HM Jun 2003) 200621
2-1 explorative flyingfish 020409   scratchy structure follwing from free hand pen that could resemble a strange sort of fish in the air (HM Apr 2002) 190910
2-1 explorative texture 1 011016   soft coloured textural play (HM Oct 2001) 190816
2-1 explorative fly 010320   spontaneous graphic art piece suggesting some sort of flight, or...? (HM March 2001) 190810
2-1 explorative scatter 001229   of line debris against blue (HM Dec 2000) 190711
2-1 explorative van 001214   (no idea why i called this "van") (HM Dec 2000) 190711
2-1 explorative doggie 000614   turned out to be kind of a dog (HM Jun 2000) 181113
2-1 explorative spook 000525   spooky figures luking in soft-coloured graphic play (HM May 2000) 191030
2-2 impactful turbulence 210415   a cone-like figure with swirling lines and dots and colour patches (charcoal drawing with digital oolouring) (HM Apr 2021) 210505
2-2 impactful steer 210314   a surreal stage with a storming steer and his shadow (JD March 2021) 210318
2-2 impactful keep Going 200919   a man, from the back, sitting on a trailer with goods that might bring in a few rands (JD Sep 2020) 200921
2-2 impactful we hear the wind 190131   mixed media abstract impression of a raging storm (JD Jan 2019) 201214
2-2 impactful layering 140321   swirling scribble upon swirling scribble upon swirling scribble. many colours. one black. (HM Mar 2014) 201108
2-2 impactful heart condition 130717   spiky lines shapes a web like figure - or an overweight man with a trembling heart (HM Jul 2013) 200628
2-2 impactful first try 100420   trying out a new graphic art software. somehow i did not use the programme again. (HM Apr 2010) 201018
2-2 impactful egg 090901   complex geometric mixes filled with bright colours and some inner scrawling. an egg can be configured from it, with its growing inner life (HM Sep 2009) 200928
2-2 impactful eyes 080929   busy layers of chaotic lines covered by a thin white grid and grey rectangles with yellow eyes (and a mouth, for that mater) (HM Sep 2008) 200906
2-2 impactful swirl 041226   wild free hand swirling lines treated with colour (HM Dec 2004) 200802
2-2 impactful playfield 040113   special effects explosion of bubbles and stars (HM Jan 2004) 190928
2-2 impactful explosion 031129   free hand graphic against blue background, with a core of exploding colours (HM Nov 2003) 200705
2-2 impactful itsaysnothing 020608   (HM Jun 2002) 190711
2-3 mechanical face the facts 210112   there is a certain simplicity and constructiveness about facts. and a deadpan look in facing them (HM Jan 2021) 210117
2-3 mechanical three musketeers 200902   network-like organic hand drawing with suggestions of a ship manned by three figures (HM Sep 2020) 201025
2-3 mechanical Central Souk, Sharjah 200128   newly built market building in Sharjah, UAE, where mainly carpets and gold products are sold (black ink on white) (JD Jan 2020) 200202
2-3 mechanical intrusion 191203   spontaneous drawing with a layer that entered like an unwanted growth (HM Dec 2019) 191203
2-3 mechanical space gogga 161028   abstract graphic with deep and bright colours, turning out to be quite the "gogga" (a bug.. or virus??) (HM Oct 2016) 200420
2-3 mechanical stadium 160810   systematic hand drawing, filled in with colour, suggesting elements of a stadium suspended on a shell-like underbelly (HM Aug 2016) 200705
2-3 mechanical under cover 160810   spontaneous hand drawing that resulted in a dense oval structure overhanging a layer of figurative lines (HM Aug 2016) 210105
2-3 mechanical Prins Albert 140321   The Onse Rus guest house in the quaint Karoo town of Prince Albert, as drawn by Joke (JD March 2014) 201006
2-3 mechanical looking through the past 130725   spontaneous hand-drawing resulting in a webbed fish-like figure, but with a curious hole giving view to some depth (HM Jul 2013) 200921
2-3 mechanical baby alien 130717   the title came afterwards (as usual). open to interpretation. it could be an alien baby, yes. a dangerous one. (HM Jul 2013) 201018
2-3 mechanical balledina 130717   the twirling of little circles is a dance that creates the dancer (HM Jul 2013) 200906
2-3 mechanical castle 130717   playful structure siuggesting the multi-level stairs and turrets of a castle (HM Jul 2013) 200608
2-3 mechanical drilling deep 130717   spontaneous drawing that grew into a construction that does have a hint of an oil drill at sea (HM Jul 2013) 200504
2-3 mechanical elephant planning 130717   line drawing revealing an elephant head as a planning scheme (or of course, not) (HM Jul 2013) 200726
2-3 mechanical locomotive 130717   looks a bit like an old snail locomoting forward slowly but surely (HM Jul 2013) 200517
2-3 mechanical mouse 130717   a playground of little line and shape things, layered like a castle, a castle like a mouse (HM Jul 2013) 201011
2-3 mechanical roller 130717   a nest-like cob-web grown from spontaneous pen on paper (HM Jul 2013) 200510
2-3 mechanical sink or dive 130717   spontaneous hand drawing - something of a dolphin diving, but could also be a boat sinking (HM Jul 2013) 201025
2-3 mechanical stay where you are 130717   web-like organic structure that turned out to have two eyes and quite a stance.. (HM Jul 2013) 200719
2-3 mechanical windows 110709   interlocking geometric forms, brightly coloured (HM Jul 2011) 200426
2-3 mechanical kite 110124   improvised line drawing with some sharp angles and analytical feel (HM Jan 2011) 200420
2-3 mechanical trunk 100823   playful lines scribble around the shape of a tree trunk (sort of) (HM Aug 2010) 200928
2-3 mechanical bubble 091224   free hand spontaneous drawing climbing into a cabin, a cozy bubble to gain the wider view from (HM Dec 2009) 200906
2-3 mechanical disintergage 091224   with pen on paper - skeleton-like dissembling figure (HM Dec 2009) 200411
2-3 mechanical balance 090728   intricate structure born from a spontaneous flow - balancing itself on a sharp point (HM Jul 2009) 200614
2-3 mechanical crooked smile 090223   black ink on white (originally), spontaneous play - and when something like a face emerged, it was emphasized (HM Feb 2009) 200329
2-3 mechanical fishnet 070712   spontaneous drawing skeleton-like suggesting a net-like fish-form (HM Jul 2007) 200320
