The bountiful weekly updates from the HA!World make me feel like I'm
part of a vibrant creative community, and I sitting around the
campfire again, 200 thousand years ago... It's a privilege to
have such personal access to two such generous creative souls.
Really amazing the output and weekly content that they
both produce, just amazing!

(Anton Krueger, Makhanda, South Africa)

Very pleased to find so much fine work on your
service. It'll take a long time to discover!

(Lowell Dijkstra, Netherlands)

What a luxury to have them and their creations ‘on tap’.. For a very
modest fee (less than a coffee a week) their buffet of gifts arrives in
my Inbox every week. I am a very happy subscriber, settling in for
the long ride into our fascinating future in their
reassuringly open and authentic company.

(Peter Willis, Cape Town)

Every weekend I make time to drink in the sounds, sights, colors and
thoughts of Joke, Mira and the HA!Man. The weight of the coming week,
the stickiness of processing the world, the dark holes where times with
friends and family used to be - these all find lightness and healing through
their expressions of the loving and longing of our deepest souls.
Their work helps me to believe in these days again.

(Marie Bosman, upstate New York)

Every week without fail we get two emails full of carefully crafted creativity.
Joke’s beautiful words, Francois’s music inspired by what they hear and see around
them in the quiet African bush. A small family of artists living a creative life which
we can share wherever we are. They are authentic, but not make-shift or sloppy.
We need art to understand what we feel. And we should support where
we can. And hey presto, see how much we get back!

(Greta Denk, Germany)

Pure genius in play.

(Greg Pastoll, Cape Town)