190825 lovely, beautiful, liberating music!!! Carlo Bidoli C Town S SA
190823 ***** 5 star performance! Andre & Tania Frassek C Town S SA
190426 een heel aangename ervaring. Voor herhaling vatbaar! Petrus Wylin Bellem Belgium
190314 loved it, engaging, opening my mind.. highlight for me was the dance! Gosia Skorupka Leysin Switzerland
190302 magnificent! original, passionate. SINCERE!! Barbara Speyer Jhb SA
190221 lovely sounds, super enjoyable - always more - plenty of scope to expand, explore, develop unique sounds ... Dave Querido C Town S SA
181221 Transporting magic. Tranformative: so glad you are with us at this time. Philomena Ward C Town S SA
181221 wonderful, joyous and uplifting Joanne Haslett C Town S SA
181221 Absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for the experience. Jane Merrifield C Town S SA
180926 A renaissance of singular musical delight! Totally unexpected and brilliant! Gerri Hudson Chicago USA C
180221 befok mooi - continue confidently on the road that you're on!! It makes many people happy and add to memories that they will treasure Elsabe Holm Hartbeespoortdam SA
161103 beyond expectation, brought tears, joy, laughter, deep response Beverly Taylor Boston? USA E
151029 The most musical experience I have ever enjoyed. I hope your music brings you great joy and much pleasure. Thank you. Laura Benz Hawi USA W
131221 GENIUS!
131025 gentle genius on a slow smouldering and often flowing flame Kalyanii Arthus Fountain Hills USA S
130802 evocative, imaginative, wonderful entertainment
Meg van Maasdyk Durban SA
121110 Your music sounds like the soundtrack of a very emotional movie, right at the point the hero is killed, or the lost love is found, so excellent..
120821 you opened my mind about what music is or can be !!! thanks
120403 incredible, extraordinary magical, music to my ears.. Beryl Hawson Jhb SA
120329 Voel of ek met vakansie was na hierdie 2 ure!
120304 a very positive force at work here Merle Boshoff Hermanus SA
120212 you bend the cello.. Paddie Garland E London SA
111003 fantastic evening out! totally unexpected! a buffet of music.. David Dee Nelspruit SA
110916 Creativity in action - what a joy: THANK YOU FOR GIVING HOPE
Marion Penfold C Town C SA
110909 love your music!! mad about what you did! Dr. Allan Olivier Kimberley SA
110904 very insightful - also to see how other people react spontaneously and react to music and movement. Amazing how people get freed-up to express, and how music MOVES one to... movement, expression, freedom. Thank you! Elizabeth Lamb Brisbane Australia
110628 absolutely phenomenal Liesl Brown Jhb SA
110322 amazing - woorde kan nir die emosies beskryf wat jou musiek ontlok nie Jane le Roux Schoemansville SA
110311 Laaikit kwaai Liza Burmeister Windhoek Namibia
110219 World class! Chris & Marliese Woodcock Wilderness SA
110213 very deep and conceptual performance, i love the experimentation Oriole Bolus The Crags SA
101227 thanks so much - awesome! - grateful for Afrikaners like you Erica Phaal Prince Albert SA
101114 seems there is no shortage of good things coming from South Africa - ho!!! David Woodward Toronto Canada
101107 ag man!! sooo... lekker en sielvol Tersia Brooks Charlotte USA E
101104 hilarious and captivating Hadley Parum Dallas USA S
101027 every one of your cells is filled with music! Beverly Halling Kona USA W
1010 We were absolutely blown away by your performance last evening. You speak directly to the soul through your music and truly "heart to heart". I think everyone there was enraptured, I know we were. Thank you for inviting us and for a most memorable experience. So very glad we came.