2-3 mechanical whiteline 050608   brightly coloured spaces between a few strong intersecting free hand lines - mostly white (HM Jun 2005) 200830
2-3 mechanical spaceship 031120   symbols scripting combined with geometric forms (HM Nov 2003) 200802
2-3 mechanical smile 2 030702   concentric geometric figures, deeply coloured with a hint of a smiley face (HM Jul 2003) 200705
2-3 mechanical nowindows 010828   wall effect with text (JD Aug 2001) 191211
2-3 mechanical construct 000823   (HM Aug 2000) 190711
2-3 mechanical drifting past 000000   constellation of playfull but symmetrically flowing lines clustering into a drifting spectacle like a kite.. (HM late 90's) 190711
3-1 emotive young man 210525   the wistful face of a young man overlaid with active paint (JD May 2021) 210526
3-1 emotive straight into your eyes 210211   a graphite experiment with shadows - a young ,man's face and the feeling it evokes (JD Feb 2021) 210214
3-1 emotive my longing 210116   hand drawing with text - the poem, "my longing." all that needs to be known covers itself between the petals of this flower.. (JD Jan 2021) 210117
3-1 emotive try again 200215   drawing of face, snippets of text and layered lines (JD Feb 2020) 200214
3-1 emotive time, where did it go to 150207   sketch of a man reflecting on time that slipped by (JD Feb 2015) 190928
3-1 emotive protest 140314   pastel drawing - an impression of a service delivery protest in South Africa (JD Mar 2014) 200614
3-1 emotive struikel 130725   "struikel" means to stumble, to slip up.. is what i see here, things breaking down a little bit, but in a relaxed way (is what i see, for now) (HM Jul 2013) 201102
3-1 emotive sad cat 100310   decorative but simple lines suggest some figures, most prominently a sad cat (HM March 2010) 200830
3-1 emotive old man faltering 090728   spontaneous hand drawing - perhaps the toppling of an old dictator's bust (HM Jul 2009) 200816
3-1 emotive neighbours 040125   bright coloured simple graphic with two houses face-ing each other anxiously (HM Nov 2004) 200823
3-1 emotive nested bird 000000   expressive lines and scratches give form to a bird-like figure lying in a nest (HM late 90's) 190711
3-2 boisterous bubbleland 210124   a layered and festive play of geometric forms and multi-coloured splashes of paint (HM Jan 2021) 210130
3-2 boisterous Mira lines and colours 201110 20 there is something more here than the embodied and uncrafted water colour playfulness of a two and a half year old. something just slightly more. it is art. (ML Oct 2020) 201208
3-2 boisterous childhood wonder 200801   African-style graphic with text. Mother and child at a curiosity stall. (JD Jul 2020) 200802
3-2 boisterous ESCAPISM 200712   four colourful variations on a cozy corner theme (JD Jul 2020) 200712
3-2 boisterous hope 200621   hope for all four seasons! - flowers in varying colours (JD Jun 2020) 200621
3-2 boisterous busy woman 200411   coloured drawing of a woman's face amidst a play of lines and shapes - a collaboration between Joke and the little Mira (JD & ML Apr 2020) 200411
3-2 boisterous play on 191031   a jolly graphic dance of shapes and figures, lines and fill-in colours (HM Nov 2019) 191104
3-2 boisterous consumer fever 151010   the text is from a live improvisation during a performance in the US, 2015 (JD, Oct 015) 191013
3-2 boisterous cheese in the hole 150928   thick lines with overlaid thin frame, then coloured in with multi colours. a mesh mash making me think of holes in cheese, or cheese in holes (HM Sep 2015) 210303
3-2 boisterous caramel day 140518   haphazard colour fun, or is it caramel fun? (HM May 2014) 200504
3-2 boisterous of the day of the red blossoms 140324   broad brush strokes in bright colours mingle to create exuberant feeling of blossoming (HM March 2014) 200510
3-2 boisterous long street cape town 140107   brightly coloured pastels (with decorative text) depict a small church in lively Long Street (JD Oct 2014) 200517
3-2 boisterous emigration 130717   an elaborate kind of air ship to (i imagine) transport those who are looking for a new life (spontaneous hand drawing) (HM Jul 2013) 201108
3-2 boisterous enriched 130717   spontaneous drawing suggesting a certain structural lusciousness (HM Jul 2013) 200608
3-2 boisterous priesthood 111225   loose lines, bright patched colours, fattish facial figure in centre (HM Dec 2011) 201025
3-2 boisterous intuition 2 110112   the result of play.. for a Christmas day! (meer hier = "more here") (JD Jan 2011) 191222
3-2 boisterous teapots and trays 100429   funny how a red colour background inspires its own twists and twirls (HM Apr 2010) 200426
3-2 boisterous pumpkin face 090728   spontaneous hand drawing by pen on paper. kind of a face. kind of a pumpkin (HM Jul 2009) 200405
3-2 boisterous smile 090722   when a drawing turns around and smiles at you wryly (HM Jul 2009) 210206
3-2 boisterous woman with bell dress 060726   graphic lines and colour patches, and a bell dress, if you like (HM Jul 2006) 200816
3-2 boisterous estertjie 050130   colourfull interlocking geometric forms (HM Jan 2005) 200113
3-2 boisterous gryspatrys 040314   lurking face amongst lots of red (HM March 2003) 190826
3-2 boisterous colour code 031129   bright primary colours in a flowing geometrical graphic (HM Nov 2003) 191203
3-2 boisterous offshoots 020212   childlike bright-coloured playthings against a turquoise background (HM Feb 2002) 200524
3-2 boisterous face 010308   graphic play - fun face (HM March 2001) 190816
3-2 boisterous streems 001223   (HM Dec 2000) 190711
3-2 boisterous gogga 000823   "gogga" means some kind of insect, or in this case just a pet name for a strange little being (HM Aug 2000) 190711
3-2 boisterous paris 000823   did i draw this while in Paris? inspired by a carousel? (HM Aug 2000) 190711
3-2 boisterous pine 000823   drawn for small exhibition with eating as theme. it's actually a pineapple (HM Aug 2000) 190711
3-2 boisterous spring 000402   spontaneous graphic (HM Aprii 2000) 190727
3-2 boisterous baarmoeder 000000   black painted lines suggesting the inner workings of a baarmoeder (uterus) (HM late 90's) 190711
3-3 communal hearth 160810   black line drawing of disparate elements coming together in a kind of hearth (HM Aug 2016) 200524
