190814 Hy is 'n uitsonderlike kunstenaar met vele talente! Sy improvisasies bring die mees verassende en kreatiewe deelnames uit die gehoor. Hy is 'n siel wat inskakel by sy gehoor en presies wat hulle voel verklank. 'n Meester!!
190316 amazing, a virtuoso at it's very best Carol Salter Dover UK
190305 Ongelooflijk wat hij allemaal in één performance propt. Naast de muziekinstrumenten, gebruikt hij vooral zijn stem, mond, tong en lippen om zichzelf te begeleiden. Hij fluit, zingt, klakt, kreunt, smakt, zucht, praat en schreeuwt. Tijdens het dansen met sjaals zet hij elke spier en elk gewricht van zijn lichaam in. Jacques Smeets Stein Netherlands
190302 wow. unbelievable. nog nooit so 'n experience gehad nie ... net wow Jana Eloff Jhb SA
181220 Truly I have never seen anything like it Tim Case Pringle Bay SA
180816 a washing of spirit and soul in sound
180130 Ha!Man Francois le Roux is truly one of the finest jewels of South African music. Classical music meets free improvisation meets storytelling meets INFINITY in his inspired performances. Rarely do we encounter such embodiment of spirit and skill, soul and technique, talent and humility in a single body-soul! Joel Karabo Elliott Haenertsburg SA
170317 The inventiveness was astounding, the mastery of technology enviable as well as his obvious ability to play instruments conventionally. Joanna Jones Dover UK
150901 I'm dazzled by your ability to hold a complex, unfolding line of thought, tethered to an externally generated question/topic while singing and playing in harmony. That's got to be both rare and enjoyable by many. Peter Willis C Town S SA
130114 Your music is part of the fabric of this world--like the whale songs and chirping of the crickets, like the visions of dreamtime and the songs that help call this world into existence.
Sharon Alley Loudonville USA E
120810 Francois le Roux has an approach to music that is special - very talented, feels the music and lives in that moment. It is as much a visual art, as it is absolute passion and incredible arrangement of sounds.
120702 Ungew÷hnlich ist er. Und so ist auch seine Musik, die nach Europa klingt und nach Afrika, nach Weltmusik, nach Klassik, nach Jazz, nach Pop.
110916 this was i think the most vibrant and enchanting musical experience of my life. a carnival of harmony + inspiration Sarah Foale C Town C SA
110916 truly stupendous evening. how does one put this impression into words. just clean impossible
Cherith Davidson Claremont SA
110911 Jou visie van 'n meer verenigde en volwasse menslike familie is
moontlik, en ek voel dat jy op die regte pad is met jou kuns. Dit is
meer as net vermaak, dit is filosofie, en dit stimuleer die gehoor,
daag ons uit en stel ons in staat om ons gedagtes, lewens en stigmas te
heroorweeg en vry te laat.
Jeanettie Pretorius Lady Grey SA
101120 Thank you for inviting me to the concert. I had a great time. The artist's performance was very spontaneous, as you described, and was full of passion. It seems that he made every single effort to convey his intense feelings through his performance, either by playing cello, keyboard, or by singing and dancing. Several pieces particularly impressed me, including 'Love at 16', 'Revolution in South Africa'. The first piece might be the most memorable one because it brought the audience to somewhere so close to nature. You could almost hear the sound of birds, wind, small creeks running. The audience was deeply touched by his performance and I am sure that the evening will be in many people's memory for a long time. zhuge yong Philadelphia USA E
100808 Jou musiek het my na ander sfere geneem en ek wil jou opreg bedank vir 'n besondere musikale belewenis. Jy het my met jou musikale genialiteit, jou spontane en eerlike optrede en warm persoonlikheid oorrompel. Baie dankie vir dit wat jy vanaand vir ons gegee het. Cobus Ferreira Jeffreys Bay SA
100725 All the accolades have been used, Francois - I've been on your site
many times - so I feel limited in how to express my appreciation and
complete AWE of your musical gifts. Nothing I'd read fully prepared
me for the depth and inventiveness of your instrumental effects -
your improvisations, and then your virtuosity on the cello (nogal)! We're all still basking in the afterglow of your concert..

Sue Gordon Port Alfred SA
100522 I very much enjoyed your performance in Chambesy. Rare is the artist, who dares to improvise, unfortunately. Your piano reminded me of Leszek Mozdzer, the great Polish jazz-pianist, whose Chopin-improvisations I love to listen. During your concert my mind also wandered to Apocalyptica, the Finnish heavy-rock band consisting of four cellists. David Seligson Geneve Switzerland
100514 a deceptive brain massage, sometimes simple, sometimes devilishly clever. thanks!