Judith Stern San Raphael USA W
100925 i loved your concert! can't believe how you make your cello sing in so many ways Brigit MacKay Kenton-on-sea SA
100924 Amazing!! Finally something different!! Daleen Fourie Pta SA
100918 Thanks for a great concert - a mix of Sting/Vollenweider/Oystein Sevag/Bobby McFerrin, and of course, Francois! Fiona Farquharson Pietermaritzburg SA
100909 HA! (This overwhelming sense of happyness) Sanjana Thord-Gray Pietermaritzburg SA
100902 Just beautiful. We were silent. Bryan Tyrer Pietermaritzburg SA
100812 absolute genius. a night to remember Martin & Willy Taal Sedgefield SA
100812 Mind...? Blown!!!
100429 Als we normaal een kwartier napraten over de voorstelling was dat deze keer bij iedereen het meervoudige. Iedereen was geraakt door zijn spel en zijn begeestering. Francois maakt niet alleen muziek , hij is muziek! Ook is hij een prima ambassadeur van zijn land, waaraan wij en met ons diverse andere leden na een rondreis een warme herinnering bewaren.
100225 Jy kielie my harsings Wilhelmien van der Merwe Stellenbosch SA
091127 The closest to heavenly creativity I have ever been! My spirit says 'Aha' with a sigh of relieve! You really inspired me. Thanks for the honesty of your improvisations. Nadia Kruger Jhb SA
090919 Your considerable talents continue to mature. I was spellbound to hear
the few pieces that I heard. They have a new depth that is masterful! I
salute you! May your road ahead be considerable. You deserve far more than you are being given right now.
Clive Harvey Fox Durban SA
090914 Still recovering from your magnificent performance !! :) ... Thank you so much ! Christo Trautmann Hout Bay SA
090912 You conjured up all sorts of emotions within me with your music, from feeling like lying down to be massaged, to sadness, to passion. Whilst you were playing these words kept going through my mind over and over again. IF MUSIC BE THE FOOD OF LOVE PLAY ON. !!! Diana Tye Swellendam SA
090327 Thank you! I loved your collaboration with the kids. Sue Isserow C Town C SA
090222 Ek is mateloos beindruk Annemarie Burger Hartbeespoortdam SA
090221 Your dancing was mind-boggling and thought provoking to my senses
Hedley Myers Jhb SA
081225 A real a-ha moment for me.. blown away! Nicola Sole E London SA
081225 I am speechless. I can't describe it. It's a transcendental experience! Ashley Jay Jhb SA
081225 Steals my soul!! Dot Devitt Scottburgh SA
081108 one of the best performances i've seen in years! Wow! :-) Jenny Phillips (2) Charlotte USA E
081101 11/01/08 - one of the most memorable days of my life. thank you very much. Aleksandre Matcharashuil (?) Tbilisi Georgia
081024 thank you for the tumult of sound you brought to us last night. Like being hit by an avalanche of starlight.
Diana Stockton San Francisco USA W
081021 It felt so good, like pure ecstacy. It felt like i was inside the voice of the goddess. The best and most inspirational musical experience of my life. Thank you. Lindsey Speights Seattle USA W
081002 fanfreakintastic Scott Amos Victoria Canada
080919 Brilliant, Hotrageous, Splendiferous, Gorgious, Beauitiful, Special, Thank You!! Ruth Goodman Hout Bay SA
080919 a beautiful rich and full expression of deep humanity. Thank you Raoul Goldberg Hout Bay SA
080919 very uplifting event
I liked the interaction w/ the audience and the dancing
Kathrina Reyes Hout Bay SA
080919 Thank you for embracing multidimensional polarities of powerful and delicate expression Elina Tagar Hout Bay SA
080919 inspiring open channel of creative expression - of self and the universe - beauitiful. Diana Keam C Town C SA
080919 This is great music and deserves to be played in Grand places. It is of the depth and the wholesomeness of the great classics. I am glad we could have it here. I wish to have more of it here. (Persephone Institute, Hout Bay) Yehuda Tagar Hout Bay SA
080911 I tried hearing with all the senses. quite amazing. thank you Renata Zijp C Town S SA
080908 Ha!man maar dis mooi! Charlotte Engelbrecht Durban SA
080907 Something too touching for words. Filling space & at the same time creating it! Caitlyn Collins C Town S SA
080801 You're a "sound painter," you know. If Monet and Gauguin could make music, this is what it would sound like. Beautiful! Teri Wilder Santa Fe USA C
080515 Het was Æn fantastische avond. Wat æn geweldige artiest die Francois le Roux. En, uiteraard, Æn super Music-painter.