3-3 communal grand plan 130717   this line evolvement can be looked at as being the expression of one of those single-minded grand plans, trying to fit a world into one head. usually rather weakly anchored.. (HM Jul 2013) 201102
3-3 communal landscape 110604   interlocking shapes and figures, coloured with an array of colours. could also be an agricultural landscape as seen from above (HM Jun 2011) 201018
3-3 communal stallation 110202   hand-drawn line figurines plotted communally around a rectangular grid (HM Feb 2011) 201006
3-3 communal cosy 050602   peaceful lines, bright yellow dominating, the suggestion of a teddy being tucked into a bed (HM Jun 2005) 200921
3-3 communal warrior 031122   spot the warrior in this colourful intertwining of wannabe living forms (HM Nov 2003) 200621




HA! O E cat title HA! O E title DATE slide show NR HA! O E description HA! O E date posted
1-1 minimal let me in 160412   black and white image of a forest portal (HM Apr 2016) 201123
1-1 minimal desertroad 080224   treated photo from a road in Namibia (HM Feb 2008) 200320
1-2 aesthetic socially distant 200411   even before the social distance regime of the coronavirus crisis, how socially together were we? (treated photo of people crossing the Tames) (HM Apr 2020) 200411
1-2 aesthetic buitelyn 080926   treated photo of a dancing female figure, reducing it to gentle outlines (HM Sept 2008) 200320
1-2 aesthetic neck 070423   plant looking like cello neck, HA!Man signed (HM Apr 2007) 200823
1-2 aesthetic berlinwall 050602   treated picture of a remaining section of the wall that divided Berlin between East and West (HM Jun 2005) 200123
1-2 aesthetic carpaint 050125   out of focus image of HA!Man giving yet another coloured cover to the original HA!Mobile (Opel Kadett) (HM Jan 2005) 200123
1-2 aesthetic puppeteer 041226   treated picture of an artist preparing a puppet show in a small Chicago theatre (HM Dec 2004) 200726
1-3 serene as it is on earth 160511   an alpine mountain and sky, competing for the majestic.- from a balcony in the Swiss town of Leysin. with text (HM May 2016) 200816
1-3 serene love travelling with you 160511   on a walk with Joke down a street in Leysin, Switzerland (treated) (HM May 2016) 200517
1-3 serene leysin view 160412   view of the Alps from the Leysin American School, in black and white (HM Apr 2016) 201011
1-3 serene church window 100530   a small section of the austere lines of the inside of a church building (HM May 2010) 200928
1-3 serene free state 080702   typical farm scene in the Free State Province, South African interior (HM Jul 2008) 190711
1-3 serene nr39 080224   treated photo of an oldapartment door somewhere in Manhattan (HM Feb 2008) 200320
1-3 serene paris dusk 061206   rooftop view of old Paris at dusk (HM Dec 2006) 200214
1-3 serene hogsback dusk 050712   view from the Eco Shrine, Hogsback (HM Jul 2005) 190711
1-3 serene lost in arizona 041226   abandoned hotel next to highway (HM Dec 2004) 190711
1-3 serene chicago puppets 041026   shadow puppet shadows during a show somewhere in Chicago.. (HM Oct 2004) 190719
1-3 serene lighting man 041026   treated picture of a Chicago based artist preparing his puppet show (HM Oct 2004) 190910
1-3 serene black and white face 040824   HA!Man portrait treated in Black and White (HM Aug 2004) 190826
2-1 explorative HA!Man Workshop 110125   three reflective faces of school children during a HA!Man workshop (JD Jan 2011) 200405
2-1 explorative ghost home 090311   treated picture of an abandoned home in the deep woodlands of upstate New York (HM March 2009) 200915
2-1 explorative feet 080409   the still life of feet on a carpet (HM Apr 2008) 200906
2-1 explorative shitklip 060408   ("klip" means "stone" in Afrikaans. the other word you know) (HM Apr 2006) 190711
2-2 impactful tsitsi water 2 061216   close up of bubbling stream in the Tsitsikamma forest (HM Dec 2006) 200226
2-2 impactful tsitsi water 061215   autumn leaves on riverbed in the Tsitsikamma forest (HM Dec 2006( 200214
2-2 impactful brooklyn 041115   photo scenes from New York City taken and treated during one of my early visits there (HM Nov 2004) 200719
2-3 mechanical night riders 160511   treated picture of a makeshift office, somewhere on tour. somewhere.. (HM Jun 2016) 200830
2-3 mechanical new direction paris 160416   taken (and treated) on a day of protests in Paris. the quiet scene belies the rumblings of an old world that is losing its stone-faced innocence, bursting into colours of all kinds (HM Apr 2016) 200426
2-3 mechanical zurich interior 110625   the interior of part of the Zurich airport, treated to bring forward the suspended eeriness of a flying hub (HM Jun 2011) 200426
2-3 mechanical cathedral eye 110622   treated detail of a photo taken of a cathedral nave and stained glass window (HM Jun 2011) 200420
2-3 mechanical pillar 090704   treated photo of an ancient Roman column in Syria (HM Jul 2009) 200329
2-3 mechanical mountain rider 081204   photo (treated) taken by Lara Kirsten of me on mountain bike near Hogsback, Eastern Cape. (HM, Lara Kirsten Dec 2008) 200320
2-3 mechanical workstation 071005   in the days of Hogsback as a base, this is how my "studio" looked like (HM Oct 2007) 200320
2-3 mechanical johburg reflect 070622   found myself reflected in an iconic Johannesburg glass building, looking through the window of a rooftop apartment (HM Jun 2007) 200614
2-3 mechanical tulips 070509   close-up of tulips in rows, in Keukenhof, the Netherlands (HM May 2007) 200304
2-3 mechanical white house blue sky 060724   partial angle on cape dutch style house (HM Jul 2006) 200226
2-3 mechanical french town 060525   from the inside of a restaurant (HM May 2006) 190711
2-3 mechanical antwerp cathedral 060517   night-time picture of one of Antwerp's Cathedral's impressie main steeples (HM May 2006) 200113
2-3 mechanical roma 050605   a corner of the eternal city caught while cycling (HM Jun 2005) 200816
2-3 mechanical berlinvolla 050602   treated photograph, taken of a classic Volkswagen Beetle ("Volla" as it has been called in Afrikaans) somewhere on the streets oif its heimat, Berlin (HM Jun 2005) 200809
2-3 mechanical cello chase 041226   photo by Fiona Hinds on Noordhoek beach - treated (HM Dec 2004) 190923