100418 Ik heb er zo ontzettend van genoten. Bij de pauze was mijn lichaam al helemaal opgeladen en het gedeelte na de pauze bracht mij tot sprankelen. Geweldig die dans!!! "VOELEN VOELEN VOELEN!" Einzigartig zeggen de Duisters
Antonia Mulder Brunssum Netherlands
090509 Intrigerende muzikant. Eerlijk gezegd nog nooit van gehoord, maar hij lijkt mij een geniaal iemand. Ter vergelijken met Frank Marino, ofwel de beste gitarist ter wereld.
080920 It was one of the most electrifying evenings of music we have ever heard/seen/experienced. A lot of the time we were almost breathless, at others transported by hearing music as we'd never heard it before - just the first notes on the cello are enough to thrust one into a new world. Music has always been a vital force in our family - we all make our living - such as it is! - through and with music, so we are prime candidates for enthusiasm, as it were. I could - and do quite often! - go on about it but it's really that we want you to know how wonderfully you affected us all. Your 9/11 music had Julie and me in tears - not just easy weeping, but almost torn apart by despair/sorrow - words fail me. Pamela Blundell C Town S SA
080428 Veel dank voor de magische momenten die jullie op vrijdagvond 25 april in ons kerkje in Rheden hebben laten 'rondzingen'. Wij vonden het een eer en een groot voorrecht erbij te zijn. Het was enerzijds erg ontspannen, anderzijds zeer intens. Iedereen die ik erover sprak, had het gevoel getuige te zijn geweest van iets essentieels, gebracht door een groot kunstenaar (een muzikaal multitalent, heb ik ook gehoord). Ik kan die kwalificaties alleen maar onderschrijven. Rob van Bruggen Rheden Netherlands
070905 Hier gons die mense nou nog oor jou puik optredes Francois! (show, werkswinkels, gedigte ens.) en almal is dit eens: jy is die merkwaardigste talent wat nog ooit by ons feeste opgetree het! Dit was fantasties!
060916 I have journied tonight into the darkest corners of madness to the lightest awe of creativity. Thank you Courtney Ward Jhb SA
060126 Brilliant, versatile & a producer of note! Mark Wiehahn E London SA
051112 Looking behind in the year, I would say that there were three highlights this year: In July I saw the Gryphon Trio performing part of a work by the Canadian Christos Hatzis called "Constantinople." Later, in October, I went to NYC to see Philip Glass & ensamble alive performing "Orion." And yesterday your own work. I really wander what they have in common, why they left this impression in my mind. I can find only one answer, being the hability that the composers and performers had in entering my mind and transforming the matter they encountered inside. On the other hand, the mind was open for change, for recreation and the ideas brought inisde become fuel for even other ideas.
Bruno Linhares Princeton USA E
050328 Powerful stuff! A brilliant marriage of the traditional and modern, in all respects. Chris Ihlenfeldt Darling SA
041215 Thrilling blend of western and african, emotion and humour; and depths of spontaneity and spirituality Maragret Reed C Town S SA
041107 I saw Francois perform in a home in Richmond, Virginia, USA in November 2004. He has a fabulous command of the cello and gave a remarkable performance I will never forget.
Jon Wight Richmond USA E
041005 a fascinating transportation into a universe of sound. your capacity to include your audience into a creative experience makes your performance unique (you played at our home and we loved you)
Lynnette & Allyn Baskind Dallas USA S
041003 Vous etes merveilleux! Un grand artiste! Mahatma (grande ame). Merci d'etre. Je suis privilgiee de vous avoir connu
040924 I found much about the moods in his music that was Australian; eclectic, irrerevent yet not insensitive, pensive yet not ponderous, expansive, intimate and whimsical. Michael Shaskey Sydney Australia
0405 great-inspiring-playful-creative-courageous-optimistic-nostalgic-close
to nature-missing africa while
Ann van Evan Belgium
030905 Daar het 'n lang tydperk verloop sedert ons soveel inspirasie beleef het. Hou aan wat jy doen. Dis werklik onmisbaar. Stiaan & Ilse Burden Pta SA
030316 i am deeply blown away by you... the way you insert yourself into the moment and use the energies available and make them into art, the way you Be with complete integrity - all and nothing in a single moment.. Corinne Knowles G Town SA
030203 Jy maak mense se koppe oop, harte week, en selfs soekend in hul siele Bernice Oberholzer E London SA
020804 "A rollercoaster experience of true artistry!!!"
Bertus Dreyer Jhb SA