080413 Very original and courageous to do evertything by your own. Very pregnant mood when you're playing! Thank you! Baudez Mee Ra Seoul South Korea
080413 A brilliant musician, completely breathtaking. I was mesmerized. Gail M. Werner C Town C SA
080413 very nice!
Your play is freely! (I can't English very well...)
I proud that play with you.
It is good experience!
I can't forget it.
Have a good day.
Tae-gyu zz Seoul South Korea
071112 Better than a one-man cirque de soleil crossed with Bobby McFarin Madelyn Miller Dallas USA S
071112 UNBELIEVABLE Gareth Dicker Princeton USA E
071101 nothing that can be put into words Jan Stensland Berkeley USA W
071012 it was a great, unexpected evening Elba Perez Toronto Canada
071012 stunning!!! come back!!!!!
060618 Sal dit vir niks wou mis nie - Briljant! Stefanie Wikner Vanderbijlpark SA
060609 a visual scenery. absolutely wonderful.
(gave us 2 fresh eggs after the show, one of his jokeshahah)
Alex Whittle London UK
060607 merci de nous avait fait "partager"ce moment original. Laetitia Bilbaut Paris France
060215 Your work is immensely creative, inventive, original and excellent June Askew Stormsrivier SA
060127 wonderful, creative, innovative, fresh Christina Auerbach Hillcrest SA
051221 Bakgat! HA!MAN! Roon zz Paternoster SA
051111 This was the most thrilling improvisation I have ever heard. Wonderful concert - wonderful imagination and use of technology. Dorothy Amarandos Washington DC USA E
051030 Wonderful dancing! I am very happy to have met you and am looking forward to seeing you soon again! Catrine Sutter Montreux Switzerland
051014 A wonderful experience! Your freedom of expression is so refreshing. Thank you for being vulnerable. Kim Fleming Seattle USA W
050921 uitstekend! Dankie
050917 Cinema Paradiso x200! Danel van der Walt Welkom SA
050915 sprakeloos Jeanette Mahnke Belville SA
050914 Thanks for being brave and vulnerable. Jan Hough C Town S SA
050914 FANDABBYDOZY Sharon Hone C Town S SA
050914 Excellent music, very creative, stunning! Ille de Rijk C Town C SA
050904 Sublime -enough to inspire immotal poetry! Heather Green C Town S SA
050807 Hoogs oorspronklike ondervinding. Genius casts light: ordinary file shadows! Colin Lang Knysna SA
050728 Ek snak nog na asem!!
050723 Always pulls my heart and soul
050723 Stunning! Al my senses is sommer nou weer wakker. Dankie! Jo-Marie Clark E London SA
050618 blooming amazing Sophie Major Saffron Waldon UK
050618 wonderful and so unusual and refreshing to enjoy something just that were different! i loved the way the children were so engaged and interested. A message for the country you have become!.