2-3 mechanical neona 041219   the original picture was taken somewhere in the States (HM Dec 2004) 190711
2-3 mechanical times square hexagon 041111   treated picture of Times Square, New York City (all is not as straight as it seems) (HM Nov 2004) 200628
2-3 mechanical north west cowboy town 041105   treated picture of a historic building in a Rocky mountains town, Washington State (HM Nov 2011) 190917
3-1 emotive HA!Man vs US (5 of 7) 160405   AFTER THE BAN: the music will suffer.. (HM Apr 2016) 190711
3-1 emotive please, world 130418   picture of a wild prickly pear bush, with text imploring nature not to die on us (JD Apr 2013) 200405
3-1 emotive resting skuins 130107   from the back in a ruin, treated to yellow and green (photo Lara Kirsten 2006, treated HM Jan 2013) 200504
3-1 emotive HA!Man vs US (4 of 7) 100119   AFTER THE BAN: the lovely times with my sister are suspended, already fading like an old photograph (HM Jan 2010) 190711
3-1 emotive namibia gate 070107   forlorne gate to farm dip, Witvlei, Nambia (HM Jan 2007) 200304
3-1 emotive break down 060910   HA!Man at the HA!Mobile ("Rozinante") after a breakdown on the dusty road to Riemvasmaak, near the Namibian border. (Lara Kirsten, treated by HM Sept 2006) 200830
3-1 emotive cello pick up in black 041226   treated HA!Man image posing on Noordhoek Beach (photo by Fiona Hinds, Jan 2004) 200113
3-1 emotive HA!Man vs US (3 of 7) 041226   AFTER THE BAN: only my ghost is hanging over Uncle Sam's big bridges (HM Dec 2004) 190711
3-1 emotive chinese man in new york 041115   from a New York City photo scenes taken and treated during one of my early visits there (HM Nov 2004) 200524
3-1 emotive HA!Man vs US (6 of 7) 041115   AFTER THE BAN: i need to appeal, but can i bend the mindset as i nent Manhattan? (HM Nov 2004) 190711
3-1 emotive HA!Man vs US (7 of 7) 041111   AFTER THE BAN: something deep down there is rotting away (HM Nov 2004) 190711
3-1 emotive HA!Man vs US (1 of 7) 041104   series of 7 images created through the years of touring the US, before being banned for 5 years at the end of 2018. they now tell the story of how i feel..

AFTER THE BAN: i felt pretty twisted (HM Nov 2004)
3-1 emotive HA!Man vs US (2 of 7) 041026   AFTER THE BAN: do I now have to push this car for five years? (HM Oct 2004) 190711
3-2 boisterous spontaneous direction 140903   treated picture of a moment during a school performance. HA!Man needed to provide a little prompting for the spontaneous song to get going.. (HM Sept 2014) 201006
3-2 boisterous an aside 100119   inside of a bustling cafeteria while on a walkabout with my sister and niece, downtown Boston (HM Jan 2010) 200411
3-2 boisterous the young crowd 080505   treated photo of kids in a crowded Sutherland community hall (HM May 2008) 200712
3-2 boisterous bonnet ride 060724   three school girls taking a ride on the HA!Mobile during a festival parade in the town of Somerset East, Eastern Cape (HM Jul 2006) 200123
3-2 boisterous troyeville 050203   treated picture of a road and city scape scene in Troyeville, Johannesburg (HM Feb 2005) 200802
3-2 boisterous blue jump 041226   photo taken by Fiona Hinds on Noordhoek Beach, Cape Town (HM Dec 2004) 190711
3-2 boisterous fifth avenue glitz 041115   snap moment on a fifth avenue sidewalk, New York (HM Nov 2004) 200712
3-2 boisterous new york twist 041115   treated photo taken during one of my early visits to New York City (HM Nov 2004) 191203
3-2 boisterous friend in focus 041105   treated photo of a friend taking a photo (HM Nov 2004) 191020
3-2 boisterous kevin out of focus 041105   a friend at a Halloween party shot and treated (HM Nov 2004) 191030
3-2 boisterous halloween in Dallas 041103   treated selfie with a friend, all dressed up (HM Nov 2004) 190928
3-3 communal waiting 160831   treated photo of people waiting for a bus in front of a house, somewhere in Belgium East (HM Aug 2016) 201025
3-3 communal tomorrow 160511   i saw everything in Joke's face: the observer (Paris streets during a protest), a sensitivity to looming crises, a deliberation as to what to do and a resoluteness to do something (HM May 2016) 200823
3-3 communal with the people 160503   picture of a friend o fours in Paris, during a street protest, talking to a fellow elderly person. he, a socialist in the true French tradition (HM May 2016) 200510
3-3 communal klaas voogd restaurant 041211   "klaas voogd" is a farm area near Robertson, a 90min drive from Cape Town (HM Dec 2004) 190711
3-3 communal first los angeles house concert 041029   (HM Oct 2004) 190711




HA! O E cat title HA! O E title DATE slide show NR HA! O E description HA! O E date posted
1-2 aesthetic FACES 210221 7 I took an online course in figure drawing. these are seven faces i drew each day of the past week. faces exercises in drawing faces showing feeling. or faces of which i could find feeling, without which i cannot draw (JD Feb 2021) 210221
1-2 aesthetic art debut of a two year old 200501 8 Mira's first complete work of art, independently completed and consciously brought to our attention for recognition. The media - white crayon on mirror - was a novel idea of hers (the after-treatments by HA!Man, May 2020) 200504
1-2 aesthetic show time 191215   sitting on the floor i took images of people and performers, THE ARTIST AS SHAMANIC CAVEMAN.. lights and objects in De Studio in Antwerp at a festival concert organized by friend Andy Fierens (HM Dec 2019) 200101
1-3 serene Kologha forest walk 200801 54 10 minutes walk from where we stay, an indigenous forest with smells, textures and shapes from ages deep past (HM, JD Aug 2020) 201115
2-2 impactful plastic scene 200725 31 Stutterheim's derelict dumping site gave the wind fair game with plastics. an environmental horror. a visual feast. (HM Jul 2020) 200726
2-2 impactful six flowers for this time 200601 6 white with coloured background drawings, combining botanical elements with relevant words for our time of the Corona virus (JD May 2020) 200601
2-2 impactful 4 black and white 200524 4 black and white drawings, combining botanical elements with words (JD May 2020) 200524
2-3 mechanical a canadian winter town 191123   somewhere in remote Canada, a small town that clearly suffers, but for that shows a lot of character (HM Oct 2019) 191123
