HA! performances started out as full-on improvised acoustic recitals on piano, cello and organ during the nineties. since 2000, i started to employ electronics, by layering improvisations with different sounds and then use that as accompaniments for the spontaneously played cello, keyboard and other mediums of expression.

the performances each time follow a uniquely unfolding journey, through a series of distinct items that may sometimes include audience participation. this journey covers a ful spectrum of feelings, styles and moods, which can be categorized in nine diffrent parts - in this particular order: 1.1 the mystical, 1.2 the“classical”, 1.3 the spiritual, 2.1 the experimental, 2.2 the fastand forward moving, 2.3 the swinging, 3.1 the passionate, 3.2 the festive, 3.3 the all-embracing

when appropriate, video projection enhances certain items, the video-making reflecting the way we turn life and travel experience into communicative art.

not only does a HA! performance put audiences straight into a world of feeling, it also feelingly engages each particular situation, venue and cultural context. over time a wide array of venues and spaces have beenconvered , large and small, formal and informal, indoors and outdoors, even though most happen in more intimate venues and spaces to focused audiences of two to four dozen people.

regards finances, a balance is kept between affordability and viability, negotiating arrangements with both public and private hosts to make the experience meaningful to all. in most cases, all necessary sound, lights and other high quality equipment are brought along, with no need for technical assistance. the HA! Shop usually comes along with cd albums, books, visual art and other products on sale.

special types of performances include (massed) choir and/or orchestra concerts (improvisations and/or performing some of my compositions), fully improvised solo piano, organ or cello recitals and improvised theatre.

in promoting our performances, there are no easy definitions (besides HA!). they always retain a strong element of the unknown. yet this is exactly what allows for the much needed raw creativity to live on and nourish the arts and local communities, as the HA! interconnect people and places on a global scale