050526 Wonderful evening - such talents should be shared Mary M Laura Hamburg Germany
050514 unusual, quirky, emotive Jane de Noord Barneveld Netherlands
050507 heel knog! Overweldigend mooi!! Enkel ogen sluiten, en je waant je in 'n andere wereld! Blijf sulke mooie nieuwe dingen maken! Josefa van Hoof Dilsen-Stokkem Belgium
050416 Explosive wander through musicland, feeling, seeing, moving, speaking along. thanks, unique to me... what a discovery... Dave Manning Pietermaritzburg SA
050407 you mooned my soul! Elzette Bester tsitsikamma SA
050323 I really enjoyed your show. Your music is stirring and touches my soul. You put all your passion into your performance - for such a small audience. Thank you. Hope you go from success to success. Keep well. Sharon Yatley P Eliz SA
050306 fascinating, inspiring, VERY original!! Arina Hartig Pta SA
050306 Excellently presented. Sound engineering was brilliant. You have excelled magnificantly. Most beautiful cello work. All the backing tracks most appropriate and gave you the spirit to work at singing, dance and lively playing. Lorna Els Port Alfred SA
050225 Phenomenal, intuitive and original. Benjamin Wilson C Town S SA
050225 this is the most brlliant show i've seen in my life! Joy Davis C Town S SA
050222 Has President Mbeki had the priviledge of hearing you SING "Her Time Has Come??" Inspiring and healing beyond description. It ought to be the anthem for the African Renaissance!! Thank you for sharing so deeply.
050219 awesome bloody show Erika van Breda Fish Hoek SA
050219 so georgeous, captivating Joy Leuiw Fish Hoek SA
050215 I thoroughly enjoyed the show! Your professionalism is of the best that I have heard in many years - congratulations! Peter le Seur Belville SA
050210 Wat 'n openbaring om iemand te sien skep EN geniet Maureen & Frik Eloff Pta SA
050204 Fantastic evening. Most inspiring. Two wonderful artists Frans & Dianne van Neerijnen Jhb SA
050204 what a discovery! Jenny Phillips Jhb SA
050204 beautiful, fascinating performance Klaus Mork Jhb SA
050204 Wonderful, beautiful & superbly whimsical. Tessa Mckay Jhb SA
041017 this was an amazing way to spend a sunday evening in an otherwise stressful life! thank you!! Michelle Hatting Seattle USA W
041001 Francois, inspirerend. EK hoop dis selfs rigtinggewend.. Sterkte Ilse De Villiers Seattle USA W
040304 Sjoe - Befok. Charl Roux Kareedouw SA
040304 That wasn't a show, it was an experience Rob Martino Jhb SA
040128 Amazing, moving, inspirational Marius Botes Pta SA
031222 I am lost for words.
031103 The piano improv was amazing... only somone who truely breaths his or her music could create somthing like that out of only 4 notes. Kevin Kerschner Princeton USA E
031103 thank you for the tumult of sound you brought to us last night. Like being hit by an avalanche of starlight.
031012 uitmuntend, enjoyable, wonderbaarlik, passievol Rene Botha Pta SA
030807 Baie verfrissende en uitstekende van hoe gehalte, vertoning Johanna Van Eeden Montagu SA
030513 Het elke SEKONDE geniet! Elsabe Troskie meyerton SA
030513 my heart was wet Rob Stimoli Catania Italy
030513 !!!!!! Mabusha Masekeko Jhb SA
030513 Extremely well harmonised Jade Daly-Rauff Bloemfontein SA
030410 I had an awesome and liberating experience watching and listening to you. I think it's a wonderful way of sharing music. Way to go! Gwen Currie C Town S SA
030316 Bewitched! Spellbound! Lindy Wright G Town SA
030316 Blown away by the wind. So fuck you. Loved it!!! Benson Nkiwane G Town SA
030203 Wow! Dis moerse! Naomi Kumst C Town C SA
020804 "Overwhelming - that's all - overwhelming"
020804 "Speechless, I'm gonna take two days or more to absorb!"
020718 This is about as close as you will come to abstract painting in music. I certainly did not find this an entertainment- disturbing yes, and thought provoking. I am certianly concerned with the apparent lack of purpose, perhaps that is the point! N. F. dr Dod Plett SA
020604 I enjoyed your musical journey in my home very much. A lot of destinations, very intense way of making music. I rediscovered the cello Aart van Bruggen Utrecht Netherlands
020515 Absolutely smashing...
Devin Burger George SA
020505 Bleddie wonderlik - turned a kak day on its head! Dankie! Mike Adendorff Riebeek Kasteel SA