3-1 emotive most beautiful town 210405 33 key places, buildings and views from my (and my parents') past in Stellenbosch, described by some foreign visitors as the most beautiful town in the world (HM Apr 2021) 210405
3-1 emotive the future looks bleak 190915 18 series of 18 photos with Mira featuring, each with text touching on the mining propects of the O'Kiep area, global warming and the future of humanity (HM Sept 2019) 190917
3-1 emotive financial drain 131117 7 Walking through the streets of Manhattans Financial District shortly after hurricane Sandy came flooding through, i took some photos which i later interpreted with text: Nature catching up on human hubris (HM Nov 2013) 200510
3-2 boisterous blauwe lijnen 210120 10 a series of drawings rendered in blue, with touches of red and dutch text. in the style of greeting cards (JD Jan 2021) 210125
3-2 boisterous It's the Season 201221 7 artistic impressions of the time we celebrate the (northern) Winter Season, or the fact that it will not last forever (JD Nov 2020) 201221
3-2 boisterous Afrikaans vir Vlaams 201011 6 Joke took some Afrikaans words, illustrated them with vivid colour, to be presented as cards to Felmish and Dutch people who would appreciate the descriptiveness of these homegrown words with broad smiles (JD Oct 2020) 201011
3-2 boisterous Swimming Gala in Hawaii 130101 39 a celebration of human physicality and the joy of converging around our watery origins (HM Jan 2013) 201123
3-3 communal manhattan walk 200608 60 visual arrests the last time i was able to walk the streets of Manhattan - on my way to the new World Trade Center building and back (HM Nov 2016) 200608
3-3 communal 10 Days in Sharjah 200131   50 impressions of our visit to the emirate of Sharjah, having performed there at their first Fringe Festival (JD Jan 2020) 200202
3-3 communal japan driveby 190928 20 various scenes taken from a cehicle driving through parts of Japan near Osaka (HM April 2019) 190928
3-3 communal china 070415 9 china - a few images of my only visit to China (Shanghai) that could be saved from many that went lost through a hard drive crash. A tale of the old and the new. (HM Apr 2007) 210206




HA! O E cat title HA! O E title DATE TOTAL_DURA HA! O E description HA! O E date posted
10 bit of everything kansas city SA benefit 071020 07:52 Extracts from HA!Man live performance in Unity on the Plaza, Kansas City. Also with children's choir premiering Child of the World and singer Teri Wilder improvising with HA!Man (Oct 20017) 200510
1-1 mystical hier sta ik 210326 04:32 Joke's improvised Dutch poem "hier sta ik" blends with a drive through a misty Karoo in the early morning hours ((HM March 2021) 210327
1-1 mystical northern trek 191211 07:20 visuals from moving vehicle somewhere in central Canada on the trans Canada highway along with music from the opening of a live performance in the Netherlands some months earlier (HM Nov 2019) 191211
1-1 mystical heavy as a feather 191114 05:57 the endless fascination with falling snow, its mystery, its soft dangers and angelic redemption (HM Nov 2019) 191114
1-1 mystical Relentless Void 191020 06:45 dramatic night sky scenes from Hogsback overlay Joke's text to this (first) part of the Relentless Universe soundtrack (JD & HM Oct 2019) 191020
1-1 mystical lights in the rain 1 190726 04:35 captured by the lights of cars, moving across the water, with drops waiting patiently on the windscreen of the car i am sitting in (HM, Jul 2019) 190727
1-1 mystical lights in the rain 2 190726 06:58 mystical view from inside a car, while raining in the Netherelands. the play of reflection and mocing car lights along with a double layered soundtrack - strings and choir voices (HM Jul 2019) 191013
1-1 mystical snow blizzard 110828 03:50 snow storm reflected in car lights while driving through upstate new york, along with HA!Man track "soundbed for recorder" (HM Aug 2011) 200809
1-1 mystical The Day I Got My Body Back 1 050710 05:21 Piano improvisation with dancer Penny Hin on a given theme: the return of the body awareness - Part 1 of 3 (2. the death of god 3. reconnection) (HM Jul 2005) 191211
1-2 aesthetic interior 210517 06:53 how the artful interior of a house only matures with the ticking of time (with HA!Man and violinist Veronika Soreide improvisation as soundtrack) (HM May 2021) 210517
1-2 aesthetic thank you 200926 04:22 an oak leaf dangling from a spider string amongst the big trees at our Eagle's Ridge home, with the track"thank you" to accompany it (visuals JD music HM Sep 2020) 200928
1-2 aesthetic mr trrrump 200419 02:55 abstract geometry fumbles along with a quirky, yet ominous soundtrack which supports a mvoice and text message to mr Donald Trump: you have missed your calling! (HM Apr 2020) 200420
1-2 aesthetic frozen falls 191123 06:10 mezmerizing images of ice formations along a far-off highway in winter Canada. soundtrack: "two hours after midnight" (HA!Man) (HM Nov 2019) 191123
1-2 aesthetic choir spontaneity moments 191015 05:21 with Joke holding the camera (and Mira), a few scenes from a spontaneous expression workshop. with members of the University of Johannesburg Choir. a few moments of living music making. (HM Oct 2019) 201208
1-2 aesthetic is it small is it big 190709 03:23 series of photos with inlaid text forming a poem about a special kind of beauty.. (JD & HM, Jul 2019) 190719
1-2 aesthetic piano solo in leysin 190314 03:44 only the last minutes of a self-filmed piano improvisation (the larger part got corrupted). this was after a performance in the Grand Salle Belle Epoque, Leysin, Switserland, stealing a moment with an excellent grand piano (HM March 2019) 200504
1-2 aesthetic praying with open eyes 170121 06:05 a sensuous flow of movement, line and blended piano (HM Jan 2017) 190711
1-2 aesthetic piano improvisation #1 at Turckstraat 10 130515 10:24 improvising on Joke's piano in Turckstraat, Antwerp - hyper sturm und drang (HM Jun 2013) 210206
1-2 aesthetic the lines of the rocks of Kenton-on-Sea 130205 05:51 striking beach rock formations at the wild little town of Kenton-on-Sea in the Eastern Cape keeps on drawing me.. flavoured with the lines of strings sounds from layered cello recordings.. (HM Feb 2013) 200621
1-2 aesthetic sequence 090713 (var) a short duo improvisation taken from a whole collection done with Paul de Mayer - master organist and keyboardist, Gent, Belgium) - here in a piano shop (Jul 2009, camera Lara Kirsten) 200614
1-2 aesthetic Whale 061031 14:44 i deliver commentary, sort of.. if i may call it commentary.. on the unfolding of a graphic drawing done years ago. borderline silliness. or art, if you like. with original soundtrack. (HM Aug 2020) 200830
1-2 aesthetic uilvrou tour 050830 09:20 a visual tour through and around the Owl House in Nieu-Bethesda - the singularly eccentric life-work of art by the enigmantic and celebrated Helen Martens. with an original soundtrack (HM Jun 2005) 200320
1-2 aesthetic The Day I Got My Body Back 3 050710 04:51 Piano improvisation with dancer Penny Hin on a given theme: the return of the body awareness. Part 3. reconnection (HM Jul 2005) 200304
1-2 aesthetic Seoul workshop solo 050424 04:42 a solo cello improvisation during a corporate workshop at LG, Seoul (HM Apr 2005) 191020
1-2 aesthetic mystical paint brush 040522 07:09 HA!Man improvises with cello and keyboard while master action painter Yokoo Tatsohiko from Japan performs. Near Berlin, at Christiane & Reinhard Fo"rster's farm, May 2004. 190711
1-2 aesthetic mystical paint brush 040522 07:09 HA!Man improvises with cello and keyboard while master action painter Yokoo Tatsohiko from Japan performs. Near Berlin, at Christiane & Reinhard Fo"rster's farm, May 2004. 190711
1-2 aesthetic piano improvisation on the theme of Sarie Marias 040522 08:23 during a HA!Man performance at the Libertas Theatre, Stellenbosch. The piano was once imported especially for maestro Vladimir Ashkenazy (camera: Lara Kirsten, May 2006) 190711
1-2 aesthetic somewhere in Arizona 040522 0:47 bare breasted cello inspired by the Wild West! (HM May 2004) 191030
1-2 aesthetic Montana University Performance 031010 04:48 HA!Man plays piano, cello, dances and interacts at Montana State University, Oct 2003 190810
1-3 serene me and you 201214 05:01 a road, somewhere in central South Africa, rolls under wheels. delicate music from improvisations with violinist Veronika Soreide accompanies, along with poetic text about the steady bond between the me and the you (HM Dec 2020) 201214
1-3 serene you may call this our garden 201011 04:35 one part of the Eagles Ridge property is a kind of semi-wild garden. only we go there regularly. the camera rolls along tree trunks, leaves, grasses, horses, reeds and more, embraced by a melancholy musical drift. welcome to our garden! (HM Oct 2020) 201011
1-3 serene lines of love 200910 05:13 woven images of Joke's mixed media graphic series "flowers of love and hope" [] along with original soundtrack in minimalist style (JD, HM Sep 2020) 200915
1-3 serene they too, will disappear 200516 05:08 a nature-inspired poem by Joke accompanied by sounds of birds, crackling leaves and a plucked autoharp. we should be free to be as a pinkish cloud. it won't last forever. (JD & HM May 2020) 200517
1-3 serene roadside rest 200411 07:04 driving out north towards Cathcart with Mira. Stop. Picnic site. Look. Rest. (HM Apr 2020) 200411
1-3 serene a home i cannot name 200116 04:47 Joke's poem describing feelings on our first meeting, read by herself along with visuals of fleeting flowers, majestic mountains and intimate homes. original soundtrack evokes the homecoming to a home that cannot be framed, or named. (JD & HM Jan 2020) 200705
1-3 serene when the herd came down 200116 03:40 the track "when the herd came down" was originally recorded as i watched footage of an elephant herd going down to a water hole. visuals here are from roadside flowers passing by and majestic mountains - equally suited (HM Jan 2020) 200123
1-3 serene as if the snow 191030 05:10 images taken after a snowfall in Regina, Canada, set to Joke's poem As If The Snow and HA!Man track Children Asking (JD & HM Oct 2019) 191030
1-3 serene dutch dusk 190928 04:15 sunset and moon rising scenes on Dutch country side along with haunting but serene music track (HM sept 2019) 190928
1-3 serene windscreen rain 190823 04:23 improvised poem in relation to the image of raindrops sliding on windscreen with Noordhoek beach in background. music track "Autumn" (HM Aug 2019) 190826
1-3 serene looking into the sun 190810 04:21 images of the rising sun at Eagle's Ridge both inspired Joke to new insights and to combine them with her hopeful words. HA!Man recorded a track according to her specifications.. (JD & HM Aug 2019) 190810
1-3 serene mother, daughter 190803 09:36 images of Joke and Mira along with opening of a live performance that happened along the Cape Coast in 2015 190803
1-3 serene koker spirit 150330 04:20 in the district of Nieuwoudtville, there lies the southernmost Kokerboom (quiver tree) forest in Africa. Actually a succulent, these ancient plants thrive in the harshest of conditions. A camera walkabout combined with hymnal soundtrack (HM March 2015) 210206
1-3 serene swartberg uphill 110828 05:02 music from the MIGRATIONS soundtrack, part three: "prayer of the long haul" along with treated visuals of the actual migration up the Swarberg Pass, Southern Cape.. (HM Aug 2011) 200304
1-3 serene Beautiful Land in Grahamstown Cathedral 090803 03:53 Beautiful Land's lyrics describe and praise the natural beauty of South Africa. A combined schools choir is performing it in the cathedral in Grahamstown. The HA!Man on cello and Priscilla Glover conducting. Camera by Laura Kirsten. (Aug 2009) 200621
1-3 serene railway 051001 03:09 railway scenes in and around Chicago. with the music it formed part of the Moving Chicago multi-media production. Inspired by a poem relating the story of a soldier who survived WWII, only to be killed by a train on his return (HM Oct 2005) 200411
1-3 serene Zuurveld 031230 05:32 breathing the mysterious Zuurveld of the Eastern Cape.. with original music (HM Dec 2003) 190826
1-3 serene Lost amongst the Redwoods 031028 03:31 visuals of the giant trees of the Californian Redwood forest as enjoyed by the HA!Man and Rebecca Jones (Oct 2003) 190711
1-3 serene Tradouws Pass 030817 04:09 in the HA!Car through the beautiful mountains of Tradouw's Pass, Western Cape (HM Jun 2003) 190711
1-3 serene driving home in Hogsback 030715 05:25 filmed in Jul 2003 as I was driving to the Eco Shrine cottage where I used to live until 2012. Music track: "Softglider" 190711
2-1 explorative ABC Talk 210123 10:01 sitting on a couch an improvised "talk" happens to revolve around the ABC. the "talk" is both play-acting and thought, both impressionistic and expressionist dabbelling with the ABC of a child and the childhood of the ABC (HM Jan 2021) 210125
2-1 explorative Winds of No Change 201129 06:38 a reflective juxtaposition of windblown plastics at a neglected dumping site., a street scene in Antwerp and a young man with impossible dreams in the Karoo town of Beaufort West. (HM Nov 2020) 201130
2-1 explorative truth distorted 200607 03:53 water colours on an A4 (mostly by 2-yr old Mira le Roux) are taken as the starting point of a series of added visual effects, until the original is completely unrecognizable. with original symphonic soundtrack (HM Jun 2020) 200608
2-1 explorative spontaneous drawing to guitar percussion 200311 03:38 another jiffy on the guitar - this time with slapping and clapping, as entertainment for Mira. subsequently i put a pice of drawing board on another carpet and let the colours of ink dance to it (HM March 2020) 200329
2-1 explorative musings of a 1 year old 191221 04{21 the little Mira's debut: drawings completely her own as well as her own solo piano playing. The only foreign addition is a layer of some trumpet sounds (ML 2019) 191222
2-1 explorative a south african home 191012 04:04 interior images of a typical south african apartheid era house. guitar effects overlayed by chunks of afrikaans folk songs and my voice improvising an Afrikaans text around what everybody used to say.. (HM Oct 2019) 191013
2-1 explorative HA!Man at Cello Madness Congress 151023 12:40 Part of a performance given at a cello happening in Oakland, California. Very scary improvisation followed by the vainglorious track "Chicago Industrial." (sound quality regrettable) (camera JD, Oct 2015) 200915
2-1 explorative Brooding Sarah 090106 07:01 photos by the HA!Man of people in stolen moments of reflection along with soundtrack created by the HA!Man. in honour of all our moments of allowing the mind to sink deeper, searching for the whole of things. . (HM Jan 2009) 200304
2-1 explorative The Day I Got My Body Back 2 050710 04:11 Piano improvisation with dancer Penny Hin on a given theme: the return of the body awareness. (Part 1: away in the spirit 2. the death of god 3. reconnection) (HM Jul 2005) 200214
2-2 observant chromatic soldiers 210414   on the Karoo road between Somerset East and Bedford, I hit swarms of smaller, red locusts crossing and dying en masse. back home i improvised a chromatic kind of hymn in their honour, or dishonour (HM Apr 2021) 210414
2-2 observant park & film Chintsa farm road 210109 06:20 the wealth of what the eye can find in a limited radius from where a travelling car has been parked. music and video effects added. the spot is near Chintsa, a coastal town in the Eastern Cape province (HM Jan 2021) 210112
2-2 observant those italy days 200320 04:29 i took my guitar to play music to Mira, lying on a carpet in Cape Town. the music took me back to Italy - in the days long before the virus - how we strolled along streets in mountain villages.. (HM & JD March 2020) 200320
2-2 observant road to Hiroshima 191115 03:52 a dark, but strong piece recorded during a performance is here layered with scenes of the highway from Osaka to Hiroshima, and that of a really worn down South African "bakkie" (pick-up truck) that is actually still working, Mad Max style. (HM Apr 2020) 200405
2-2 observant human drift 190830 04:15 photographic scenes of destruction on the Kwazulu Natal north coast due to the rising ocean, evocative of humanity at drift, sliding off the existential cliff (HM Sept 2019) 190830
2-2 observant Relentless Explosivity 190529 06:19 extracts from the Moving Johburg video, interlayered with raw footage of night-time Johburg, along with Joke's text to this part of Relentless Universe (JD May 2019) 190816
2-2 observant rainbow dance 140421 05:24 images taken from Rhodes Scholars at the Mandela Museum in the Easter Cape dancing after a HA! workshop - sliding along with HA!Man's track "First Contact." a flow of all the vibrant south african rainbow colours.. (HM Apr 2014) 200113
2-2 observant kicking dust 071010 01:49 in a third reflection, as Nyebho Swartboois feet kicks township dust, HA!Man speaks on behalf of a predatory civilization which refuses to return to... dust (HM Oct 2007) 200628
2-2 observant Seoul Humans 060415 04:03 walking at night through the streets and alleys of a bustling and bristling Seoul.. with some clear public music blare-outs coming through (HM Apr 2006) 200420
2-2 observant Owl house final 050800 04:33 the video and music track for Marlene Zwiegers Uilvrou production, with dancing images from the "Uilvrou's" (Helen Martin) garden statues, glass work, the house itself.. down to the end of the work. (HM Aug 2005) 200226
2-2 observant Jardin 050702 7:49 this is in effect an ode to the passionate interest in the natural life of gardens, of artist Anette Urbanski in Nuremberg. I recorded original music and made a slide show out of the pictures she sent me (HM Jul 2005) 200123
2-2 observant London City 031231 02:28 fleeting images of London captured with original music (HM Dec 2003) 190711
2-2 observant London City 031231 02:28 fleeting images of London captured with original music (HM Dec 2003) 190711
2-2 observant Nyebho 031230 08:38 Nyebho Swartbooi improvises what he wants to tell the world.. at our favourite performing spot, overlooking the Zuurveld.. With original music (HM Dec 2003) 190928
2-2 observant Pitstop 031103 03:27 visuals at an american gas station on the way to San Francisco, with original music by the HA!Man (HM Nov 2003) 190711
2-2 observant Wall Drug 031005 03:01 visiting a paragon of traditional American commercialism along with a frind from Chicago: "Walll Drug", South Dakota.. with original music (HM Oct 2003) 190803
2-2 observant Laatmiddag Bethesda 030802 05:07 peaceful scenes from Nieu Bethesda, a small town haven in the Karoo.. with original music (HM Aug 2003) 190711
2-3 technological Relentless Machine 200531 06:38 humanity as machine - with soundtrack from the "Relentless Universe" project, text written and read by Joke Debaere - multiple slides layered by visuals of rocks, the ocean, birds and running machines.. (HM May 2020) 200601
2-3 technological Chicago Industrial 051001 03:02 robust soundtrack with scenes from the industrial basin of Chicago (I was driving far and wide to get these), interspersed with geometric black and white graphics (HM Oct2005) 190923
2-3 technological fire 051001 03:59 slow animation (graphic drawings) impressionating the great fire of Chicago during the late 18th century - and also how it has impressively been rebuilt (HM Oct 2005) 200405
2-3 technological Moving Chicago 051001 03:24 created for the multi-media and poetry production "Moving Chicago" - the main theme here accompanied by visuals from qnything that moves around the city.. (HM Oct 2005) 200329
3-1 emotive Relentless Tears 210220 07:17 with text about finding and losing oneself in darkness, the drifting and wailing soundtrack is accompanied by solitary visuals of our visit to Sharjah, UAE.(HM, JD and ML Feb 2021) 210221
3-1 emotive nyebho's dark night 201023 08:59 in 2005 i was ask to create footage for a play based on the story of a shipwreck on the Eastern Cape coast, 18th cent. This is the late Nyebho Swartbooi, improvising on the briefest of cues. A homage to his talents and our friendship (HM Oct 2020) 201025
3-1 emotive global warming 200116 07:14 images and video material given to an older track which is a kind of fantasy on the theme of global warming. it does not end too well. footage includes that of the eroding coast line at Richards Bay. (HM Jan 2020) 200123
3-1 emotive history lesson 190921 04:09 probing the meaning of the monumentalizing of the fallen during conflicts run by men (HM Sept 2019) 190923
3-1 emotive feeling toes 071010 01:27 feet from two worlds briefly meet: a black and a white one. the black feet since died. two worlds tragically uneven (HM and Nyebho Swartbooi, Oct 2007) 200705
3-1 emotive the carpet factory 071010 03:11 With visuals from children playing on the dusty streets of Rhini, Janet Kuypers reads her poem on the human price of luxury shoes. With moving duo between the cello and Peter Bartels on trumpet (Oct 2007) 200524
3-1 emotive we have hung up our feet 071010 02:26 poem quote: "foot fantasias in spite, we might soon meet with our night, and the sleep will soon invite us.." - along with poignant soundtrack and the visuals of the feet of the late Nyebho Swartbooi (HM Oct 2007) 200426
3-2 fun teddie hide-and-seek 200718 02:31 Joke took a series of pictures of the little Mira doing a hide and seek act with her little teddie - all this then danced to the HA!Man track "Light Steps" (JD & HM, Jul 2020) 200719
3-2 fun finale 200116 04:36 a series of pictures sliding along the brilliant "finale" piece, a celebration of people and places met and seen around the world, of life, energy and gutso.. (HM Jan 2020) 200217
3-2 fun the summer of East London 200105 05:58 visual news from a breezy summer day on beautiful Nahoon beach, East London, also starring Mira le Roux and her mamma (HM Jan 2020) 200105
3-2 fun HA!Man visit to Bokhoro school Lesotho 080923 05:44 highlights from a visit by the HA!Man to Bokhoro school in the Lesotho mountains. Great footage of spontaneous items by various students, including a home-made instrument band. (HM, camera Lara Kirsten Sept 2008) 200608
3-2 fun me and my feet 071010 03:59 Chicago-based Peter Bartels filmed by his wife Cathleen doing a daily routine between bath and bed room. HA!Man improvises a poem to highlight the intensity of feet-consciousness. (HM Oct 2007) 200504
3-2 fun dance for everything 040522 04:05 see how the HA!Man dances, jumps, and runs all over the place.. on the finale from his "Skepping 7" soundtrack (various locations)
(HM May 2004 - camera Lara Kirsten)
3-2 fun Montagu 031229 05:14 Andy Fierens discovers quirky Montagu.. With original music (HM Dec 2003) 190816
3-2 fun Hollywood 031105 04:09 random scenes from Sunset Boulevard (HM Nov 2003) 190711
3-2 fun Loodskoot 030828 04:48 seuntjie Lood hardloop rond voor huiskonsert by liesl & george van niekerk, constantia - in hierdie tyd het ek spontane klein videos gemaak voor elke optrede.. (HM Aug 2003) 190727
3-3 social little steps of life 200815 12:58 filming Mira from behind as she walks the Kologha forest path, i remember a recurring dream i had as a child. i remember the steps life took me on. (HM Aug 2020) 200816
3-3 social a warm, warm reception 200503 04:55 focusing on film material taken during a thank you-reception by Primrose December in Khayelitsha, this video introduces her organization, developing the youth in her community (HM & JD May 2020) 200504
3-3 social Early HA!Man Profile Project 040301 12:54 Rozanne Stoman interviewed and filmed me in Knysna as part of a university project (March 2004) 190719




HA! O E cat title HA! O E title DATE TOTAL_DURA HA! O E description HA! O E date posted
2-1 explorative tjello se tonge van vuur 200608 21:36 cello and fire collaboration recorded during strict lockdown for a Dutch festival (commentary in Afrikaans). four improvisation pieces (the final piece is also lightly orchestrated, along with nostalgic images of our pre-COVID days) (HM Jun 2020) 210318
2-2 observant night walk 200730 12:50 having missed the last train, i walk the streets of Paris back to where i was staying, rolling camera in hand. it becomes a narrative of nightly sights and sounds, strange moods and a notorious laptop (HM Jul 2020) 200802
2-3 technological the impossible pass 070303 10:00 the story of the HA!mobile who tried to play 4x4 (near Hogsback, Eastern Cape, South Africa). the year was 2007, when Lara Kirsten ("Larha!") was on the HA! road. she is the one behind the camera, and this crazy idea! 190711
3-3 social The Chicken Thief 040618 14:55 a little movie made to teach a lesson in crime. shot in a Grahamstown township, based on a story written by Nyebho Swartbooi, who also stars as the thief and narrator. (Camera: kate Louw. Music and direction: HM, Jun 2004) 190711